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BREAKING NEWS - Kelly Ryan’s mother passes away

We received news earlier today that Kelly Ryan’s mother, Niki, has passed away. We are attempting to get more details and will share more as it becomes available.

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  1. sadened Says:

    This is very, very sad. I knew Niki … she was an extremely sweet and lovely person. I spoke to her immediately after all of this had happened, and she was extremely devastated. She was a very healthy woman that actually taught aerobics for expecting mothers. I have never seen someone in such a good shape for her age…and going strong. This is so hard to believe….I wouldn’t doubt that this could have been triggered by what is going on with her daughter. Kelly was very close with her mother, who knows what type of effect this is going to have on her…maybe she will realize life is too short and she needs to tell the truth.

  2. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    No words. Rest in peace Mrs. Ryan. My condolences to the family.

  3. JS Says:

    There are no words that are adequate….God speed and rest in peace Mrs. Ryan. My condolences to her family and friends.

  4. chris Says:

    Yes, this whole situation is what killed Nikki. She was obsessed with trying to help Kelly but at the same time not go broke in the process. She was trying desperately to sell the house, she was sending Kelly money for food in the prison, taking care of Joey the dog, and Kelly’s dad has been shelling out money for the lawyer as well. She started losing weight and isolating herself. She felt ill on Thurs and Fri. She wouldn’t let anyone see her or take her to the hospital. She was actually on the phone with the realtor when this happened and he called 911 knowing something was wrong (I don’t know exactly what prompted him). She was worked on for an hour at the hospital where she worked and luckily many of her co-workers were able to be there and say good-bye to her. She was one of my best friends and I am so devastated and angry. She didn’t deserve this.

  5. darkstar Says:

    This is very sad and shocking. I cant imagine what it must be like to be a parent and to be in such a situation with your child, albeit a grown one…
    Knowing nothing else, Id agree with Chris that the troubles with Kelly contributed…
    Being a parent myself, ask what wouldnt you do for your kid? Apparently Mrs. Ryan put it all on the line for Kelly…
    Its a heartbreaker…simply awful.


  6. unknown soldier Says:

    Rest in Peace, Niki…

  7. pj Says:

    My condolences to the family……what a tragedy. I imagine the stress Nikki was under played a big part in this. I wonder how Kelly will handle the guilt of knowing her actions contributed to her mothers death. I no I couldn’t handle it.

  8. sadened Says:

    I doubt that Kelly WILL be able to handle it. It was very strange…I use to be very close to Kelly and I had a dream the other night that she actually passed away…..THEN, I come on here and it was Niki that truely had. Very Very sad. Niki will always be remembered, and always have a very close spot in my heart. I feel for their family right now…dealing with Kelly I’m sure is plenty of stress to have in one’s whole life, let alone a death because of it.

  9. shockandawe Says:

    Oh my God…
    I, too, used to be close to Kelly back in 1998/ 99 before she got in too deep with Craig. And like you, I don’t think Kelly is going to live out the year. I don’t think she will want to, to be honest. Yes, she is a fighter and was once a go-getter in all she did - positive, inspirational, etc.. - but that person has long since been swallowed up by drugs and excess. What a shame! Life could have been so very different for Kelly, her mom, her dad, etc… But Titus darkened her door and that was that. Innocence or guilt of Kelly aside… this could have gone a completely different direction and she’d be none the worse for wear.

  10. CSAD Says:

    I didn’t know either one of them but my heart goes out to both of them..we all know that they will be together sooner then we may think and god will forgive kelly for what she has done, I don’t wish the feeling of how kelly is feeling but now she will know how Melissa’s mom felt-It is strange how things work, and why things are the way they are..May this be in gods hands and may this also be an example of what drugs do and also it hurts more then you-it kills….

  11. mynameisearl Says:

    This story gets sadder and sadder. fyi shockandawe, keep in mind any decisions Kelly made were her responsibility. Craig “darkend her door” but she is the one who walked through that door. Shockandawe, since you knew her pre-craig maybe you can explain….

    The more I hear about Craig it sounds like he was able to paralyze certain people. He sounds like a control freak. If you are under the spell of a control freak then you are weak (my opinion). So if that is the case with Kelly what caused her to become weak enough to be susceptible to craig? Any opinions?

  12. angel Says:

    Although I have only known Kelly for a short time since I moved to Vegas and she was helping me to find a new home, her life has taught me so many lessons in a very short time. Number one lesson: To never idolize or look up to anyone. Two: You never know what will happen to a person in just a few months due to stress….so to honor THE NOW. Three: Ego centered individuals are further from GOD as they create their own world based on self. Four: Believe in my own personal path and not ever compare myself with others.

    I truly feel for Kelly as her heart seems to be her biggest asset as she loved and cared for the wrong people in her life. I question how her parents fit into this picture, as they are the ones that raised her to be so hard on herself and she never had the chance to learn to love herself.


  13. unknown soldier Says:

    I agree 100% of all the points you make however, Kelly was an adult and the decisions she made as an adult should not be shared by the parents… Her parents, loved Kelly very very much…and the decisions Kelly made had nothing to do with her upbringing it had to do with KELLY!


  14. peaches Says:

    I grew up with Kelly and knew her and Nikki very well. Kelly’s dad offered her $1000 at the age of 14 to lose weight, so she took the advice of her mother and became bulimic. On a high school beach trip (which Nikki chaperoned for us) both Kelly and Nikki would go into different bathrooms to purge after every meal. Nikki bought us liquor and beer, and hit on Kelly’s male friends. While they were very nice people, they were also very screwed up. I lost touch with Kelly in college when she was kicked off the cheerleading squad for drug use. I have, however, followed her career and have been very, very concerned watching her appearance change so terribly and drastically over the years, especially since she became involved with Craig. The situation she got herself into is just terrible, but it seems she has never had very good judgment, and I partially blame her parents for that. However, I am truly sorry about Nikki and I know how close she and Kelly were. My heart goes out to all the players in this terrible, awful tragedy, including my friend and Kelly’s brother, Mike.

  15. angel Says:

    Why then would Kelly be drawn to an abusive husband if not for her background creating the pattern for her to follow?

  16. They are Both Guilty Says:

    The tragedy deepens. Kelly must feel like her life is now once and for all truly over. I wonder when she will start laying the blame for her mother dying even indirectly on Titus and of course roll on him? Time will tell, and that is one thing they have of in abundance. Time.

  17. fitmom Says:

    I am deeply saddened to hear this. Kelly always struggled with Bulimia, which she learned somewhere. Niki was a sweet woman who always wanted the best for Kelly, but she put a great deal of emphasis on her appearance. Kelly was always very competitive and excelled in whatever she set her mind too. I can’t help but wonder if all the stress of Kelly’s situation didn’t send Niki into a bulimic battle and she died of an electrolyte imbalance related heart attack. It is so unfortunate that she died in such a state of distress. May she rest in peace.

  18. mandmm Says:

    For Angel,
    Unless you have been in a controlling or worse abusive relationship, I am afraid you could never understand….The smartest women….the most independent women…the strongest women….any and all can get sucked into a bad relationship and initially don’t realize they are being controlled or abused and for some once they do realize, they feel powerless to stop it or change the direction in which their lives are headed. Some can and do get out but are forever damaged….
    Unfortunately, you just don’t really know unless you have lived it….


  19. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    angel, what an insensitive statement. Unless you have first hand knowledge, to suggest the Kelly’s father was like Titus is very irresponsible and hurtful to the surviving family members. They’ve suffered enough.

  20. BB Says:

    Did they kill her too ?

  21. mynameisearl Says:

    Just about anything you say can be viewed as insensitive. Angel is just speaking up, voicing an opinion. Perhaps if Kelly had been able to do that she would not be where she is right now.

