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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Defendant yells at prosecutor during court appearance

Defendant yells at prosecutor during court appearance

Defendant yells at prosecutor during court appearance
Titus takes issue with comments about wife
By GLENN PUIT - REVIEW-JOURNAL - Photos by Gary Thompson
July 19, 2006

Kelly ryan and craig titus

Slaying suspect Craig Titus exchanged words with a prosecutor Tuesday during legal arguments over whether a murder charge against the bodybuilder and his wife should be dismissed.

The tense moment unfolded as Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas told District Judge Jackie Glass that Titus’ wife, fitness champion Kelly Ryan, was an active participant in the slaying of Titus and Ryan’s personal assistant, Melissa James, in December.

“It was Kelly Ryan herself who was involved in the fight with Melissa James,” Daskas said. “It was Kelly Ryan who used a Taser or stun gun (on the victim). … It was Kelly Ryan herself who injected Melissa James with morphine.”

“No she did not!” Titus suddenly yelled out.

“Well, let’s ask Mr. Titus who did it,” Daskas said, looking directly at Titus.

“I’m getting tired of him saying that,” Titus said.

Glass warned Titus that if he continued to act out, he would be removed from court. Titus promised to behave.

The episode came as attorneys for Titus and Ryan sought dismissal of murder, conspiracy, arson and kidnapping charges against the couple in James’ death. Glass declined to dismiss any of the charges.

Afterward, defense attorney Steven Boozang said Titus’ outburst was because of his client’s frustration over the false charges lodged by prosecutors and Titus was simply sticking up for his wife.

The episode marks the second time in recent months that Titus has been involved in an awkward display in court. During a bail hearing in April, Glass ordered Titus and Ryan be held without bail while awaiting trial. Titus shook his head and laughed loudly.

Titus and Ryan are charged with killing James, 28, then burning the body in the back of Ryan’s car off state Route 160.

Ryan is a 33-year-old past Fitness America champion and Ms. Olympia runner-up, and Titus is a 40-year-old past place-winner of international Mr. Olympia competitions.

An acquaintance, Anthony Gross, is accused of being an accomplice by helping them burn James’ body. Gross, 23, remains under house arrest after posting $13,000 bail. He was charged with accessory to murder and third-degree arson.

A witness, Megan Pierson, has told a grand jury that Titus and Ryan talked about James’ death and using a Taser on her. Pierson said Ryan talked about the victim being beaten and drugged, and said Titus later mimicked choking the victim.

In statements to police, Titus and Ryan denied wrongdoing, saying they found the victim overdosed on drugs in their car. They panicked and burned the body off Sandy Valley Road. Gross has also pleaded innocent to the charges.

In court Tuesday, defense attorneys said the charges against the couple are flawed. They argued that there is no proof that James was kidnapped, as prosecutors allege; that the grand jury proceedings against the couple were faulty; and that there is no evidence that a deadly weapon was used in the crime.

The defense noted that the Clark County coroner’s office has been unable to determine a cause of death for James.

But Glass ruled the charges of murder, kidnapping, conspiracy and arson should stand, and that the case should go to trial.

Glass also refused to dismiss arson and accessory charges against Gross.

Trial for all three is scheduled for January.

Kelly ryan and craig titus

This article is from Las Vegas Review-Journal

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