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Bodybuilding.com Interview with Kelly Ryan

brenda kelly and kelly ryan

Fitness model and “published journalist/writer in the fitness industry”, Brenda Kelly, recently wrote about her experience visiting Kelly Ryan. The writing leaves a bit to be desired and it is very clear that Kelly has “found God” while in jail. Although there are some inaccuracies in her opening paragraph, it is worth a read on bodybuilding.com.

Popular IFBB Pro husband and wife team Kelly Ryan (Fitness) and her husband Craig Titus (Bodybuilding) are both being held at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on crime(s) of Murder, Arson and/or Accessory to Murder committed on or about 12/14/2005 of their live-in female assistant Melissa James. May God rest her soul. Craig and Kelly were apprehended in Chicago after allegedly fleeing Las Vegas last December 2005.

They were not apprehended in Chicago, but rather Boston. The couple is also being charged with kidnapping.

In the article it mentions that virtually no one in the fitness industry has visited Kelly, except Monica Brant. She mentions…

She (Kelly) wanted to have a voice in the media since she was appalled at the way they were conveying her story.

Some of the more bizzare pieces to the article…

1. Kelly’s Marriage, Craig And Their Future Plans Together.
Kelly proudly says Craig and she have never been doing better as a couple as they have both shifted their priorities from focusing on Bodybuilding and Fitness back to the basics of a husband and wife family unit. They want to start a family as soon as they can resume their lives together. Kelly and Craig get to have a 30-minute conversation over the phone each week that they cherish.

You’ve got to be kidding “start a family”??????

Kelly was reportedly upset over OXYGEN magazine reporting that Kelly’s mother passed away from a broken heart. Asking Brenda, “Isn’t that against the law to just make stuff up as factual and print it?”

Kelly’s Top 2 Miracles:

Seeing Craig at the hearing. “We got to sit next to each other and hold hands.”
Being able to go and view my mother’s ceremony with my family on DVD. Kelly’s Mother was cremated so there was no actual viewing or gravesite ceremony.

Kelly’s Faith In God:
Kelly doesn’t view this time spent in the Clark County Detention Center in any other way except as a blessing from God. She feels God needed her where she is for good reason. She has never felt so sure of this faith and trust in God and lives by it minute by minute, day by day.

There are a couple video clips on the site as well. We were under the impression and understanding that no video recording devices or cameras were allowed in the room in which you speak with Kelly and/or Craig.

19 Responses to “Bodybuilding.com Interview with Kelly Ryan”

  1. quilty Says:

    Brenda Kelly should have done the interview topless. It would have made linking to the other website worth the 15 seconds I wasted perusing her inane, confused mishmash of an interview. Does anyone know about prison life? Does Kelly have access to bikini wax or razors in cellblock D? (for doomed). Quilty believes her two biggest miracles will be in the future. One, escaping what looks like a certain trip to deathrow. And two, if Craig will recognize her au naturale.

  2. WTF Says:

    I agree. The only reason Brenda Kelly has breasts is so that men will talk to her. The story is biased, the videos worthless and she’s definitely hit the wall. I hope that on her next visit to see Kelly, the LVPD has seen her story and smuggled videos and arrest her. Wonder how many times she had a conversation with Kelly in the past while Craig was working her from behind.

  3. IsSheSerious? Says:

    Is Brenda serious with this interview? I have an idea, all of the witnesses that are testifying AGAINST CT and Kelly, are all imagining what they heard out of CT AND KELLY’S MOUTH! They didn’t have to be there in person to know that what they were told is true. Unless I’m mistaken, Kelly and CT made up the story of them beating Melissa, tasering her, and then choking her…..because the truth is that she died of a drug overdose. I’m so glad that we have the TRUE story now! Give me an f’n break! Who are they trying to kid? I get it, THEY were the ones running from the REAL KILLERS! That’s the funniest thing I have heard all year. CT and Kelly were hiding in a room where there were no windows, because the “real” killers were trying to get them! BOO!! The boggyman has got ya now!!

    Secondly, there is NOTHING in this interview that brings ANY light to this case. She continuously says how “great” Kelly looks, but can we even tell by these horrible, illegal by the way, pictures that she has posted? Instead, we get to see all of these wonderful pictures of Brenda Kelly in the CCDC?? Thanks for the tour!! Now I don’t have to waste my time to see where Kelly and CT are living! Appreciate it!

    Lastly, of course Kelly’s hair is growing and her skin looks good! She isn’t on drugs any longer!! It’s amazing what sobriety will do to a person! This interview is pathetic…I’m so glad to see that Kelly is doing well in prison, she will be there for life. More importantly, I’m really glad that Kelly and CT’s marriage is so much stronger now…maybe they should write another article/book called “The Marriage of Strength Behind Bars.” It might interest more people than CT’s pathetic excuse of a “audio book” but most likely NOT!

    I can’t wait for them to get out an start a family…it should be against the law for people like them to reproduce.

  4. Family Friend Says:

    Comments on this board sound as if they are from people with empty lives and hearts. People that have nothing else to do with thier time except criticise, find fault and try to add more pain to an already excruciating expierence for ALL INVOLVED. Are you covering your own ignorance,black-heartedness or are you the cold animals you seem to be? I suppose if anyone really cared , your “opinions” might matter……. In the mean time we will continue to pray for you, as we patiently await the truth and Gods will.

  5. darkstar Says:

    This sounds more like a promo for Brenda Kelly! …”World Famous Fitness Model…”
    She may be a “published journalist/writer…” but that doesnt make her a good writer…as a matter of fact, her writing is laughable and amateurish.