  22. chris Says:

    I don’t know Kelly’s dad but from what I leanred he was harsh on her and her appearance and was the same to Nikki. She was always trying to please him and I think maybe that somehow translated into her relationship with Craig. Although I’m sure Craig thought she was beautiful (and she was beautiful and did NOT need plastic surgery) I don’t know what lead to all the surgery. The fitness/bodybuilding world is confusing to me because its all about physical image which can be very stressful trying to keep up with everyone. Nikki loved Kelly dearly but I do think she tried to be a buddy a bit too much at times. However, if you know Nikki, she loved to have fun no matter what the age of the people she was with and she would do anything for a friend. There are people who have been through way worse than Kelly though and come out ok. Once drugs kick in, its over. We can blame anyone we choose but Kelly isn’t a teenageer. She could have left but didnt have the strength obviously

  23. angel Says:

    In response to today’s reactions to my statements I want to say a few things. For the woman who felt empathy for Kelly’s choices I apologize if I worded my thoughts in a way that disempowered her. I do not wish anyone to have anger towards this situation that creates inner conflict. My desire is to express myself for healing purposes for all of us. We have all been in situations that we chose in life that perhaps taught us lessons to correct our behavior. I know I have made many mistakes based on low self esteem, confidence or lack of, and looking outside of myself for answers that truly will only be within myself. I truly looked up to Kelly and was in awe that I met her. What I discovered in this circumstance that I need to learn how to honor my own life, not compare my life to others. Whenever I left from a meeting with Kelly I looked down on myself for not being a model on mag covers, having three homes….etc…..that is my own lesson and I feel that by sharing it with others perhaps I will help someone else. I also feel that I could of told Kelly about God, prayer and church. I sensed her imbalance at times, however, I did not know her well enough to say anything personal. Maybe if I would have told her “Hey Kelly, why don’t we go to a church meeting on Sunday, or an AA meeting, you could just see what it is like…”

    Also, I am not suggesting in any way that Titus and Kelly’s father have similar character AT ALL. However, I would speculate that her relationship with her father has been an issue in the past.
    Does anyone have photos of Kelly’s parents or know of any on the web? What city do they live in? Has an obituary been posted in any newspaper regarding rosary or funeral arrangements?

  24. chris Says:

    They live in Orange County CA. I don’t want to post pics of Nikki just because I don’t feel comfortable doing that. I haven’t found an obituary yet but there will be a memorial service on Sat. She is to be cremated per her wishes

  25. socalgirl Says:

    This is so sad I never new Kelly’s mother, but I used to work with her Father and he is a very humble man. He has taken on the responsiblity of planning his exwifes funeral. I worry about him and his well being.

    Our prayers are with you!

  26. socalgirl Says:

    Sorry for the typos in my earlier posting.. Kelly father and step mother are wondeful and down to earth people. He was so proud of his daughter he used to bring in the magazines that Kelly would appear in. I know he didn’t care much for his son in law, but he loved his daughter very much and excepted that he was part of her life. I know this is a very difficult time for all the families involved. I just hope that his health and faith gets him through these difficult times.

  27. ithappenedtome Says:

    To Angel,
    Thank you for your comments! I too am someone who has looked up to Kelly for YEARS and am so hard on myself for not accomplishing more of my fitness goals, so quick to compare myself to others that appear to have their lives so “together.” This is all so surreal, and it really made me question who I was looking up to! But I still believe in the sport, not everyone in bodybuilding and fitness are into the drug/partying scene. I believe that is to blame more so than anything else. To Kelly’s and Nikki’s family, I am deeply saddened and I am so sorry for what you must be going through. I will pray for Kelly, and for you.

  28. angel Says:

    Where at on Saturday? Do you know what church? I would like to attend and would make the effort to go.

  29. MB Says:

    Very Very sad. May she rest in peace along with Melissa!!!!!!

  30. SCGIRL Says:

    I went to college with Kelly…she did NOT get kicked off the cheerleading squad for drug use…she got kicked off because she lied to the cheerleading coach.

  31. ithappenedtome Says:


  32. shockandawe Says:


    She is in Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas. You can look up her inmate number and the address of the CCDC online.

    Oh, believe me ‘mynameisearl’ I KNOW all too well that Kelly walked through that door. I, and many people who cared for her, tried to sway her from making that decision… and were in shock over how quickly their attraction and subsequent relationship ignited. I’ve written extensively on the subject at getbig.com.

    I know that she struggled with a lot of things and I know that this is not an unfamiliar pattern for her with men, and with drugs, and her self-esteem. She never thought she was shit, and she really was always just fine, and more. That’s all there is to say.. Do any of us sway from our unhealthy patterns in life before getting assistance with them, if we ever do? Of course not. Kelly is just being human. And unfortunately, the scope of her particular “humanity” is bringing her down at the moment - potentially for life. I am just sad for anyone who has to deal with this much on their plate, self-created or not. It’s very stressful to live this kind of life, being the crippled/ incapable center of your own universe. Whether she ever finds the higher authority that can guide her life correctly and gently is up to her.

    I do feel very badly for her… not because of guilt or innocence, or her poor choices, but in the bigger spiritual picture… these are immensely difficult spiritual lessons… How I wish, as a very close former friend, that she had found a way to work out her issues with someone qualified long before this happened. But the world is full of this and she is not special in this way. It’s just shocking when you know someone and once called them “friend”.

    I’ve also known Craig for a long, long time too.. and while he was amusing in his more harmless and less progressively dysfunctional/ violent days, he was always someone you just knew had the potential to cause some difficulty - either for himself or anyone else. (The Scorpion and the Frog comes to mind.. Never ever deluded myself by taking a ride on Craig’s back across the river!)

    He is what he is and was what he was. Many people, like my ex and I, used to try to help Craig and counsel him (not meaning to sound lofty here… but casually did this) and get him to understand that he had a choice to take his pathology and histrionics another direction. However, that is not what he or his life path desired and there ya’ go… Also nothing new.. just a person you have to eventually let go of and say “best of luck on your path” and turn your back knowing that you did what you could - which is never very much.

    Anyway, I am saying prayers for all involved. Melissa’s mother is a lovely woman also, and I have come to know her… All of this is senseless, to be sure. The timing is just really stunning, is all.

    God Bless Nikki as she passes from this earth, and Kelly’s Dad, brother and stepmother, as well as Kelly as she processes this very crushing blow. My heart hurts thinking of her, to be honest.


    The prayers and sentiments throughout this case are remarkable. Peace and strength to all who comment on this site.

    (My source tells me Nikki died from a bleeding ulcer, which she was unaware of, followed by a heart attack.)

    Whenever anyone’s life goes askew, sometimes it takes a power greater than human to make it worthwhile. Other times, we can ask ourselves, “how can I help”? Others condemn those who cannot or do not ask for help. We can pray for the best for all concerned.

  34. CSAD Says:


  35. Who Cares Says:

    CSAD: Although it is a sad fact that the mother has passed away, it is ludicrous to ask anyone to forget Melissa and forgive Kelly.

    She is one of two main suspects in a capital crime, get over it. The evidence is overwhelming and she is most assuredly going to prison for a very long time.

    It was Jesus who died for your sins NOT GOD, get it right! Convenience Christians really entertain me. Any remote sign of a jailhouse conversion makes a mockery out of faith. Waste your prayers if you will but your odds of winning the lotto are much better than Kelly’s are of being aquitted.

    Why is it that people turn to religion for a crutch when in trouble and why is it offered to the criminal element when they would still be running if not for being caught?

    Pray for Kelly’s family, they deserve it. As for Kelly, she is a lost cause and not worth the price of postage.

  36. angel Says:

    Someone said Nikki was Kelly’s step mother? Is that true? Is it her mother or step mother?

  37. darkstar Says:

    Who Cares,

    You are right, there is a tendency to forget the real victim here, and get sucked into the celebrity aspect…like a moth before a flame…

    C and K made conscious decisions to act as they did. We know what the GJ transcripts say that led to their indictments and arrest on murder and other serious charges. We still do not know what their real motive was, or whether there is any truth at all to Melissa taking money from them, etc…Regardless, no motive need be proven, and even if it turns out Melissa was taking money from them, you dont kill for it, ever!

