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Titus in a rage has DA builds it’s case against Ryan

Things are not looking good for Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan…

This morning Judge Jackie Glass heard arguments regarding the defendants request for a Writ of Habeas Corpus, which she denied. The trial date has been scheduled for January 22, 2007 in District Court Dept. 5.

Titus had an outburst today in court, in which he claimed “NO SHE DID NOT”. “I’m tired of them saying that.” This was in response to the D.A.’s statements that Kelly put morphine into Melissa. The judge told Craig one more outburst and you’ll be removed. It appears the D.A. is making its case to go after Kelly as the one who did the crimes.

Craig was sporting a graying goatee and Kelly was wearing glasses. The two were holding hands in court as they were handcuffed.

12 Responses to “Titus in a rage has DA builds it’s case against Ryan”

  1. kw Says:

    Hmmm. so Kelly was trying to mkae it look like a drug overdose??

  2. h Says:


  3. pj wonders Says:

    Ok, I think Kelly is going down with Craig. I thought maybe she might get a lighter sentence but I am not so sure now. Also, she found the lord??? If that were completely true the Lord would have told her to distance herself from Craig - he appears to be the devil.

  4. kb Says:

    With Craig’s Mother as a neighbor, and his sister as a former employee,
    I’m not surprised at his behavior. Each member of the family have
    hostility towards mankind……unbelievable hostility.

  5. WTF Says:

    What a pair of dumb asses!

  6. beachbanger Says:

    This outburst seems so typical for the famous Craig Titus….What an idiot…and Kelly is equally as STUPID….Are they sorry for what they have done???Yeah, sorry that truck driver came along and saw that burning Jag….

  7. beachbanger Says:

    hope this case will be televised on court tv…live entertainment….

  8. OBSERVER Says:


    YOU have unbelievable hostility and zero compassion if Craig’s mother is your neighbor. Love thy neighbor? You’re a rat and you’re messing with fire.

  9. Seth Mc david Says:


    Don’t you think thier family is going through enough? Leave thier families out of this! What kind of person are you?

  10. Family Friend Says:

    kb….hmmmm……sour grapes? jealousy???? or just an EVIL HEART….What do you think readers? Yeah me too ! …..Pure Evil! … words of caution kb….what goes around comes around! Have fun.

  11. Nicole Titus Says:


    You have shown your true self through and through to many people. It is no news flash your reputation as a hateful person. Leave me and my mother alone. This course of events has had enough effect on our family.
    No matter what Craig is my brother and I love him. “Hostility on mankind?” The only person showing hostiliity is you!

  12. chainsaw Says:


    I truely feel for you.

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