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Latest from the inside

The word from the inside on Kelly is that she has found God and looking for God to help her through this. Craig has decided to write a book about what goes on behind the scenes in bodybuilding. Several people have received letters from Craig and Kelly.

We’ll keep you posted on any news as it becomes available, but at this time it is wait and see until they appear in court again.

35 Responses to “Latest from the inside”

  1. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    OK gang, fork over the pool I win! Remember back in April when I predicted Kelly would eventually resort to a jailhouse conversion for a defense?!

    If God an see our hearts then he will see the black heart in Kelly’s chest. Todays jurers are a bit more sophisticated and are sick and tired of lowlifes drugged out pieces of crap who commit heinous crimes and hide behind religion. Well I’m not religious and I hope Kelly gets the ultimate sentence. Yea, the ‘D’ word.

  2. rpavon Says:

    I was waiting for this! and WON a bet with a friend… yeah, she found God allright…hopefully, she’ll get to meet him in person. As far as the other pondscum, well, he is still juiced enough to write a book… but, wait a minute… I didn’t know he was literate…

  3. Marla Maples Says:

    I cannot believe that these two are actually thinking that they will “get off”!

    I have been in the fitness world for many years…..hey Craig! Remember Laurie Donnolly? Didn’t you smack her around and “use” while you were with her? And Kelly? I remember you from the days of my early fitness years. You would have done ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get at the top of the ladder. No matter who you stepped on!

    You both deserve what you get! I don’t feel sorry for either one of you!

    There IS a thing called KARMA!

  4. observer Says:

    Interesting to see how they are both dealing with things.

    I’m not religious either, but I suspect for Kelly this is the only way for her to deal with what she’s done. Now that she is no longer on drugs, she has seen with full clarity the impact her actions have had, on Melissa, even her own mother.

    As for Craig, well, I think writing a book is the only way he can still feel like he has some sort of control over things. Maybe he thinks if he is going down, he’ll try to bring some guys down with him.


  5. closer than you think: Says:

    Maybe you two need to be” religious” ,then you would know through God ALL things are possible! Read the Bible and you will see! If Kelly is sent to “D”, then it is Gods will, He controls All! If she dies and has given her heart TRULY to God, then she will be in a better place ! Only God can truly judge,and if there were no GOD ,then what HOPE do we have for a better life after death! If not for hope , what is left! CTYT

  6. Big Louie Says:

    Has anyone reported seeing what Kelly looks like these days? I suppose if she is into God which in itself is a cop-out, does that mean she will no longer practice bisexuality. Or does her new residence assure that lifestyle despite “Gods” influence? Maybe Titus should write a book on his wifes sexual adventures, to include pictures. That is a book certain to pay his attorneys bills and guaranteed to be far more entertaining than anything he or anyone could write on bodybuilding. How about Titus, what does that loser look like at this point. Hairy, yet balding and a body weight to match his naturally slight structure and height. No anabolics, no social drugs or controlled substances and no sexual highs other than his hand, a cooperative celly or willing guard. How often do you suppose that loser fantasizes about being freed, reuniting with Kelly, making a come back and squaring up with all who “dissed” him!? Titus and his nympho wife deserve everything that has and will cause them to spend the rest of their lives both physically and mentally in a state of Hell. As stupid goes, don’t these two deserve some acknoweldgement somewhere for having accomplished the dumbest, most ignorant and self-centered crime in recent history?

  7. M Rathkyn Says:

    They say there are no athiests in foxholes. Maybe the same is true of prison situations where there is so little hope of a good outcome. Think about it, where else can a person turn when all other options are gone? I do not believe it is calculated. I knew Kelley when she was a sweet teenager (pre-drugs and whatever else affected her) who made everyone around her feel good about themselves. I believe she can return (or has returned) to that person again. I also believe that when she does, God will meet her there.

    It is amazing how being “religious” (i.e. believing in a loving and forgiving God) can be perceived as such a negative, even immoral thing.

  8. Pam Busch Says:

    In response to Marla Maples comment - I competed at the Miss Fitness America Pageant the year Laura Donolley won. Wow, I did not know Craig got to her too. Amazing this louse (?) for a guy impacted so many woman’s lives negatively. This whole thing is unreal to me. What a timewarp

    I suspect that this book idea is another attempt by Craig to control and manipulate other or the body building community itself. Maybe somehow he will try to throw blame at others. This guy is an umbelievable peice of work

  9. WTF Says:

    There is always another ‘thumper’ saying only God can judge and Kelly will go to a better place. Wake up stupid. She’s a murdering junkie who would kill you if you got in her way!

    Drop that ‘read the bible’ crap and get in touch with reality. If ‘HE’ controls all then why does ‘HE’ allow the shit that goes on today? And don’t even think of coming back with that “test of faith’ garbage. I’ve got your test of faith right here. Fry Kelly!