    It is hard to find much sympathy for C and K in this situation. It seems Melissa is dead for no good reason. What is sad is that humans do this stuff to other humans…

    All the “get religion in jail and find redemption” is so much BS…You cannot unring the bell, and god takes good notes…


  38. chris Says:

    Nikki was Kelly’s biological mom. She does have a stepmom though

  39. socalgirl Says:

    Nikki was Kelly mother, her stepmother’s name is Sharon

  40. sadened Says:

    Kelly’s parents divorced after her and her brother Michael graduated from high school…they wanted to stay together until they were out of the house. They were high school sweethearts. Even though they divorced and moved on, they still have a huge place for eachother in their hearts. Tom, her father, is devastated.

  41. socalgirl Says:

    Tom (Kelly’s dad) is handling Nikki funeral arraingments… That just shows you even though they were divorced he still cared for her. They had one thing in common the love for their children. Just sad that Kelly choose drugs, and murder. She will most likely spend the rest of her natural life in prison.

  42. angel Says:

    Was Nikki remarried or did she have to shoulder the burden of Kelly’s actions on her own, therefore putting additional stress on her. Did Tom and Nikki live near each other in Orange County? Did Nikki have support during these tough times, I wonder?

    Do you think Kelly will get to attend the funeral, I would like to be there for her if she does, as support. I attended a few court hearings and I could tell it made her feel better when she saw me. If anyone knows where the services will be or what paper to read to find them, I would appreciate it.
    I guess I am standing behind Kelly, as I write this, I realize this may not please others.

  43. mynameisearl Says:

    “Whocares’ nailed it. CSAD you can forgive Kelly and Craig just as easily while they are serving their time in jail. Forgiveness does not absolve you from paying off your debt to society for your crimes.
    Shockedandawe, sounds like you knew Kelly was into drugs, if I am understanding and reading between the lines correctly. If so, that would explain a lot. Sounds like this whole thing is over drugs and drug money. And that would explain Kelly’s complete change. Drugs and anything illegal is a slippery slope. My compliments to the website administrator, well run, informative and interesting blog.


    To Who Cares: Jesus and God are one in the same…Theology 101…Three persons in one Trinity…Therefore God and Jesus are the same-including the Holy Spirit… C and K are redeemable because Jesus proved it. They have only to accept that fact. It may not change the past or even some hardened hearts, but the grace of God is a gift for the taking.
    To Angel: Nikki and Craig’s mother were talking frequently, and were supportive of each other’s needs. C’s mother is, needless to say, at an emotional loss. She is a woman of faith. Thank God for God.

    We are to love the sinner, but hate the sin remember?
    And what better time to get to know God, than when you come to the end of your self and find nothing there? Jailhouse conversion or no, at least God has their attention. It takes what it takes.

    A self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude is not becoming, spiritually.
    “Where there is law, there is little love. Where there is love, there is little law, Grasshopper.”

  45. socalgirl Says:

    Norma Marguerite Ryan, 61, of Laguna Niguel, a rehabilitation therapist for Mission Hospital, died April 22, 2006, of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Services: 1 p.m. Saturday, Mission Hospital, conference room AB&C. Arrangements by O’Connor Laguna Hills Mortuary.

    Daughter, Kelly; son, Michael.

  46. Who Cares Says:

    walksthetalk: One can always expect your attitude of calling others holier than thou and self righteous when they don’t subscribe to the same fantasy as yourself.

    “Religion is a crutch for the weak”…Governor Jesse’The Body’ Ventura

    “I don’t believe in Jesus, just believe in me”…John Lennon

  47. Tina Says:

    Religion is not a crutch for the weak.
    Let’s not make this an all out assault on someone’s faith. Some of the happiest and most content people I know are people of faith. If you choose to be an Atheist, then so be it. But please do not knock someone for believing in Christ. No one’s views on that should be mocked… Let’s stick to the post and agree to disagree without getting ugly here.
    You can make your statement with class.

  48. Who Cares Says:

    Take a chill pill there Tina. Passing judgement on me with the accusation of being an athiest for simply printing the quote of another is not entirely showing that you are a person of faith now is it? I am not mocking anyone’s views here, who’s mocking whom? I always agree to disagree but with your thin skin perhaps you should count to ten. Gotta go, PTL’s on in five!

    note: This statement was made with class.

  49. angel Says:

    Where did Kelly grow up…California? Where did she go to high school? College?

  50. Tina Says:

    Are you a teenager? It’s adults only on here. Don’t you have a playstation or something?
    You were mocking WTT and all I was saying is let’s not bash people’s religion. Which by the way - You were doing.
    Let’s not quote dead people, who smoked alot of dope. I’m sure he would be thrilled that your a fan but lets stick to the post shall we?

  51. angel Says:

    On the O’Connor mortuary website in Laguna Niguel, California it says:
    Memorial service on Sat, April 29th at 1pm at mission viejo hospital.
    Address: 27700 Medical center road, mission viejo, ca 92691
    Phone: 949-364-1400

    There is a guestbook on that site for people to sign for Norma Marguerite Ryan and her family.

    It states she was a rehab therapist at the Mission Viejo hospital for 14 years.

  52. Think About It! Says:

    Melissa’s mother was not able to say good bye or see her daughter because of being burnt beyond recognition. Kelly won’t be able to say bye to her mother because she’s in jail. Hmmm…what goes around, comes around. Can’t wait to see what happens to that prick Craig!

    These two people (C&K) have devastated so many lives with their selfish and brutal behavior. They were drugged outcelebs who were so full of themselves that I think their dumb asses really thought they would get away with it.

    By the way, I agree with angel. What moron quotes John Lennon and Jesse Ventura to win ANY argument

  53. JS Says:


    I believe she lived in houston when she was younger and went to high school in Greenville South Carolina and attended college at the University of South Carolina.

  54. Who Cares Says:

    As I take a break from my playstation to talk with the grownups, it appears that I must come down to a level that certain people understand.

    I was expressing my opinion on a public forum regarding the way people in dyre straights such as C & K turn to religion as a last resort.

    Self appointed moderators always seem to dominate such forums by imposing their opinions on others who dare to express their thoughts with innocuous disagreement.

    It isn’t often that I take the time to detail my thoughts but I do have compassion for such unfortunates. As for the quotes, only one of the authors I quoted is dead. For you to pass yet another judgement by making his life appear to be insignificant only showcases your ignorance.

    I’m sure that Kelly’s mother said many times that she didn’t believe her daughter was capable of doing such a thing, but you have made it abundantly clear what you think of people who quote the deceased.

    Now that I have regained my focus, back to topic: My most humble and respectful condolences to the family of the recently departed.

    Let’s show our combined respects and drop this matter. Thank you for understanding.

