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Prosecution’s witness speaks out on online radio show

Lauren Amanda Polk who goes by the name Mandy was a guest tonight on the online radio show, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly. She was interviewed by hosts Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo. Solmon once managed Kelly Ryan’s fitness career and he also wrote an article on Titus and Ryan’s marriage, “A marriage of strength.” Cicherillo has been the face for the bodybuilding community in the mass media, appearing on various talk shows related to the case.

They stressed, “Mandy is not here looking for attention”…

Here are a few notes from the show. We are paraphrasing and not quoting the hosts or the guest. You can listen to the replay on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly’s web site.

Mandy stressed that it is her Ex-boyfriend (Ryan Chastain also the registered owner of the taser gun) but he was her boyfriend at the time of this incident. She stated they were renting from Craig and Kelly at the time. Hours after the crime… She states, They came over to my house, I believe the 15th or the 16th and stayed that evening. Craig and Kelly decided they wanted Chinese food. I didn’t really want Chinese food and they ate horrible. That is one thing I will remember, they ate really terrible but they still looked pretty good. I had nervous energy. The next morning we (her and her boyfriend, Ryan) got up and took them to a hotel elsewhere.

I don’t know that many adults that have sleep overs. It was really strange that they wanted to stay over. It was definitely odd. When asked about Craig and Kelly staying the night.

She stated that Craig and Kelly didn’t arrive in their own car. The hosts didn’t ask whose car they arrived in, but we believe the grand jury transcripts state it was a taxi.

The hosts ask… How did the sleep over play out? Mandy laughs.

She told Craig that she didn’t have a bed in the other bedroom to which he told her the floor will be just fine. The guys (Craig and Ryan) were going to let Kelly and Mandy share the bed. The whole thing was just really odd she said… They came over at 5 in the afternoon by 1 in the morning I was seriously freaked out.

When asked why she moved to Vegas she says… I had been looking to move over to the west coast because of personal training. Kelly and I had been in contact through email as I got ready for Team Universe in 2005. After the show they (Kelly and Mandy) spoke and Kelly says… if you are ever interested in coming out, I have a good property that I could rent to you. Mandy said that she trained fitness routines with Kelly.

She saw erratic behavior in Craig and Kelly. They slowly cut off communication with friends. Their eating habits were bad. Mandy was a little hung up on Craig and Kelly’s eating habits and mentioned it several times.

Mandy stated she had never heard of Melissa James and Kelly never made one mention of Melissa being a roommate.

Dan Solomon: “What has life been like for you since you became involved in this case?”

Polk: The first month was kinda tough.

Mandy stated she has had no contact with Kelly since she was arrested. She went on to say that the information she has related to the case isn’t much. There are others who have a lot more information and she named Megan Foley as being one of them.

The hosts asked did you know Megan Foley? Mandy responded with… I wouldn’t call her tomorrow and have lunch, but I’d say we were friendly. We chit-chat and things like that. She was a very nice girl. Megan was preparing to do her first figure competition and trained with Kelly.

The interview was lengthy and didn’t really share any new details to those of you who follow this case. It appeared the show invited Mandy on simply to get more people to listen to their bodybuilding radio show. It’s a sad day for bodybuilding when a witness in a murder case is what you have to resort to in getting more listeners.

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