  10. closer than you think: Says:

    To WTF: Your kind are a “dime a dozen”! I was wondering how long it would take for a response like YOURS! Everyone on here thinks they are experts at what they ‘THINK” they know. You will be SHOCKED before too long! Hope you have a FAITHFULLY good night————-you need it!!!!!!!!!!!! CLYT

  11. Yizmo Gizmo Says:

    WHy do people need to resort to this cliche
    defense of “finding God”?
    I don’t need to resort to this hackneyed ending, I
    have this think called a CONSCIENCE that keeps
    me from killing young women and other stupid things. What the hell?

  12. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Wow, first you accuse everyone else of thinking they know something and all the while we realize that it is YOU who know it all. WTF brings up a good point. If your God is so great, then why would he allow good people like Mother Theresa to suffer for a long period before passing away but would bring the murdering Kelly to a better place? Maybe you’re so dilusional you think God has the hots for Kelly. You religious nuts are all alike. You patronize people into believing as you and when it is finally realized that they don’t buy into your fantasies, you attack them. And that my friend is where you become a dime a dozen. Instead of having a faithfully good night, try getting laid once in a while.

  13. M Rathkyn Says:

    I am not a “Bible Thumper,” and I did not say “only God can judge.” I am a rational person who believes in law, order, and justice. So, your stereotype doesn’t work; and name calling is a logical fallacy. As for my belief in a Creator God who does not throw away his creation, that is based on logic at least as much as your disbelief in the same. At the risk of stirring up even more raw emotion in a person who, I suspect, gets angry a lot, I will say that I believe God loves you, too.


  14. closer than you think: Says:

    CCL, I am not going to defend myself, this sight is for a bunch of loosers you have nothing but negative things to say! I really do not care what anyone thinks of ME, but you all have a destination and I personally hope I do not see you there. I should have known not to comment on this sight because of people like you and WTF, and others. I am not going to waste any more of my time here, the Ryan Family (Tom, Michael, and the Late Niki )are and were WONDERFUL people! As far as Kelly, the truth will come out. I hope all of you are around then . Remember, CLYT when it all happens ! Say whatever you want , I am wasting no more of my time commenting back to losers like you! It seems EVERYONE who is LOST gets very defensive when the word “GOD” is mentioned..

  15. pissed off Says:

    I am very closly related to this saga. I feel that what goes around comes around. If they are indeed guilty then the truth will prevail. It is NOT our duty to judge them. Kelly’s sexual preferences have absolutly NOTHING to do with this. NO ONE know the truth, so how can you judge????????? To actually say FRY HER, you are no better, it is not in your hands. What if this were your daughter, granddaughter, sister etc???????? Would you still say the same? Put yourself in this poor family’s shoes, Kelly goes to prison, Nikki dies and so forth. Do something positive instead of wasting your time judging something you know nothing about. IT DOES STATE IN THE BIBLE THAT EVERYONE WILL BE JUDGED BY GOD ON JUDGEMENT DAY, SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD THINK YOURSELF BEFORE SPEAKING.

    Anyone know where Joey is (her dog)?

  16. mynameisearl Says:

    pissed off, we are judged everyday by others. It is a part of human nature so you are going to have to get over that. And people on this forum need to stop telling others to stop writing their opinions, it is the entire point of this!

    CTYT has already judged people are going to hell. He/she professes to be a christian so in his mind the one way to heaven is between you and God and CTYT has no way of knowing anyones beliefs about that as far as I know. Yet we are all going to hell if we dont agree with him! Judgement CITY! Oh and then we are all losers if we dont agree with his comments. That’s mighty christian of you! I know far too many people like this. They are usually the first ones to have some massive hidden repression thing going on.

  17. walksthetalk Says:

    For the uneducated: Ever heard of FREE WILL? This is why bad things happen. The Good Lord loves us so much he lets us decide for ourselves whether we want to enjoy/love God, or follow our own ego-inflated desires. For the uneducated, there is a brilliant quote by MLK Jr on Pete Seeger’s website regarding evil and violence http://www.peteseeger.net/. Peace X infinity.

  18. shockandawe Says:

    I agree with M Rathkyn…
    Faith does come when there are no other options for some. But then again, there are people out there who are able to believe in a power greater than themselves without prison, AA, or any other f’d up circumstance that delivered them straight to their knees by force. (I call it spiritual knee-capping, btw)

    C&K have definitely, officially, been spiritually knee-capped. And they may never walk again.