  55. angel Says:

    Thanks JS.
    I was just thinking about something I read regarding Kelly. It stated on one of the sites or transcripts that she did drugs, maybe meth, etc…
    However, I think that the only people she was close to according to transcripts were Megan and Amanda, or Mandy. (Did anyone know Kelly in Vegas and see her on a regular basis? ) If Megan was at her house every other day “training” I wonder if Megan knew of the drug use or if Megan did drugs, too. I don’t see any clear evidence of Kelly doing drugs other than heresay. I met her on many occasions that year earlier and I she did not give the signs of someone under the influence. Ever. She was always positive, even when she said of things in her life that were not so positive (Such as losing her sponsorship with Pinnacle, not competing in the Olympia 2005 for the first time in years, and a lawsuit she was fighting)
    Megan did not come forward sooner with information and seems to be hedging a lot on what she is stating to the grand jury. When I read Megan’s transcripts it seemed to not be entirely credible. For one thing, she stated that Kelly was “whispering” this information to her at the house when Megan and Jeremy went over to the house on the 13th. For one thing, anyone that knows Kelly at all….knows for a fact…Kelly NEVER whispers!! She has a very loud and vocal voice that seems unable to whisper!! When Kelly vocalizes her voice is heard across the room. Another point I noticed that was odd to me in the transcripts was that Megan stated at one point they were talking in Kelly’s closet in the bedroom. When I went through a walk-through of their home when it first went on the market in March, I noticed the bedroom closet was NOT like a walk-in closet. It was really too small for two people to be in there if it was filled with clothes. It was a standard width closet with a longer length than most standard closets, however, not a place where two people could enter and talk!!
    Another thing—why didn’t Jeremy get indicted for the Grand Jury transcripts? Apparently, Titus was the “talker” after the events occurred and he and Jeremy spent a great deal of time that evening with each other. Maybe the grand jury can only select a few testimonies for the case, I am not sure how that works.
    Also, I remember reading Titus stating in one of the transcripts to another witness that “when she got to the bottom of the stairs, it was over” Did Melissa fall down the stairs to escape the Taser? I still can’t figure out why she was brought back to that house on the 13th if she clearly had moved out days before and had a ticket to go home. Her and Craig ate chicken at the KFC around noon when Melissa called her Mom, then went back to the house????
    Also, I wanted to say that if morphine was injected into Melissa that perhaps this saved her the pain of the events to follow.
    Also, if there were drugs involved, will the drug dealer be indicted? Obviously Craig has connections to get the drugs. Will these records be on a cellphone record? They would have been repeated calls from Oct 2005 when Melissa moved in till Dec 2005. He must have been getting them for her because Melissa had no money, no connections, and no home. Whoever the drug dealer was, made some very dangerous potions, because it was addictive enough to warp and destroy these people’s lives.

  56. Who Cares Says:

    Congratulations Angel, you cracked the case!

  57. Tina Says:

    Who cares you have way too much time on your hands and obviously some mental anguish… Perhaps counseling is in order or a good church. :-)

  58. mynameisearl Says:

    Aw Tina come on, show some love girl! Your comments are colorful and entertaining but I enjoy WhoCares’ comments. He brings balance to walksthetalk’s opinions and comments and I love that! If they start quoting scripture, then it will have gone too far.

  59. Tina Says:

    ha ha. :-)

  60. Who Cares Says:

    Tina, you need to forget this obsession you have with me, it’s unhealthy.
    Guess you decided against dropping the subject. I always try to show some compassion with people who have ‘issues’.

    You seem to have some built up frustration in your personal life (possibly in the romance dept.).

    Because you continually pass judgement, I question your faith, it appears it’s only there when convenient.

    As for your prescription, I believe it is you who have the problem. As for church, too many judgemental frigid women all looking for a man to fufill their empty lives who evewntually become stalkers. Typical Calvary Chapel introduction: One date and they’re like gum on your shoe. Now I rememember you.

    As for quoting scripture, not gonna happen.

  61. Tina Says:

    You are so hilarious little one. The Pokemon post is on the internet I’m sure. Why didn’t you look there first? It might be better suited for you. Enough with the books already, anyone intelligent knows you don’t have to blow so much smoke to get your point across. But if it makes you happy….:-)

  62. Who Cares Says:

    Speking of blowing…


    There are a lot worse things than quoting scripture. If I speak it, then I live it. If I live it, I won’t be inclined to the evil that has gripped Craig and Kelly’s lives. It takes what it takes. More power to those who are already there. Being ashamed or embarrassed about the God that saves souls and asses isn’t my forte.

  64. RC Says:

    Angel, I have been following this and two other sites (getbig.com and freecraigtitus.com/a joke now, but better in the beginning) regarding this case since January. Please go back and read all the posts from the beginning. Many people questioned Kelly’s drug use and were met with comments from many who had actually partied with them for years. Some people were still in so much denial that they wanted to know what drugs, what color, exact dates, etc… Most of these questions were answered honestly by those of us who partied with Craig, Kelly and whoever happened to be there on certain occasions. I won’t go into histrionics here again, but please know that Kelly had been doing drugs since at least 1999 (Heavily since 2003). Was Craig to blame? Certainly to some extent, but Kelly had many problems of her own. I know Kelly’s house very well, and one of the bedrooms has actually been converted into a walk-in closet, so there is a closet big enough to hold a conversation in. As for that “when she got to the bottom of the stairs, it was over” comment, it was over because that’s where the final assault began. Read all the transcripts, read all the posts, take half of it with a grain of salt, and know the other half is fact. Which half you chose is up to you.

  65. angel Says:

    Thank you for the clarity on all that. You are right, now that I think of it, there was a small room next to the bedroom that had closet shelves and since it was empty, I thought it was just an office.
    When you stated “when the final assault began” that brought chills to my body. In your opinion, did Kelly watch Titus as he attacked Melissa or did Kelly participate?
    I think I have been in denial all this time. I think I am going to be sick.

  66. RC Says:

    So sorry for the nausea, but I think we’ve all felt it here. Unfortunately, my last interaction with the Titus’ leads me to believe that Kelly was in such a drug induced psychosis that she would have been every bit as capable of this crime as Craig. As I have said before, I am thankful for my life every day, as the reason I finally left Vegas was due in no small part to Craig’s threats to kill me. Talk about nausea! I literally vomited when I heard about Melissa.

  67. angel Says:

    When you say drugs…what kind of drugs? Can you be specific because I am not aware of that world.
    If that is true, then there world was on a down hill slope that escalated to the events. Clouded by drugs, false sense of celebritism, and incorrect actions.
    To be honest, when I met Melissa in Oct when she first moved out with them, I remember thinking, “How lucky she is…she can just move in with people, use their cars, home, money….she must be a really special person” Although I remember her talking too much, fidgeting a lot, and unable to hold eye contact. She said she had no where to go and that K and C were helping her. She said she had left a bad situation in Florida where her business partner had changed the locks on her business and she couldn’t get in. She said she wasn’t sure how long she would be in Vegas, but that she didn’t have anything. She said Kelly was concerned because she would stay up all night on the internet and Kelly would keep checking on her and she would still be on the computer. Oh yeah, she also talked about being in a coma months before in a hospital and that her parents thought she was dead and didn’t know where she was. She said she had to be fed with an IV and that is why she had poor health and skin because she couldn’t get all the vitamins she needed. Could have been the drugs talking…I don’t know.
    That was the first and last time I saw this girl. If I never had met these people, I probably would not be writing on the site. Still trying to make sense of it all or let it go.

  68. Tina Says:

    speking of blowing? :-)

  69. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    To all of those claiming to have been close personal freinds and to have grown up with Kelly and/or Craig, enough already!

    It’s amazing how the clingons come out of the woodwork like roaches to get a little meaningless cyber recognition.

    I look forward to seeing how you react when questioned by the authorities who you must know by now are monitoring this and all other forums related to the Titus murderers. If I were them, I’d be at your door soon to ask what you really know.

    If you do have relevant information and are with holding with the intent to save Kelly and Craig, may you also be arrested for obstruction of justice.

  70. RC Says:

    Couldn’t Care Less,
    I contacted mt attorney in Vegas the week I heard of all of this. I informed him to pass along all of the information he had regarding the money and business Craig had stolen from me. I have talked openly about my past drug use on several web sites, as I have been through rehab and clean for several years now. I did what I did and am not ashamed of it or willing to lie about it for fear of my reputation. I have a very high profile government job in another state and still would not withhold anything from my past just to save my own ass! I am waiting for any “official questioning” eagerly. So far, the powers that be seem to feel they have what they need for the moment. This is a murder investigation and if there is anything that can be done to stop either of them from destroying another life then people should be willing to step up and do it! We live in a society which in my book means you think about others rather than just yourself. Honesty will not destroy me or any of the other players here. Some of them just need to grow some balls.
    Angel, please go to freecraigtitus.com. If you go to the forum you will find the topic “Talk About the Case of Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan”. In that heading there is a thread named “a*s U ME”. My handle there is “No Angel” and I talk specifically about the drugs that were used in Reply #248, March, 25 - Reply #282, March 28. Some of the people on this site are quite vulgar and childish so I hope you aren’t offended. Hope this will answer some of your questions.

