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FHM magazine South Africa to publish story

Any of you who happen to reside in South Africa keep an eye out for the Craig/Kelly article in FHM. It appears it will not be running in the US version.

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  1. Boris Says:

    I just learned about this today the grand 4th of July.
    I have tried to be in the fitness lifesyle (gym-cardio-stretch)
    for 7 years and I followed the success on this pair in the media.
    reading the exercise magazines (often at Banes/Borders).
    I use to like them and look up to them by reading whatever
    article was posted on them.

    They are getting dumped on so badly, most of it rightfully so.
    But some of this is the fault of society.
    a society that allows drug dealers to operate freely
    and refuses to “snitch”. a society that buys drugs creating
    a ready supply. A society that allows guns, Tasers.
    Out of towners from Tennesse, or whatever buying a Taser
    for a felon. A fitness- bodybuilding industry that puts tremendous
    pressure on contestants to perform, yet as soon as they pass 30
    or 40 are thrown away like yesterdays newspaper.
    A consumer society where nothing is enough.
    They had a fairly decent 1/2 million$ home and a newish
    2003 Jaguar and atleast 1 nice little girl. but it wasnt enough.
    society says it wasnt enough. but the truth is the consumer
    is being consumed.
    This all turned into a formula for destruction, and can happen
    to any of us, in this spirtually bankrupt and ungrateful
    never enough country. Society packed their heads with
    so much distracting garbage that they were blinded and static
    interferance to the guiding light and inner voice in their own
    hearts. As the beattles accuratly sung, Love is all you need,
    but Kelly and Craig may have been deprived of it.
    Nothing else satisfies, but poor Kelly found out to late to
    save her life. I wished they would have found out the error
    of there ways years ago, but what solutution doors did soceity
    offer? endless consumerism? junk food?
    medical industry players that want patent volumes over wellness?
    glorified media? intoxicants? artifical living
    enviroment-topography in desert not ment for human inhabitation?
    only becasue the builders have cheap land to do there wholesale
    destruction of environment. these are the things that happen
    when you pray for your mutual funds to go up. we created
    the monster acts of Craig and associates.


    An insightful and informative voice “tells all”. Thank you Boris.

    Each of us is accountable and responsible FOR our own actions. We are not responsible TO the darkness that lurks within and without, but we are responsible for what we do with it, whether we choose to act upon it or whether we buckle down and learn the spiritual common sense that is necessary to lift up mankind instead of destroying it/ourselves. Peace-out.

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