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July 13th Court Date rescheduled

Mr. Tom Pitaro, Kelly Ryan’s Lawyer, will be unable to attend the court appearance for July 13th. The appearance has been rescheduled to Tuesday, July 18th

4 Responses to “July 13th Court Date rescheduled”

  1. Nic Nasty Says:

    Damn! How come this type of cases drag on and on… Can justice be any swifter? Come on! Guilty or Not Guilty… Fry or Don’t Fry… get on with it. The suspense is killing me.

  2. Tom Pitaro Says:

    Justice takes time, I was not able to attend the court appearance becuase of a broken bone in my foot. Lets all just stop and relax folks.

    Mr. Tom Pitaro

  3. Nic Nasty Says:

    Are you really THE Mr Tom Pitaro??? Cool… You have quite a case there. Good Luck, and may justice (as blind as she can be) prevail… and fast.

    P.S. hope your foot feels better.

  4. chainsaw Says:

    This guy Tom said “Relax” once too many times, too cool I guess, so Craig fired him.

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