    As for Family Friend, you miss the point of this board…it is an opinion board, created for/about two personalities who found themselves in their current predicament due to their own actions…it is not a mutual admiration society, although people are free to post what they want, like yourself. I would hazard a guess that the majority of the folks who comment here are not “black-hearted”, but interested in the case for the bizarre facts that, again, got C and K into this mess. Sure, they are innocent until proven guilty, but let’s be clear: if the state hadnt made a compelling case for their arrest, they wouldnt be in jail now.
    As for “awaiting the truth”, I’d be careful what you ask for. Forensic evidence has a way of shining a light on that, tout suite…


  6. ? Says:

    Are you covering your own ignorance,black-heartedness or are you the cold animals you seem to be?
    -Family Friend

    That’s a great question Family Friend. What was Craig and Kelly’s reply when you asked them?

  7. quilty Says:

    Thank you, Family Friend,

    Stuck behind bars and unable to stun, suffocate, inject, hog-tied and incinerate any dissent, Craig and Kelly need a die-hard apologist like you in their corner.

    But seriously, if you are who Quilty thinks you are, tell Craig to re-think the audio book idea. First, aside from studio access, he can’t just ramble. He’ll need a coherent script. Secondly, ‘going straight to audio’ is not a the traditional path and all the big publishing houses are very traditional. Craig’s story might sell but he isn’t Bill Clinton or Mick Jagger – no editor is going to ‘listen’ to 16hrs of his unpolished story. No publisher means no marketing or distribution, ie no sales. He might as well whisper into a dictaphone and flog duplicates on eBay.
    Craig needs a ghost writer. Get the book written, published (NO vanity press, self publish crap - a legit publisher) and then do the audio. A respectable ghost will want about $50,000 for a celebrity tell-all/bio of about 60-75k words + pictures. That’s up front. Ghosts (like me) don’t do royalty splits. Does Craig have the jack? If so, tell him get busy making lots of juicy notes.

    I’d contact him myself but I’m booked for the next 12 -18 m. And I don’t think he can wait that long…


  8. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Hey Family Friend, do the letters F O mean anything to you? Craig and Kelly deserve to die.

    For your information, I don’t really have time for anything besides being a productive legitimate business owner but I do take the time to stop here on occasion for the primary purpose of criticizing Craig, Kelly, Brenda Kelly and ignorant idots such as yourself who waddle through their meaningless lives in search of a cause to defend to the end.

    Brenda Kelly’s ass may have been prime real estate once upon a time however the stupid bitch hit the wall long ago. I would F her with Craig’s stubby.

  9. chubbi Says:

    What hell was that piece of crap, brenda called a interview…that sh$T was a bunch of DRIBBLE!!

  10. Big Louie Says:

    IsSheSerious and Darkstar…right on! Despite what Gregg Valentino writes about me, I consider myself a decent enough person to distinquish reality from myth. I could not have expressed the truth of the matter any better. Another fact, Brenda Kelly should be sitting in a cell next to Kelly simply for being stupid enough for having exposed herself as just another self centered, clueless vampire bodybuilder.

    That said, Gregg, thanks for the publicity. Good or bad, keep it coming the money I’m saving not having to hire a publicist is much appreciated!

  11. Jim Says:

    Regarding the interview, when I got down to it, what did I really expect to hear? After all, this girl was no Diane Sawyer, but would even Diane get something out of Kelly before the trial?

    I’am interested to know if KR or CT had any wounds on them from the punching “bruises on the hands” or scratches. You would think that they should have, and I bet the detectives checked or should have checked that morning they visited them. I sounded pretty violent from what the witnesses said in the grand jury testimony. Even if morphine was injected.

    Titus is writing a tell all book now because he knows the people he bad mouths can’t get to him now that he’s protected by steel bars. With all the lies he told the cops, how is anyone going to believe his book anyway.

  12. BILLY Says:

    I could have eaten a can of Alphabet soup and crap out a better “Interview”


  13. IsSheSerious? Says:

    Family Friend:

    I have a question for you. Who is the black-hearted person here? The two that are behind bars for brutely murdering an innocent person…or the people that are on the “outside” and sitting in their chairs while they read and write comments on these message boards?

    The answer seems very evident to me, but obviously it is not to all others.

    Keep the Faith Family friend, that’s all you have left.

  14. Tracy Says:

    This is one of the worst stories I think I’ve ever read. Could Brenda talk about herself anymore than she did? And those photos!!!!!

  15. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    Hey couldn’t care less!
    If you could care less, stop wasting everyone else’s time with your hateful comments. If a person is friends with the family they have a right to stick up for the cause. You sound like you need to get laid! Maybe Craig will let you borrow his so called “stubby”. Oh, and how do you know the size of his penis?

  16. Seth Mcdavid Says:

    Hey Guilty!

    Maybe you need to quit you day job and become a publicist. Craig knows what he is doing. How much realestate and money have you accumulated in your life time? I would bet it does not even come close to Craig!

  17. darkstar Says:

    Seth mcdavid,

    You are clearly a more complete idiot than previously thought possible…

    What real estate/wealth accumulations are you speaking of? The houses that had to be liquidated to pay legal bills? The product endorsements that are all gone? A fancy Jaguar that he burned up, and oh yeah, I almost forgot: with a dead girl in the trunk, bound and gagged…?
    Yup, CT knows what he is doing all right…his plan to move into the Clark County jail worked perfectly…


  18. TwistTan Says:

    Kelly has my support! It is unfortunate that she went down a wrong path, but I feel she is a positive person and is doing ALOT of good with the women at the detention center. THEY need her there. She was an awesome fitness competitor and I enjoy her friendship. With all of the energy on this comment board, it is sad that more of it isn’t positive energy. All the negative in all the lives shown here is disgusting. I hope more of you find God and forgive. Peace to you Kelly!

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