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Grand Jury Witness Suffering

A witness who testified to the grand reaches out to friends online. It appears this case is taking its toll on many in a number of different ways. Part of the post…

i moved to las vegas with my boyfriend, excited to start a new career in a new place with new friends– essentially, a new life. i was also going to be able to train under one of the most accomplished fitness professionals in the history of the sport. i was really looking forward to it.

i formed a very close bond with this woman. besides a coach, she became a friend and a source of inspiration. what she taught me in the time we knew each other i will value for the entirity of my competition days. she exited my life as quickly as she entered; the reality of her life and decisions is devastating- from an outside perspective and on a personal level. i will, however, always value what she taught me and the friendship we had in our time together.

some of you may be somewhat familiar the situation i described above, but if not, it is not essential you know the details. just know that now i am involved in an ongoing legal situation involving the woman and many others, and it is somewhat stressful. i try not to think about it.

2) during said “stressful situation” the boyfriend with whom i moved to vegas, was unsupportive. he attacked my actions, character, and decisions. he also demanded more from the relationship when i had given all i could. he did not get me anything for my birthday. things had been very strained for a while, and i had taken all the emotional abuse i could stand.

Read more on getbig, including her response.

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  1. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    I don’t know your age but what I do know that boyfriends in most cases like yours are nothing more than leeches who exploit young upcoming fitness and bodybuilding women. It is these type of guys who turn from being supportive t clingy and needy and tear down the confidence of these women. The worst offenders are the older guys preying on the younger women. As things progress and it becomes apparant these ladies do indeed have talent, the leeches become abusive and sometimes even physical. That’s your cue to leave.

    As for your parents support, let it go. You are a big girl now and no longer need their approval. Sure, it would be nice to have but to truly succeed in anything in life, you must have the ability to completely disconnect yourself from anything negative no matter what or who.

    Another piece of advice is that when you do succeed and the leeches along with the negative people come back around (and they will) to bask in your success, do not let them in. Keep them at a safe distance because rest assured they have the same issues that you disconnected them with in the first place.

    Surround yourself with positive influence and you can’t help but succeed and maintain the ability to disconnect at the first sign of negativity.

    Good luck.

  2. Ironlady Says:

    For many years, I have competed as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, trained at Gold’s Gym Venice at the Mecca and became very familiar with the bodybuilding world.
    Competing is a stressful endeavor. I am amazed that Mandy would even want to compete with everything she has been faced with. Only she knows if that was a wise choice.
    Mandy, I train people for shows and always have time to “lend an ear” to a competitor about pre-contest challenges. No one has to do such an event without support. Those “low blood sugar days” can definitly effect mood, stress, & motivation in a big way
    Even 2 weeks out, I get my clients to do something fun each week, so that the whole training & dieting thing is not so overwhelming.
    Go get a massage, go to a funny movie, but find something that will support you in changing your head space so you can enjoy the process & complete the journey, if that is your choice.

  3. Big Louie Says:

    Boo Hoo, typical self centered egotistical bodybuilder. Bodybuilders like this girl, are of the opinion the world revolves around them. Vampires. And like vampires, bodybuilders don’t see what’s in the mirror due to the fact of their grossly inflated and unrealistic ego’s. Same issues and mentality which allowed Titus and his nympho girlfriend to poison themselves, each other and everything around them.

  4. WTF Says:

    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Daddy doesn’t love me.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! My boyfriend left me.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! My friend betrayed me.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! No one will lend me a suit.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I wanna be a star.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Life’s not fair.

    The world needs waitresses too babe so get a job and shut the f*ck up.

  5. Big Louie Says:

    WTF, right on Brother Love!

  6. I FLEX 2 Says:

    I just had to register and respond to this pathetic, poor pitiful little me, who gives a sh*t story from this Mandy Polk. I’ve been reading this board ever now and then and just had to respond when I read Mandy Polks post on herself and how life has really turned her life upside down. I was surprised to see that some people actually tried to give her words of hope. They sounded just as stupid.
    I wonder why she would think anyone would give a f*ck or want to hear about her. What a joke !