  71. angel Says:

    Thanks RC—I did not know about that site….or that it had so much information on it. You are really doing a great job, keep up the good work.
    To CCLess— I have spoken with authorities many times, they stated that they have SO much evidence against these two that it was overwhelming.
    However, I do wish more was written about Melissa and her life. There seems to be missing pieces of her life that need to be told. Haven’t any of her friends came forward on her behalf? The entire focus seems to be on K and C. Who were her friends in Florida? Who else knew of her drug habits? When did she start doing drugs and who influenced her?

  72. angel Says:

    RC–Is Craig bisexual? And have any of their past swinger partners ever came forward in the media?

  73. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    You shouldn’t take my post personal because I wasn’t even thinking of you when I posted. Sure, a couple of people have taken jabs at me and I jabbed back but hopefully your comment regarding being vulgar was thrown in this direction since vulgarity isn’t included in my posts.

    I would think that one with a high profile government job would be low profile on the internet. But that’s just me, I don’t have a high profile government job.

    Word has it that Craig stole money and business from a long list of trusting individuals. Maybe you can file a lien against his home before it’s sold. I would imagine that there certainly must be a few liens against it already making it a tough sale.

  74. angel Says:

    The reporter was standing on the beach in Panama City, Florida.
    Kelly, Craig and Melissa’s photos also flashed on the tv.

    I am really surprised that Fox news sent a reporter out to research Melissa’s past—-sometimes it seemed like Vegas news was not on the ball. We’ll see what they say tomorrow.

  75. Megan Says:

    Regardless of what Melissa did …drugs and so on. She didn’t deserve to be murdered!!! I knew Melissa, and I hope they pay for what they did to her!!!!!

  76. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Megan is right. Every post of angel’s is pro Kelly & Craig. In fact she seems to gloat over the yet unbroadcasted story, speculating that Mellissa will appear to be the bad guy with Kelly & Craig portrayed as the victims.

    Regardless of Melissa’s past, Craig and Kelly will absolutely go down for her murder, period. Murder is not tried by jury based on the point system made up of a victim’s past.

    The focus is on K & C because they are the killers.

    The missing pieces of Melissa’s life at this point are irrelevant to the case. It doesn’t matter what the missing content is, she didn’t deserve K&C to play God and end her life.

    The only thing I agree with you angel, is that you have been and continue to be in denial.

  77. angel Says:

    Megan—where did you know her from—Vegas, or Florida? How long did you know her? I am deeply sorry for you and did not mean to offend you in any way or undermine Melissa’s death. I just felt like not enough was said about HER LIFE. I think more needs to be said about this to honor her life. That would rebalance the how the media is portraying the case—not a lot of people have come forward on her behalf, including friends. You should consider writing about her, what she was like, her personality, her obstacles, her reasons for how she lived her life. A lot of people know of K and C from their careers and this tends to overshadow Melissa’s story because not much is known about her. The more people know about Melissa will assist others to understand how horrible it is that her life was taken so early. Have you considered this—-be a voice for Melissa. Tell her story and educate the masses.

  78. Michy Says:

    Does anyone know if Kelly attended the Saturday service?

  79. RC Says:

    CCL, sorry if you mistook me, the vulgarity remarks were about the people on freecraigtitus.com. Although I may not always agree with you, you have always been straight forward and decent. As far as the job goes, I do a lot of press communications for the department I work for and focus is rarely on me. Even if it was, this whole thing is so far removed from the “real world” that it wouldn’t dent my rep. Even my past drug use is not an issue as we children of the 60’s are usually easily forgiven when it comes to that (as long as we don’t murder someone). BTW, no interest whatsoever in trying to recover money from Craig. I’m doing quite fine for myself, and as they say “Blood from a turnip” and all that. Angel, as far as Craig being bisexual I really couldn’t tell you. I did do drugs with them, but when it came to the swinging I had no interest. I have seen posts from former sexual partners who say it is so, but I have no personal experience in this department.

  80. angel.is.stupid Says:


    You are the brightest person I have ever met. You must not be serious when you sit there and say the things you have in regards to Kelly. First of all, everyone has the capability to whisper, just because she is loud doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the ability to keep her voice down because she is scared shitless of her asshole husband that just murdered someone and didn’t want others to know. Secondly, I too have been to her house, are you on crack? You could fit a basketball team in her closet. I know she was a very private person, I doubt you have ever step foot into her master bedroom. If you would pay attention to the case, Megan and Jeremy were there that night to intervene with a counselor for their drug abuse. They tried. Get over yourself.

  81. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Thanks RC, my post was merely to vent about C&K fans in denial who are attempting to sensationalize the case by making the victim appear to have been asking for it.

    The relevance of Craig’s ‘personal choices’ has nothing to do with Melissa’s murder. Angel has posted this question on many sites. This is one example of a fan in denial or perhaps she has another reason for such concern regarding Craig’s past playtime partners. Might be a good time for her to sprint to the clinic.

  82. angel.is.stupid Says:

    Angel -

    First of all, Kelly didn’t lose her sponsership w/ Pinnacle, her husband Craig lost his sponsorship. Til the day this happened, she was still receiving checks from Pinnacle. Secondly, Kelly doesn whisper. Your comments are so idiotic it kills me to even read it. EVERYONE has the ability to whisper if they don’t want people around them to hear what they are saying…for example, her husband. If you read the transcripts, every time that Craig came near her or Megan, she stopped talking….so that would make sense that when he wasn’t around she would whisper so that Craig didn’t hear what it was that she was telling Megan! Also, again you make yourself look so stupid….you could fit 10 people into Kelly’s walk-in-closet. Do you weight 400 pounds? Is that why you feel that no one could fit in there? You’re crazy! There in fact has been 3 people in there at once while we were looking for one of her contest suits! Please, find some better facts to back up your moron comments. Oh and by the way, if you also read further, Megan and Jeremy were over there on Tuesday night to intervene for them because of the drug abuse. Please educate yourself before you speak.

  83. Michy Says:

    Has anyone heard if Kelly was able to attend the service on saturday???

  84. observer Says:

    angel.is.stupid ~ I’ve been following this case since day one and I don’t recall anything in the news or transcripts about a counselor being there the same night as Megan and Jeremy. Were there more people there that night?

    Enlighten us please…

  85. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    There is no way that the State of Nevada would foot the bill for Kelly’s transportation, lodging and round the clock guarding to attend her mother’s services. As a taxpayer, I’d be pissed.

    angel.is.stupid: Great post! For Angel, every post is a cry for help.

  86. Michy Says:

    Thanks for the reply!

    It seems that the Ryan family could have incurred the financial aspect of getting Kelly there if the court approved her going. I guess its not that easy when your loved one is buried in another state from which you are jailed. What an incredibly sad time for the Ryan family. Mother’s Day will also prove to be another burden that both the Ryan and James families will have to eternally endure. So many victims here!!!

  87. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    I agree that it is a sad state of affairs however if I were to be caught on the run after committing a murder, I could not expect to attend my mother’s funeral. Even if the Ryan family opted to finance the event, no way would any sane judge allow this to happen. So many victims. All incurred by Craig and Kelly.

    No sympathy here.

  88. angel.is.stupid Says:

    To answer your question, observer…NO, there was not another person there with Megan and Jeremy that night. Megan had been speaking with a professional regarding how to intervene for the both of them. Anyone close to them knew that that was there only reason for being over there that night. It’s unfortunate that no one knew at that point what had gone on during the day, or else Megan and Jeremy too could have been saved from being involved at all in this case. But, back to the question…Megan had been speaking to a professional counselor for at least a week, and they had already planned for them both, Craig and Kelly, to go away to rehab. Too bad they didn’t have a chance to follow thru with their plans. Megan called me for advice when she was seeking help for the two of them…to see if I thought they would go thru with it. Kelly was interested, but Craig didn’t think he had a problem.