    That said, I think it just stands to reason that someone who is forced down on their knees (no sordid pun there guys! - but that is a funny picture)… actually does do some praying while down there. All of us would, trust me on that. Humility, or being humbled by one’s circumstances, is one of those human experiences we likely will all face - though perhaps not for murder. We are all so vulnerable to these “bigger than us” things in life - whether from our own behavior gone wrong, or things occurring beyond our control, or whatever.. point is, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of these things, and praying does have the ability to help people feel that they are going to be okay, no matter what happens.

    My question is: Why does it bother people that Kelly, no matter what she has done, would want to be at peace with it, herself or her circumstances? I mean, that’s not something anyone can take away from her, no matter what she did. She didn’t lose her spiritual rights being in jail - in fact it’s her only freedom at this point. Wouldn’t you use it?

    I do know that Kelly was a good person at one time. Sure, she had issues like we all do, and she had a hard time dealing with her feelings (particularly when she was angry). I watched her struggle with that for 2 years as her very good friend. So, I don’t think it should be such a grave surprise to people that when you haven’t learned enough of the skills necessary to deal with life and feelings, you turn to escapist activities. Can any of us say we don’t use TV, food, the telephone, exercise, drugs, not being able to be alone and always in relationships, etc… in much the same way? Of course not. We all have something that isn’t a healthy coping mechanism.

    I guess the point here isn’t about whether someone is going to fry, not fry, get off scot-free, find God, be wrong for finding God, or whatever else.. The point is, all of the things we ALL experience as human beings just went several steps further, and ended up derailing, in Kelly’s life. I’m not here to judge or forgive. It’s not up to me. It really is up to her and her God, whomever that may be.

    It really is just that, folks. Evil people murder, but so do people who have had good in them throughout their lives, if something serious comes along and causes a true “blip” on the screen. Drugs definitely are that blip, to the serious extent those two were using. It’s just sad how much drug use ravages lives.. Melissa’s included - who apparently was not in very good shape herself. She didn’t deserve to die, but sick birds who flock together, sometimes peck one another to death. End of story. It’s not right, good, or otherwise, it’s just a sad reality. Melissa’s uncle even said that himself.. He always worried that he would hear of her demise, because of who she chose to idolize and with whom she hung out. That is foresight and reality.

    All of this is sad, so try not to be so harsh in metering judgment on anyone - least of all those expressing opinions and trying to make sense of something that is difficult to fathom. Lives derail and swerve off their intended course every day.

  19. susie Says:

    Kelly found god and Craig found a way to make money from this

  20. ASAWS Says:

    To pissed off : Thank you for your input! Joey is in “GOOD” hands, and very WELL loved!!!!! ASAWS

  21. mynameisearl Says:

    walksthetalk, fyi something to think about….plenty of educated people are just stupid and plenty of uneducated people are quiet smart.

  22. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    CTYT: Too many chemically unbalanced people much like yourself, waste an entire lifetime preparing for the ‘afterlife’ that they miss out on their own real life in the present. You appear to be in this category. That’s all well and good but to say everyone else is a loser for not sharing your fantasy of a ‘better life’ is what will be the cause of you being denied access to this ‘better life’ for doing what is against your own belief, passing judgement on others.

    I agree that the Ryan family (minus one) is most likely a terrific family. Regardless of this irrelevant fact, Kelly committed a heinous capital crime and must pay the ultimate price.

    In a nutshell, you are a hypocrite to the highest degree. Now do us a favor and keep your promise not to respond. Thank you.

  23. doug Says:

    it appeared to me that craig had a very strong influence on kelly and I hope that if she has really found a spiritual happiness with her God then when it comes time for her to tell the truth, she will.

  24. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    WTT, not all bodybuiders had aspirations to turn pro. Some of us maintained our education, went all the way to becmoe successful to a level only dreamed of by pro bodybuilders.

  25. just joining in Says:

    I don’t believe in the death penalty. Besides, to stay in jail the rest of one’s life is pretty humbling–especially if you are no longer on drugs and all the other things which puffed you up. Talk about fresh hell…

