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BAIL DENIED for Titus and Ryan!

Bodybuilding couple denied bail before trial in Las Vegas slaying

LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas judge denies bail for husband-and-wife professional bodybuilders accused in the murder of their live-in assistant.

Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan were arrested last December in Stoughton after an initial interview with police in Las Vegas shortly after Melissa James’ death.

The judge ruled that Titus and Ryan pose a “significant” flight risk in refusing bail.

Lawyers for the two argued that prosecutors haven’t shown how they think James died before her body was found in the trunk of Ryan’s burned-out and abandoned Jaguar last year.

Titus is a 1996 bodybuilding champion and Mr. Olympia competitor. Ryan is a past Fitness America and Fitness International winner.

An alleged accomplice — 23-year-old Anthony Gross — is accused of helping torch James’ body. He’s posted 13-thousand dollars bail and is under house arrest.

From: 2006 Associated Press.

Judge Denies Bail To Bodybuilding Slay Suspects

(CBS) LAS VEGAS. Nev. A judge denied bail Tuesday for husband-and-wife professional bodybuilders Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan while they
await trial in the slaying of their live-in assistant.

Lawyers for Titus and Ryan argued that prosecutors haven’t shown how they think 28-year-old Melissa James died before her body was found in the trunk of Ryan’s burned-out and abandoned Jaguar sedan last December 14th.

They said $25,000 for Ryan and 250-thousand dollars bail for Titus would ensure they wouldn’t skip town before trial.

But Clark County District Judge Jackie Glass decided the couple pose a “significant” flight risk — and ruled they should remain at Clark County jail.

Titus and Ryan were arrested December 23rd in a town near Boston– after an initial interview with police in Las Vegas shortly after James’ death.

The next step will be a July 13th hearing challenging evidence that prosecutors presented to a grand jury that James had been drugged, bound, shocked with a stun gun and strangled.

Trial’s set for next January.

From CBS2.com

37 Responses to “BAIL DENIED for Titus and Ryan!”

  1. JS Says:

    we all knew this was coming…they will have plenty of time to contemplate their past…..and mourn the future they could have had….

  2. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    No bail huh? What a surprise. Enjoy your stay at the gray bar hotel Craig & Kelly.

    Here’s an idea, get reborn. All the criminals do it and show up to hearings and trials toting a bible. Tell everyone how you’ve changed and that Jesus has forgiven you. It might just work, not!

  3. They are Both Guilty Says:

    Well, well, well. Reality must be settling in nicely for Bodybuilding’s”Marriage of Strength” The judge made a good move, and if these two idiots hadnt been n the lam for so long earlier in the year, things might have been different. But for now, its bologna sandwiches, Top Ramen and Pushups versus Metrx, Steaks and Bench Presses!

  4. AF123 Says:

    That is fucking hilarious “Couldn’t Care Less” I SOOOOO agree. I’m so tired of all these “born again Christians.” Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you go out an murder someone, and then ask God to forgive you!!?

  5. Tina Says:

    Hey now…
    Don’t be dissing born again christians, there are some that are.
    Not suprising on the bail, duhhhhhhhh…………….. They have to be two of the dumbest criminals ever.

  6. darkstar Says:

    Tina, right again…those two are as dumb as a bag of hammers…
    As far as the getting religion BS, so what if they do?
    Assuming they are guilty (assuming for the moment), getting born again does not unring the bell…
    This will be a doozy of a trial.
    I cant imagine sitting in jail for many months waiting for trial…I think these two will be very different looking come court time…
    Also, I wonder if they will still keep their private attorneys (I think Pitaro is one, yes?) as I don’t see much of a revenue stream flowing their way…
    Your thoughts?


  7. Tina Says:

    I think they will get life, and no chance of coming out. Infact, it wouldn’t suprise me if Craig got the death penalty and Kelly got a long sentence in jail or possibly life.

  8. CJohnson Says:

    I completely agree Tina. Craig gets the death penatly, and Kelly is in for life….very sad how quickly your life can change over night.

  9. walksthetalk Says:

    For those of you who have assumed the title of Judge and Jury, you’re arrogance is evident. Titus and Ryan aren’t STUPID, you all, they are SICK. And yes, believe it or not, if one does commit murder and sincerely asks God for forgiveness. it is done. That’s how loving God is. As for some of you on this website…not so loving or forgiving. How droll and boring evil is. And how captivated you are.