  89. observer Says:

    angel.is.stupid ~ Thanks for the clarification. How sad and ironic that things had to come to this before they could get help. Now that they have truly hit rock bottom maybe they will see they have a problem. It’s too bad they had to mess up so many lives to see this.

    I know Megan and Jeremy probably wish they were not involved in this case, but their story is important, especially to the James family who needs some closure.

  90. angel.is.stupid Says:

    I agree “observer”…Megan has spoken for the dead. Melissa in no way shape or form deserved what has tragically happened to her. Craig will rot in hell for his actions. I believe Kelly had an active part in this too, yet she was being used since Craig met Melissa first in 2001 and forgot to mention that he was married. I’m not saying Kelly is a victim anywhere near Melissa….but, she is beginning to feel the pain of losing someone close to her. It hurts, and she is now realzing that. This is whole situation is EXTREMELY sad and should be a lesson to all.

  91. angel Says:

    I think Megan came up with the “drug counselor” after she waited weeks before coming forward with her story. If she spent so much time with Kelly, according to transcripts, maybe she participated.

  92. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Angel: You’re migrating into an area you may regret later on with your speculations. You’re bordering on slander now.

  93. angel Says:

    That is what everyone, including you CCL, are doing to Kelly and Craig. These so called “friends” that accusing K and C of such acts are merely covering their own participation in the entire chain of events. Megan says she never saw Melissa over the course of two months that she stayed there, yet, Megan states she was at Kelly’s house almost everyday.
    She was present the evening of 13th, yet saw nothing.
    And I suppose she never did drugs with Kelly and Craig either.
    And she doesnt know there dealer either.
    And where is this drug counselor?
    Or is the drug counselor hiding too?

  94. rainman Says:

    CCL– You provide a lot of information legally to the site that is very impressive. Are you an attorney? The concept of providing a lien on the house for the James family is amazing. Have you told this to the James family…just in case they are in a grieving state and unable to project how to proceed. Maybe you could write to the Melissa Fund and give them the idea, you could even be anonymous.

  95. NoJive Says:

    To A…is Stupid—
    How is Megan doing now? The amount of stress she must be under is overwhelming. She will have a great book deal in about two years and can live in Cancun or Bahamas with Jeremy and relax!!
    Angel—Your questions and comments on the site have been provoking and a lot of people asked the same questions. Ignore CCL–he is bored.

  96. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Hey, I’m not the one claiming to have a personal relationship with C&K. I along with the rest are expressing our 1st ammendment rights in agreeing that the evidence is overwhelming and that we agree that they are guilty (the trial will substantiate this).

    You on the other hand are suggesting that Megan participated in illegal activity by suggesting in a public forum that she is obstructing justice by with holding evidence from the investigators.

    The difference being that Craig & Kelly have been charged with murder while your so called friend Megan has not been charged with anything.

    Megan can possibly sue you for slander. C&K can’t sue anyone, they’re going nowhere.

    So while you’re playing cyber Kojak, be aware that your cyberbabbling may be writing checks that your backside can’t cash.

    Anyway Angel, it’s been a slice. You’re going to do what you’re going to do. Just don’t crash and burn yourself on this. It is what it is and nothing printed here is going to help C&K. Carry the torch for them if you will but keep out of trouble, that’s all.

  97. JS Says:


    I couldn’t agree more, Very well stated

  98. walksthetalk Says:


  99. NoJive Says:

    Keep up the great work Angel…what you are stating seems to make the others defensive and needy!! CCL is stating Kelly’s responsible for her mother’s death on another post….not a very responsible comment.
    CCL—are you a man or a woman?

  100. RC Says:

    Let’s all remember that everyone here is doing nothing more than stating opinions, be they from personal experience or research. I personally, have found everyone’s input helpful, informative, amusing, infuriatiting, stupid, misguided or some combination of all of the above. We’re all here for our own reasons and all entitled to an opinion. This is the best site on C & K so don’t take anything personally and everyone, keep it up! ( Yeah, I know, Cheerleader, Rah, Rah and all that)

  101. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    NoJive: Don’t be such a putz.

  102. angel.is.stupid Says:

    Hey “Angel”…how is Craig’s “daughter that he never had”. All of us know who you are..and you are not disguising yourself very well at all. Are you sure you want to run with the “big dogs”? We were all here for you back in the day…and now you must sit there and judge and pass comments that you know are bull crap?! What’s the word??!

  103. NoJive Says:

    A…is stupid—are you doing drugs? Your last post makes no sense whatsoever….could you clarify what you mean, if that is possible. Enlighten us…

  104. Cyker Kojak Says:

    Speaking of slander…

    “Sickened” aka “slander and libel” had to go to getbig.com to get his SLANDER published and how about all the SLANDER that “Stephanie” published under the Pierson Speaks Out thread. Why are you threatening to sue everyone with slander when slander is what you and your team are dishing out as well?

  105. mynameisearl Says:

    CCL is a man. That is my opinion, don’t know for sure of course.

    RC, yea! well said, RAH RAH RAH. Everyone should feel comfortable enough here to assert your opinion without being feeling threatened by others that they will be sued for slander. Lets leave that to the lawyers.

    I do know you can sue anyone for anything in this country. Whether you will win, well that is another story.

  106. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Relax, I was just baggin’ on the pseudo celeb stalker formerly known as Angel. I was trying to stimulate the poor dizzy person into realizing that she may be most likely incriminating someone on this forum who shall remain nameless (Megan).

    Regarding enlightenment coming from Angel, don’t hold your breath.

    As for my gender, keep guessing. It bothers some people here more than it bothers me.

    I agree with most of what RC has to say.

    Regarding lawsuits, even if you win, collecting is an entirely different matter.

  107. mynameisearl Says:

    Angel.is.stupid…can you fill us in further? I’d like to hear more about Angel and what you know about her.

    Oh and CCL really dont care about your gender but it is obvious you are male. Nothing wrong with your gender but previously NoJive asked so I was responding to that post.

  108. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Obviously you have guessed correctly. My post was not in response to yours.

    Like you, I am also curious as to exactly what and who it is that Angel really knows. Is she the real deal or just someone begging for attention? One thing’s for sure, she sides with the killers and would like to see them aquitted. Pehaps someone out there knows her and can shed some light on the subject. Inquiring minds would like to know.

  109. clarity Says:

    Just reading this site’s post….great stuff. Everyone seems very straightforward and clear. Except for the bashing of “angel” (who seems like an absolute sweetheart. Angel is just asking questions and stating her opinion, which is her right to do. Why get so upset with her stating opinions?
    Curious CCL–Are a professional bodybuilder in the “scene”…you seem very close to and connected to this situation at an emotional level. Does Craig know who you are?

  110. shockandawe Says:

    Okay, let’s just say one thing here:

    Whether one person is an idiot or an a-hole or in denial or whatever, it is everyone’s right to assert their opinions and just back-and-forth with the rest of the forum.

    And, I actually do have to laugh whenever I hear someone saying that so-and-so is slandering Megan Foley, etc.. Christ! Yeah, she’s a bright girl!
    You’ve been told that your best friend (of 6 months) has murdered someone, or her husband has, or some combination thereof, and you SIT ON IT for weeks?? Come the F on!

    I don’t care if Megan Foley is the “Patron Saint of Rehab” or not.. It’s noble to want to help people, but she should have reported the illicit drug use to the police to save Kelly (at least) from herself! She HAD TO KNOW tensions were mounting or that something was brewing in that house. She acts like everything was fine and dandy up until the afternoon of the murder! Give me a break!

    I was Kelly’s best friend about 8 years ago and I can tell you, if Kelly was bothered by something (amplified by her recent drug use and consumption, so it would have been even more obvious she was jealous, bothered, angry, etc…) Megan would have been the FIRST PERSON to know it. She’s STILL hiding something - there’s no two ways about it! She said what she was FORCED into saying, or she’d be arrested herself, but she’s STILL trying to protect Kelly from prosecutors knowing the whole truth and knowing motive!