  26. It Doesnt even matter Says:

    I honestly think this whole site is nothing but arguements and bullshit. Most of the comments submited on this page turned into a fight over who is right and who is wrong…my question is why? Nobody in this world is perfect as im sure everyone knows, but to sit there and really critisis anybody if its Craig, Kelly, or Melissa look in the mirror just because you believe in certain things obviously they believed in others. If its finding god so be it. Yes I think what happend is completely wrong but none of us were there to witness what happen so nobody has any right to point fingers at anybody. And in the end whats happend happend its over let it go. If Craig and Melissa were having an affair which it has been made very clear that they were, Melissa knew what she was doing she choose and made those decisions. I had met Melissa before and she was strung out right along with Craig in a suncoast hotel room that was booked for Kelly’s “going away party”. So she was sneeking behind Kellys back sleeping with Kellys husband which again she choose to make that decision. Craig, yes he cheated, he had a lot of strippers, he did drugs, he did illegal things, that was his life and those were his decisions. I remember several conversations between Craig and myself that can be quoted. He loved Kelly but Kelly couldnt provide the sexual things that he wanted in life. So he turned to other options out there which were not just options that were put in this world for just Craig there are several men thousands of men that turn to other women for there needs that there wives or girlfriend dont provide on a regular bases. Now a smart woman knows that all men think with one thing and its not their head above their shoulders. We all live one life and what happens when we die who knows but none of us obviously do because if we did there would be no crazy argumentive comments like what is posted on this site. In reality what they did all three of them was there own personal buisness and the only reason why everyone is commenting is because everybody thinks they all know what happend behind closed doors but none of us do. Let Melissa rest in peace and let Craig and Kelly serve the time they need to serve because in the end you dont call the shots and your thoughts and feelings dont really matter their future lies in the juries hands not yours so shut the fuck up.

  27. Boris Says:

    society did offer these 2 confused souls
    much in terms of truth or solution doors
    to get off the wrong path.

  28. B. Gordon Says:

    First and foremost, it aint over just yet! Everyone deserves a fair and speedy trial. I don’t know much about the case, and I am quite sure that most fans and readers do not as well. I admit I am quick to judge people, but when you are dealing with a case such as this, everything has to be perfectly calculated and weighed before judgement. Look at the OJ Simpson case, I mean shit, that mutha fugga deserved the death penalty and the evidence proved it clearly. The justice system not always prevails, but OJ is now paying through the nose for his crime. Yes he is a free man, but not completely. However this is a different case. Titus has had a past with runins with the law and has lost. Kelly I have no clue, but it’s quite clear that she has in the past set out to do whatever she had to in order to achieve her greatness. God know’s anyone would do so in a profession such as hers. I am not going to say I don’t feel that they are not guilty, but our court systems are not flawless. Besides the two, and the victim, God is the only one with the answer. Repentence is never a bad decision, it just always comes in time of need. If the two are freed, and cleared of all charges, let’s just see what lies ahead for them.
    I’m sure they will not be welcomed back with open arms, but then again was OJ. Not so much!! Any ways always keep an open mind and heart, and let God sortem out.

    As an addition I have always been a Craig Titus fan. After news of his situation I have always tried to keep an open mind no matter how bad the news. I just hope that justice prevails no matter if he is or is not guilty most importantly. If he is guilty, then give him the punishment he deserves. If for whatever reason he may read this, Craig I hope it aint true about you and Kelly, but if so, prepare for the end. My advice is if you do make it out ok, wait some time before you make a comeback. I look forward to the day. Always a fan, but more improtantly a friend, B. Gordon.

  29. WTT Says:

    Dear CCL:

    Mother Theresa suffered so long due to the integrity she maintained and the reverence she had for life. There is no indignity in suffering for the GOOD. Don’t you know the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) says “it is better to suffer for doing good than for doing evil”?

    In the end, Mother Theresa maintained her integrity. C& K and Mel. decided against their better judgment to sell their integrity to the lord of darkness. Integrity is something that cannot be faked. There is no deception in integrity. There are no lies in integrity.

  30. walksthetalk Says:

    What’s the difference between God and Craig Titus? God doesn’t think he’s Craig Titus.

  31. WTF Says:


  32. Andrew in Phoenix Says:

    It’s really disgusting when people like Kelly Ryan and “closer than you think” drag religion into this. CTYT thinks murderers like Kelly Ryan deserve forgiveness and damns people who don’t agree with him/her to hell.

    CTYT, go f–k yourself.

  33. Jim Says:

    As I browse through all the comments here, as well as through the rest of them on this site, I can’t help to realize that the most comments were posted on the one where God was the topic. Unbelievable…

  34. J Kim Says:

    The facts are what matter in this case and it’s for the courts to decide where the guilt lies.

    The only ones who really know what happened that awful day was Kelly, Craig, Mellissa, and God.

    Stop judging them until you have all the facts.

  35. Eddie C. Says:

    I’ll pee on you bible fanatics and on the bible for that matter! hell, i’ll wipe my ass with it if i ran out of paper as well. you damn religious nuts and your finding god crap. please, this is a lame excuse for what has happened. this is a murder trial and like “couldn’t care less” said you bible bangers need to get laid more and realize that if we don’t begin to see that we are god we will never progress as a species. don’t get me wrong, there IS undoubtedly a higher power but NO ONE knows about him/her/it. He/her/it simply allows us to do what we may. in this case, an idiot like Titus (and mind you i was a rather big fan) pulls something like this. But don’t forget he is also innocent till proven guilty.

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