  10. ATL Says:


    Gotta love America FOR THE RIGHT TO YOUR OWN OPINION!. Let’s see…”Hey we will just put the body in the trunk of our own car and let it burn, which included buying 7 bottles of lighter fluid and a BBQ set that they left in the car ….”No Body No Crime”??? Couldn’t even get their stories straight….That’s not STUPID??? (I’m not sure of what the definition of STUPID is then, please enlighten us.) Not realizing that hey Melissa’s family is going to wonder where she is and there is of course, DNA to verify whose corpse is in the trunk…And why in the world would you put a dead body in your own car with the VIN and license plate still attached????, Sure that’s SMART!!! In addition to admitting to authorities that they burned the body because they didn’t want to ruin THEIR reputations???? Now that’s SICK. So let’s see can we say STUPID AND SICK?! They may be forgiven by the higher power, but a family is still grieving here on Earth and for what it matters they (oh, Smart Ones! as you say) are sitting in a 6X9 room until January 2007, maybe now that they are off the glass di** they can get their stories straight.

    I’m sure you would have the title of Judge and Jury if you were on the other side of the table and it was your friend or family that this happened to. Yeah, this is very entertaining.

  11. Tina Says:

    I believe you are captivated too or you would not be leaving comments on this website. No one is saying anything about religion or whether they are going to heaven or hell. I know that is not for me to decide. They have admitted to the crime already, so how can we judge? They killed a human being and had the arrogance to think they were above the law. If I killed everyone that had supposedly stole from me.. Well, good god, I’d be under the jail. Walks the talk, this is simply a post and it shouldn’t be taken so seriously.
    Let me guess, you believed OJ didn’t do it as well? Am I correct?

  12. darkstar Says:

    walkthetalk, these two are stupid, for all the reasons pointed out by Tina and ATL…end of story.
    As for god forgiving a murderer for their crime, well, that could be true…but craig and kelly’s problems are of a more terrestrial nature at this time…
    I believe Tina and ATL were stating facts of the case, which dont have anything to do with arrogance…its called premeditated murder…drug fueled or not, that is no excuse…I dont hear the defense toying with any insanity defense, do you? It would be a waste of time.They are not sick…they are stupid.
    These two simply have flushed their lives down the toilet.
    And that…was stupid.



    I seemed to have gotten reactions from my comments. Have you heard about the one where the two girls who testified in the grand jury hearings are wanting to back out of it alltogether? Seems darkstar hasn’t heard it all.

  14. Tina Says:

    Are they wanting to back out because they are afraid of tarnishing their careers? If that’s the case then that’s in a simple word ” BEING A COWARD “. And not having any character whatsoever. The minute they knew there was a dead body in the back of that car they should of excused themselves and alerted authorities. Instead of hanging out, watching movies, etc. What the hell is that all about? Just outright WRONG.
    It will be interesting to see how all of this unfolds. Regardless, Craig’s arrogance and ego are just pitiful to read about when it comes to the police quizzing him on things.
    Instead of feeling proud of what him and his wife had accomplished he got bigheaded and foolish. There is never a reason to murder someone, unless your life is in danger. This idiot and his Tammy Wynette wife have taken the life of someone’s daughter. They deserve what they get.

  15. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Commit this heinous crime and ask God for forgiveness? That’s Stupid.

    It’s amazing how the bible thumpers peer down on those of us who dare not to believe as they do are so quick to pass judgement. Your God, my God, any God would have to give a pass on forgiving these two idiots for what they have done.

    Had they been successful in escaping to Greece, do you honestly believe their consciences would have gotten the better of them, urging them to return to pay for their sins? Would they consider asking God for forgiveness? Would your God then grant them forgiveness? Yea, right.

  16. darkstar Says:

    Which two girls, what specific testimony, and what published repudiations of the girls testimony by same are you referring to? If it is true I have not heard this, but what of it?? If true, it will not be so easy for them to simply say, “never mind!!”
    They can take it back all they want, but rest assured if their testimony is deemed relevant they will be called to testify during the trial.
    This is strictly cheap entertainment as far as I’m concerned. Craig and Kelly and anyone else involved put themselves in the public spotlight, and they have to live with the consequences…


  17. ATL Says:

    WTT -
    Since you know so much more than we ever will, please enlighten us why 2 VERY SMART individuals would go to a grand jury, testify, and then attempt to recant their testimony…I’m not sure if you are friends with these geniuses (I’m talking about all of them, the two, who as you say are NOT STUPID, who are now wasting their glorious lives away in jail and their “best friends” who knew or say they knew there was a body stuffed in the trunk of their friend’s car and sat back and watched a movie and did absolutely nothing) but if you are, than I am sure you are just as smart as them and know way more about life than we ever will.