    This is what is commonly referred to as “SOMETHING ROTTEN IN DENMARK”

    And I’ll just say it because it’s my first amendment right… and also because I, too, know what it was to party with Kelly at one innocuous point in time 8 years ago when she wasn’t addicted but liked to go out and have fun:
    Megan is a JOKE for saying she didn’t do drugs with Kelly EVER! Come the F on!
    You couldn’t have been friends with an all-out junky (at that point) and NOT have partied with those two! What? Were we born yesterday???

  111. angel Says:

    Shock and Awe– Great job!! You have the best post on the whole sight. Everything you said is exactly right on. I agree 110%.

  112. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Clarity: The question is, I know who Craig is. My moniker answers your question. What does it matter? Am I on his ‘list’ of people to visit when he escapes from prison?

    Regarding the angel issue, I have no doubt she is a sweet person. She just hasn’t conveyed much common sense in print. Speaking for myself, I believe she may just be close to the cast in this case and is emotionally venting. But then that’s only my opinion.

    Angel, hope you’re doing well.

  113. angel Says:

    Actually I have never experienced something like this….where you meet some people and then they are wanted for doing horrible things. Like I said I didn’ t know them personally, but met them and that was enough to throw me off balance when the news started reporting the horrible allegations. I found it hard to believe because Kelly has inspired so many women and touched so many lives with her amazing career. It is like—how can someone seemingly have it all and end up making decisions that lead her to where she is today. Was she compensating for her innerworld being so weak, by creating a false outer persona of strength? At what point does someone say to themselves, “Gosh, I am top in my sport, in top magazines, have a great life…I think I’ll do drugs and destroy my ability to think clearly and see what happens”
    Trying to imagine what she was thinking when she was at Walmart buying the lighter fluid and Craig tells her to go in and make the purchase, knowing surveillance would get her on camera, not him. Then, she thinks to herself while she is shopping and Melissa is in the trunk, “Gosh, I am thirsty, I better get an orange juice” (According to police reports she purchased these items along with BBQ set)
    Another point I thought of….if Melissa was “finished” by time Megan and Jeremy came over….according to Megan’s testimony she went in the garage that night…wouldn’t the garage have started to smell foul?
    Or, if according to one of the testimonies from Kelly to police, they had to “clean up fluids, blood, and mess…” wouldnt have the carpet smelled when Megan and Jeremy came over, too? Or even still been dirty and stained. There must have been an odor that Megan detected.
    How is Megan getting away with her half story???? It is unbelievable.

    I wonder if Megan has gone to visit Kelly.

  114. nojive Says:

    Megan’s testimony does smell foul….the trial will be interesting to see what Kelly and Craig say about that evening with Megan and Jeremy and exactly what part they played in the “coverup”. Megan also has two different versions of when the gym bag was handed over to her…one version is it was given to her that night, the other is that Craig gave it to her days later. HMMMM—

  115. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Can’t help but wonder if Kelly is on suicide watch today.

  116. youknoweverything Says:

    Nojive - You must not know how to read. The “bag” issue has never changed. She said that Craig gave it to her as she was leaving that night. She has only testified in front of the Grand Jury once…how would you know there is a different story? The only point that changed was that Kelly had shot Melissa with Morphine. If there were any other “changes” or “cover ups” from her first statement to the last…don’t you think the DA would be smart enough to point it out in the beginning so that they don’t have the defense do that when she gets on the stand? I love how most on here think/act like they are above the law…above the CSI above the #1 homocide detectives in the U.S. If anyone else…and I mean anyone..Megan, Jeremy…or any other witness that has been questioned were guilty of ANYTHING…don’t you think they would be charged and in jail right now right along with them? I guess we can’t rely on our detectives that much. You guys should apply for their job since you know so much more then they.

  117. unknown Says:

    What does all this have to do with anything

    This is a website about a murder investigation, let’s be respectful to Niki and the Ryan family and leave them at peace, they committed no crime.

    Also to the horrible people who are posting the horrible remarks on Niki’s online guestbook, YOU ARE NO BETTER!!! How disrespectful could you be to go on a memorial site and post horrible things claiming that you are Joey the dog or Flyin Kelly Ryan, come on grow up and have some respect!!!!!!

  118. shockandawe Says:

    Yes, I agree CCL. I said that on another board. I know she is very strong, and I can’t imagine - since she is no longer the person I once knew and loved after being ravaged by years of drug use, partner sharing and being influenced by CT - what she is actually feeling. I mean, I used to know this girl so well, and even I sit here wondering, “Is she remorseful?” “Is she thinking about turning her life around and quitting drugs, or did she quickly learn to trade favors for them ‘inside’?” “Is she going to stick with Craig (stupidly) ’til death parts them?” “Is she feeling anger and denial at anyone’s assertion that she and her precious husband should be persecuted by anyone’s opinions.” Personally, I hope she’s rolling on him as I write this….like my dog rolls in bear shit!

    Any way you slice it, it’s just very sad, actually. I feel in my heart the ambivalence about where her head is, as it likely is in real life with someone who is detoxing, contemplating and grieving…

    I don’t know if Kelly is going to live out the year, to be honest. In some ways, I think she’ll think it’s easier to commit suicide than to have to deal with the consequences of these actions - whether her own, Craig’s or both! And she’s smart enough to make it off the suicide watch list so that no one’s looking when she actually does it.

    Dunno…. it’s going to be hard to say. I know she’s tough, but she doesn’t have a support system at the moment. Though, I will say, she’s probably cultivated one by using her ability to do fitness moves and gymnastics to her credit - almost like monetary trade - for the women in the detention center. She has that baby voice and is also a tough cookie, and I think a lot of women will find that appealing (and I don’t mean sexually necessarily) in that setting. She’s very good at quickly enuring people to her.

    So, on the other hand, I could also see her doing fine on the inside and adapting quite well.

    It’s anyone’s guess.

  119. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    It’s rough to know that someone you once knew like a sister could evolve to the present state.

    At a time like this all one can do is develop the strength to let go and move on.

    The loyalty of your past friendship with Kelly is apparent in your writing but you must not allow yourself to become a vicarious victim. You must move on for your own sake as well as others close to you.

    Be well.

  120. angel Says:

    Shock and Awe–very well written and expressive post. I wonder if Kelly is getting any mail now that the site posted her address? Or does she wonder if anyone ever thinks of her? I wonder if she knows of the websites? In a strange way I must say, I envision Kelly doing just fine. I think her mind has had to snap to cope and she may be in her body, but not really there…if that makes sense. It may even feel like to her that someone else did all of her past actions, not her, since most of her actions were in a drug induced state—therefore allowing her to detach from them. I also must say, if that girl tolerated the tough competitive bodybuilding world with all those shady characters for so many years, she may just do fine for now. She would never think of suicide….she loves Craig too much I think. I imagine Craig gets a letter to her everyday that keeps her going. I am sure he is coaching her with these letters about what to say on the stand in the trial…because they HAVE to get that story straight.

  121. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    I disagree that her past competitive nature could possibly prepare her to cope with this. If she lost a competition obviously she could return another day. This is another story.

    For her to feel as if ’someone else did it’ is something her attorney would possibly present as a defense however judges, juries and the general public are sick and tired of hearing such preposterous defense material.

    To actually believe that Craig is coaching Kelly via jailhouse mail is an effort in futility. ALL mail sent and delivered to and from pisoners is monitored and is subject to seizure to be presented as further evidence. Even Craig can’t possibly be that stupid but then he thought he could get to Greece now, didn’t he. so much for getting the story straight.

    Your loyalty as a former friend of Kelly’s is still there but as I said before, it appears that you are consumed by her plight which is not healthy for yourself and those close to you. Move on dear, before you become as mental as Kelly.

