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“Titus Tells All” - bodybuilding book in the works

As previously mentioned here on TitusandRyan.com - Titus plans to write a book related to bodybuilding. Tonight on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, an online bodybuilding radio show read a letter from Craig Titus. The host Dan Solomon received a letter about a week ago hand written by Craig. He stated that the letter was written for bodybuilding fans to be read on the air. The replay of the show is available on their web site but a few bits from what was read…

His book will be titled, “Titus Tells All” where Craig claims they (he and kelly) were forced into retirement and they were blackballed from bodybuilding.

He also mentions that he and Kelly are “100% innocent and will be aquitted of all charges”.

There wasn’t much more said then that but any one who knows Craig knows he has a lot more to say then what was read on the air. We’d like to see a copy of the actual letter written by Craig and see what else he had to say.

Mandy Polk will be on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly next week. She is one of the main witnesses in the Titus /Ryan case and testified before the grand jury.

8 Responses to ““Titus Tells All” - bodybuilding book in the works”

  1. Marla Maples Says:

    Craig and Kelly????????? You’re full of crap! Blackballed from fitness? No way, buddy!

    No one believes a murderer!

  2. Mike McLeod Says:

    Craig and Kelly,
    I am in your corner! I believe in you and my prayers and love for you both are with you. I only met you both once in Tampa, Fl. I am a good judge of character and anyone can see in to your hearts knows you are innocent. I also love your little dog and I hope it is o.k.

  3. SGT. PEPPER Says:

    Mike Mcleod your a good judge of character, sorry not in this case… And as for the book Craig’s writing, what???!! Craig and Kelly was forced into retirement therefore they murdered their assistant????!!!


  4. walksthetalk Says:

    Sgt. P:

    You’re jumping the gun. Remember, the charges haven’t been proven, yet.

  5. WTF Says:

    WTT: You and Mikey Mac are clearly sharing a brain.

    One of you lost it and neither of you noticed the difference.

  6. George Jackson Says:

    It’s KFC Time! I’l take a regular fries with that plz..

  7. Dick Says:

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  8. mpf Says:

    I can’t wait for the book. I look every week to see it’s release date. I also hope they are both acquitted of all the charges so everyone who has been spitting so much hate can have Craig and Kelly shove it up their ass, pull it out, and shove it up again.
    No one who reads information on the internet about their case was in or will ever be in the court room. Everyone should shut their mouths and worry about when they will be on the news for their misfortunes; instead of judging people you never even met.
    Good luck Craig and Kelly

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