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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Grand Jury Witness Suffering

Grand Jury Witness Suffering

A witness who testified to the grand reaches out to friends online. It appears this case is taking its toll on many in a number of different ways. Part of the post…

i moved to las vegas with my boyfriend, excited to start a new career in a new place with new friends– essentially, a new life. i was also going to be able to train under one of the most accomplished fitness professionals in the history of the sport. i was really looking forward to it.

i formed a very close bond with this woman. besides a coach, she became a friend and a source of inspiration. what she taught me in the time we knew each other i will value for the entirity of my competition days. she exited my life as quickly as she entered; the reality of her life and decisions is devastating- from an outside perspective and on a personal level. i will, however, always value what she taught me and the friendship we had in our time together.

some of you may be somewhat familiar the situation i described above, but if not, it is not essential you know the details. just know that now i am involved in an ongoing legal situation involving the woman and many others, and it is somewhat stressful. i try not to think about it.

2) during said “stressful situation” the boyfriend with whom i moved to vegas, was unsupportive. he attacked my actions, character, and decisions. he also demanded more from the relationship when i had given all i could. he did not get me anything for my birthday. things had been very strained for a while, and i had taken all the emotional abuse i could stand.

Read more on getbig, including her response.

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