    She’s no longer the person you knew in the past. That person died the same night she helped murder Melissa.

  122. angel Says:

    CCL– Thanks…I will try.

  123. WTW Says:

    COULDN’T CARE LESS: Do you know more than you care, or do you care more than you know?

  124. nojive Says:

    CCL–Craig CAN get letters to Kelly…not via regular mail…He was in prison before and quickly will figure out how to get her mail —he knows how to get what he needs “on the inside”.
    And for you to say that anyone is mental is wrong and rude. It discourages anyone from writing anything because you are discrediting what others say.

  125. angel Says:

    I think CCL says a lot of great and meaningful things and has been very helpful to all who read this site. Thanks CCL.

  126. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Angel: Thanks you for the kind words. They were unexpected and I had only the best of intentions.

    Nojive: Craig was not in prison before, he attended summer camp. If he has figured a way to smuggle underground mail, he will have to “earn it” if you know what I mean;0). Even if he is successful, so what? Kelly’s best bet is for her to turn state’s evidence against Craig and if she has an ounce of brains left, she’ll take it.

    Being a former tough guy who continuously picked on smaller prey, he is about to experience what he has been distributing for years and I along with countless others have absolutely no sympathy for him. Again, he earned it.

    Call it karma, payback or zen, Craig cannot escape the inevitable. He has nothing but a hard life to look forward to. He’s no longer the mighty juiced up 250 pound bully he once was in fact by the time he’s convicted and put into general population he’ll be lucky to be 165. It’s all about the choices.

    I do not retract my statement regarding Kelly’s mental health. It has most likely rescinded to the point where she is indeed in a state of mental anguish and quite possibly has lost the will to live. Sad situation.

    I sense that Angel is sharing Kelly’s stress vicariously and want to merely encourage her to move on for unlike Kelly, Angel has a future that she can take as far as she likes provided she frees herself of this unnecessary baggage. It’s not her cross to bear.

    Regarding your last comment: On the contrary, I encourage all to write on the board because it is therapy for many who visit and if anyone has gotten any other impression, let this clear the air. I may come off as offensive however those who are closest to me know that I am brutally honest and refuse to sugarcoat or patronize fantasies that are impossible situations.

  127. walksthetalk Says:

    CCL: Craig was in summer camp????

  128. thoughts Says:

    Craig is communicating with Kelly. He has set it up so that he sends his old neighbor a letter, then when they write Kelly or speak to Kelly they have found a way to tell her what Craig is thinking or doing. He is a disguisting person, and he will find any way possible to continue to distroy Kelly’s life. The only reason he would try and stay in contact with her is so that she doesn’t “turn” on him. That will happen sooner or later, because Kelly will not continue to take this abuse that she has been putting up with from Craig for much longer. But, then again, she has for the past 5 years, so maybe murder and death won’t make her change her mind either. I guess we will have to wait and find out.

    CCL: Why would you say that Craig was in “summer camp”. He was in a prison for 2 years…far from a summer camp, unless you are trying to be funny…that it was LIKE a “summer camp.”

  129. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Recalling the story of the little girlie man who shared a cell with Craig and claimed that he would donate half of the proceeds from a book he wrote to Craig’s defense fund, Craig was in summer camp during his last incarceration. I believe he had raise a total of twenty bucks the last time I checked.

    The little man came across as if he was Craig’s cell bitch with his adoring description of extra chicken breasts resulting from “being friendly with the guards” to nightly exchanges of “sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite” at lights out. There was even a photo of the couple during their time in “stir”.

    Seems as if close quarter companionship is something Craig is used to.

    Again, I have zero sympathy for C & K.

  130. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    walksthetalk and thoughts: Yes, it was my sarcastic way of describing Craig’s prior incarceration.

    It will have seemed like summer camp to Craig compared to where he is eventually going to reside.

  131. memyselfandI Says:

    I have just started to read this site. I read all remarks from top to bottom. I hope my comments do not make some people upset. As a best friend of someone who is a relative of Kelly’s, it’s true how much the family is suffering. However; as Christians, we do believe that you can become completely “Saved” by accepting that Jesus died for ALL of our sins. If you decide to truly believe that HE is your Savor; confess yours sins to HIM; make retribution and follow HIS ways……..Yes, you are saved that very minute and when that happens the Bible says you become a new person with a new heart. I know this because it not only happened to me but to many people that I know. CCL there is nothing wrong with doing this after trouble comes into your life……that’s usually when it happens….when your in quick sand sinking very fast and you finally know you can not help yourself. You know you need a Savior…..not CT So pray for Kelly. What a blessing it would be if she did this and prevented a worse eternity. Don’t hate!! GOD says if you don’t forgive….you will not be forgiven. Don’t worry, she will get what is due her as her retribution. I am sending Kelly (Through my friend) Bible verses and she seems to want to know more. I do not know if she can have visiters but if she can and there are any among you who are Christians…..HELP her. You never know the situations you can get yourself in one day and may want help. AND please, no more name calling….OK? If you think someone is an idiot, crazy, stupid, PLEASE, say it to yourself. If Kelly accepts Jesus as her Savior (Now if you don’t believe in such a thing….it’s OK) She will have someone to hang on to. I have never been to prison, but I have seen lots of movies and if prison in Las Vegas is just as bad, then let her have someone for her to talk to every miniute of the day and night. CCL….are you an FBI agent? I remember how another friend of mine was questioned about her 10 year ago boss….guess he was in some kind of trouble that the FBI was involved. This woman, FBI, tried every which way she could to push my friend into saying something against that boss, that it was pathetic. And, it just seemed to me that you are the one who pushes with a negative attitude like that FBI agent did.

  132. Walksthetalk Says:

    Yes CCL, maybe I underestimated your wisdom. C and K have a history of being f—ed up and f—–g others. Guess their “friends” are much the same. If the people that knew them and testified against them are not credible witnesses (ie drug users), this leaves a window of opportunity for the case to get dismissed.

    However, couldn’t a civil case be brought against them, like in the case of OJ?

  133. shockandawe Says:

    Okay, first…

    Nojive: You are absolutely correct about him “knowing” how to work the system. He doesn’t know how to work as a normal citizen, within the law, but he understands how to work outside of it (which when you consider that fact, it’s odd that someone doesn’t just work within the law, but that’s another story… being rebellious past the age of 25 is pathetic)

    Case in point: I used to visit Craig in this “summer camp” when he was there, and I can attest that, while it was still a detainment center, there were split rail fences around the property, not barbed wire. So, laughably, it actually did look like a summer camp when you drove up. He lost his freedom for 2 years, but in effect, he got to bullshit with fellow “workers of the system”, ham it up for the cameras (I still have some of those inmate photos of his), smoke, eat candy, work out, and SNEAK OUT - yes, you read that right - of the detention center…

    You know why?

    Because Craig - sweet sociopathic preying-on-sycophants Craig - conned a guard into smuggling him out of the facility on occasion to go f*** Cory Nadine at a local motel in Lompoc, CA, (a hot fitness chick at the time).

    This is a true story, no lie. And if you think that crap doesn’t happen, it does. Getting mail to Kelly is an easy task, and has probably been accomplished by exactly the means one of you said..

    Thought: You are exactly right. I would bet his MAIN motivation is to keep Kelly from turning on him. I know he loves her more than he has loved anyone, but that’s not saying much. He’s incapable of truly selfless love. He is controlling, cajoling, manipulating from his cell, you can be sure. Sad.

  134. Houston Says:

    I just heard about all this tragedy. I knew Kelly and her family while we were living in Houston. I know Kelly was very competitve back then with swimming and gymnastics. I saddened by the loss of Nikki. My heart goes out to her father and her brother, Mike. Also, my heart goes out to the family of the woman Kelly killed. How awful. Kelly was a very sweet person as a child. I am totally shocked by all this. I guess fame and fortune can change a person.

  135. sad Says:

    This is a sad situation all the way around

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