    So whats the latest update on the case of the two people, Ryan & Titus, the rest of us log on here to find out about?

    When i logged back on and read the last post from WTF,
    I THOUGHT, DITTO !!!!!!!!!!! YOU NAILED IT !!

    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Daddy doesn’t love me.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! My boyfriend left me.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! My friend betrayed me.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! No one will lend me a suit.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I wanna be a star.
    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Life’s not fair.

    The world needs waitresses too babe so get a job and shut the f*ck up.

    ENOUGH SAID !!!!

  7. Grow Up Says:

    This girl should be ashamed of herself. What a pathetic loser! And to go on a message board and try to get sympathy because, my god, you don’t have a new posing suit. Shut the f*ck up and grow the f*ck up honey. When you are forced to live in your car, then you’ve got something to whine about.

  8. walksthetalk Says:

    If you can’t say anything good and supportive, WTF and Big Louie, don’t say anything at all. Otherwise, you don’t help the matter.

  9. WTF Says:

    WTT: Blow me

  10. walksthetalk Says:

    You’d like that wouln’t you, puss.

  11. Anabolic Outlaw Says:

    I wonder if this witness used to workout in Craig and Kelly’s gym that is for sale on eBay? Was the witness a personal training client of theirs? Not sure if this will work, but here is a link to it:


  12. WTF Says:

    WTT: Great come back, not. Is that your best? Loser.

  13. wtt Says:

    WTF: Hey bra’, nothin’ personal. This isn’t about you or me. And that’s NOT my best. Why? You want somthin more?

  14. k wagner Says:

    Maybe nobody likes this chick because she is a person with no morals or ambitions. Instead of boo hooing on the internet about how no one supports her and her lame competition maybe she should look within herself. this body building competition thing is lame you would think she was preparing for the olympics look where it got Kelly and Craig looks like there is a big future for washed up drugged up has beens way to go Mandy. Your true character really shines through.

  15. ironasylum Says:

    heres somthing for all of you negative unsuportive J@cka$$e$

  16. WTF Says:

    WTT: Don’t offer what you don’t have. Now go tell your girl how bad you are.

  17. WTF Says:

    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I broke my foot!

  18. yada yada yada Says:

    Okay, first of all you are who you hang out with.
    Learn to find friends with a little more substance.
    I mean honestly, I have heard the stories told on Craig and Ryan.
    These stories are from the mouth of a person who knows first hand the
    torment that they have put people through.
    I will not use his name but hearing these stories.
    I dont know if I should feel sorry for him or smack him for being so stupid.
    Mandy.. I think it’s time to grow up and realize that life is not easy and that
    who you decide to become friends with sometimes determines where your life will head. I am sure that you have known about the drugs, violence, and other bad traits that both Craig and kelly have and yet you remained close enough to end up in court because of their actions. I would like to feel sorry for you but I can not.
    I mean you knew the kind of people that they had been.
    No one hides things that well and from what I understand both Craig and Kelly did a terrible job of hiding their personal issues.
    So stop whinning and grow up..
    Learn to choose better friends and learn how to work on yourself.
    Become strong in the mental sense and not the physical.
    Move on and leave the bad behind.

  19. George Jackson Says:

    Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! shut the 4uck up biatch…

  20. Jim Lester Says:

    yeah youre being overly dramatic as fuck. i mean some people just love to start drama. you for instance started some bullshit drama about having to testify against your friends (who have a great deal of influence in the field which you have chosen for yourself) in a trial that could cost them their lives. drama queen! GROW THE FUCK UP! my friends murder people all the time, and i’m fine right now. sounds like youre hooked on high school bull shit. maybe someday you’ll grow up and be able to function properly in the gay ass xtreme fitness world.

  21. Luis Says:

    woman, you need to grow up. stop being such a cry baby.

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