    Now I wonder how many times this scenaio has played out in court, (if what you say is correct) that a person testifies only to recant their testimony in order to try and help their friend out….I’m sure this has happended a thousand times over, and yet we still have over crowded prisons who have homicidal maniacs living there…..How is that possible? They should all rot in prison!

  18. Tina Says:

    Everyday I see on the news how children are being killed by horrific crimes. People are appalled. This is no different. Murder is murder and we are all someone’s daughter or someone’s son and all the family’s of this incident are suffering for it. When you make the decision to take a life you ruin everyone’s life around you, your children, your immediate family. What I find so interesting is they had alot of fame and seemed to be driven by that and yet, they could be so damn stupid. It’s crazy. That to me it was is so interesting about this case. Just the ” WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ASPECT” of it all. It’s NUTTS.

  19. ATL Says:

    Amen Tina, I couldn’t have said it better. It’s not that I am “captivated” by the case for no other reason but “What were they thinking…”

  20. NativeGirl Says:

    “What were they thinking” really is just a rhetorical question…They weren’t thinking…that’s obvious. Stupidity and arrogance appears to be their mantra. Drugs may be a contributing factor, but can not be used as an excuse. Unfortunately, sometimes, we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it, squandering it all away…It’s a tragedy that their fall included the murder of another human being. What a waste of all those lives…

  21. wow Says:

    for what it is worth i think craig and kelly are guilty. that is my opinion for what it is worth. i also think they will both get life unless kelly turns on craig and i do not think that is going to happen. the reason i say life is nevada does not give the death sentence very offen.

  22. Tina Says:

    As an avid fitness person, and persistent person on this post, I will only say ( once again ) that stupidity and arrogance played a HUGE part. I didn’t know Melissa James, nor did I know the circumstance surrounding what happened. But, for Craig & Kelly to invite her to live with them tells me that at a time they had no worries about her. Craig has been known for years to have a chip on his shoulder and a bad attitude, and NO it was not some image, he DID have a bad attitude. He worked out at a gym in Texas ( H-Town ) and he had a horrible attitude YEARS AGO. You never know what makes people the way they are, but we all have a choice. Kelly it seems never kept her individuality and went along with his mindset and now she’s sitting where she is.
    Justice for Melissa’s family needs to be done. As a mother of two myself, I would seek it, and be neverending with it. Until I felt that they got the punishment they deserved.
    For a mother to lose her child,or a sibling to lose another, that’s a big thing. It’s something that time does not erase. And it’s never going to end for these family members.
    What’s sad about everything besides the fact that a life was lost is that a young woman got caught up and manipulated into believing and standing by a man that obviously would sweep her down the drain with himself. Didn’t her momma teach her ” LAY DOWN WITH DOGS AND YOU GET FLEAS?” Guess NOT. Say it with me FOLKS ” ADIOS!”……………….

  23. angel Says:

    I met them both a year before this occurred. I also met Melissa when she first moved in. Kelly and Craig were absolutely professional, kind, and giving. They were HELPING Melissa. Melissa brought a lot of problems to their home, including drug addiction and running from her past. They did not have to help her. They chose to help an old friend. Melissa crossed boundaries by sleeping with Kelly’s husband, stealing money, and wanting to take over Kelly’s life. Melissa’s negativity created a dangerous situation that escalated to what occurred. We do not know what happened to her….only speculation and a few “friends” testimony. From all the comments on the sites…it is easy to see how many were jealous of their success…most bodybuilders do not even own one home….they owned three. The universe will set this story straight and the right justice will prevail.
    Why didn’t Melissa’s Mom put her in rehab? Her mom suddenly became public when she discovered she could create a fund for Melissa. Melissa needed love and help a long time ago.

  24. Tina Says:

    Does any of that make it right to murder someone? NO.

  25. Who Cares Says:

    Angel, you are nucking futs!

