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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Bodybuilding.com Interview with Kelly Ryan

Bodybuilding.com Interview with Kelly Ryan

brenda kelly and kelly ryan

Fitness model and “published journalist/writer in the fitness industry”, Brenda Kelly, recently wrote about her experience visiting Kelly Ryan. The writing leaves a bit to be desired and it is very clear that Kelly has “found God” while in jail. Although there are some inaccuracies in her opening paragraph, it is worth a read on bodybuilding.com.

Popular IFBB Pro husband and wife team Kelly Ryan (Fitness) and her husband Craig Titus (Bodybuilding) are both being held at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on crime(s) of Murder, Arson and/or Accessory to Murder committed on or about 12/14/2005 of their live-in female assistant Melissa James. May God rest her soul. Craig and Kelly were apprehended in Chicago after allegedly fleeing Las Vegas last December 2005.

They were not apprehended in Chicago, but rather Boston. The couple is also being charged with kidnapping.

In the article it mentions that virtually no one in the fitness industry has visited Kelly, except Monica Brant. She mentions…

She (Kelly) wanted to have a voice in the media since she was appalled at the way they were conveying her story.

Some of the more bizzare pieces to the article…

1. Kelly’s Marriage, Craig And Their Future Plans Together.
Kelly proudly says Craig and she have never been doing better as a couple as they have both shifted their priorities from focusing on Bodybuilding and Fitness back to the basics of a husband and wife family unit. They want to start a family as soon as they can resume their lives together. Kelly and Craig get to have a 30-minute conversation over the phone each week that they cherish.

You’ve got to be kidding “start a family”??????

Kelly was reportedly upset over OXYGEN magazine reporting that Kelly’s mother passed away from a broken heart. Asking Brenda, “Isn’t that against the law to just make stuff up as factual and print it?”

Kelly’s Top 2 Miracles:

Seeing Craig at the hearing. “We got to sit next to each other and hold hands.”
Being able to go and view my mother’s ceremony with my family on DVD. Kelly’s Mother was cremated so there was no actual viewing or gravesite ceremony.

Kelly’s Faith In God:
Kelly doesn’t view this time spent in the Clark County Detention Center in any other way except as a blessing from God. She feels God needed her where she is for good reason. She has never felt so sure of this faith and trust in God and lives by it minute by minute, day by day.

There are a couple video clips on the site as well. We were under the impression and understanding that no video recording devices or cameras were allowed in the room in which you speak with Kelly and/or Craig.

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