  26. angel Says:

    At least I can spell !!!

  27. Tina Says:

    ANGEL - I know that’s right!

  28. Who Cares Says:

    Angel, you are truly a fumb duck!

    Anyone can see that two letters are swapped to avoid offending the mentally challeged so that they merely interpret the post as a misspelling.

    Thank you for participating in this exercise and proving my theory.

    You and the others who continuously claim to be personally close to Kelly and the family should either volunteer yourselves as witnesses for the defense or prosecution. If not, then you’re all just looking for attention.

  29. RC Says:

    Angel, left you a response on Breaking News thread, but please let me state one more thing here. Melissa did not move in and sleep with Kelly’s husband. They were dyed-in the wool swingers and slept with anyone who they chose and who would have them (believe me, there were just as many turn downs as there were acceptances). Melissa did not bring drug addiction to their home, it had been a part of their lives for many years. Melissa just happened to be the truly unfortunate one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was not a saint, but she didn’t deserve to be murdered. It truly could have been any of a hundred girls Craig and Kelly had involvement with over the years. Please, Thank God it wasn’t you!

  30. angel Says:

    Now I understand, thanks. I had only met Kelly a few times and knew very little of their personal lives.

  31. angel Says:

    Just thought of something RC—have any of those “hundred of women” that K and C were involved with ever come forward, I wonder? Do you think Megan and Mandy were players too? And is Craig really gay, or bisexual….or is that just a rumor?

  32. Leftyk Says:

    As a fitnes person myself, and former athlete (gymnast) as Kelly was, it has been such a shock and a sad, sad shame to find out just what one of my fitness idols was capable of doing….talk about them being role models (it makes me so sick). The one thing that really gets me about this, is when Kelly and Craig are interviewed and we all know that they had a CHOICE to make- with the decision to murder, and when they decided that the “best” thing to do was to “get rid of the body” to “save their reputations and minimize their bad, negative publicity about it” SELFISH SICK Bastards! its all about THEM, isnt it? it made my heart sick when all you hear is about them worrying about THEIR image and THEIR negative publicity and rep…..hey, wake up! You MURDERED a human being and all you are concerned about is your career and image? What the hell has fame and fortune done to these people? You dont hear them mentioning even once when interviewed how sad and terrible it is for Melissa’s family at least an innocent person would comment on that) no indication of sadness or regret about what they did to that woman….the only sadness and regret you see in those pictures of them and their testimony is about being caught and the lifestyle that they have to give up!

  33. NativeGirl Says:

    Leftyk - I agree with you completely. They also appear to be arrogant enough to think they can tell their friends about the murder and get away with it. About 7-8 years ago, I trained at the same gym where Kelly trained…I didn’t know her, but I knew of her and would frequently see her there…She looked like the “girl next door” and was always friendly and helpful. It’s amazing how much can change in a person’s life in just a few years – a successful career, marriage, material wealth, drugs, then the downhill plunge to total destruction - brutally murdering their friend and desecrating her body. If C&K ever get out of prison, they will be old, grey and broken when they do, and their “fans” will have long forgotten about them…this story would make a good ad for “This is Your Brain on Drugs,” maybe it would save some else’s life.

  34. Leftyk Says:

    Hi NativeGirl- that image of “this is your brain on drugs”…is perfect! Sadly, it is so morbid….that downward spiral of drugs and corruption that happened with them. I used to train in the same gymnastics school as Kelly, with the best and most famous gymnastics coach in the world, Romanian Bela Karolyi. I saw how serious she was in training, and so good! I followed her fitness career for years…..i would have loved to turn to competitions like she did, but for me, my chronic pain from those old gym injuries became too much for me. But i tried to “live vicariously” threw Kelly’s accomplishments…..i was just expressing my shock and heartsickness about this whole thing….Kelly’s wasted life, and of course, the horrible death of Melissa….i know they are “innocent” till proven guilty, but just like that OJ trial….when you have so much evidence, coverups, lies, motive and opportunity - you dont want to believe it - but it may very well be true. Even (lets just say for arguments sake) if they did not murder her and had no part in it - just found her dead in their house, if they were truly innocent - they would have called 911 and done the proud thing….yes, they would have gotten some bad raps, but overall, that doesnt sound like a thing that GUILTY people do, dont you think? It seems they ditched the body, and attempted to run….doesnt sound like a innocent person does it? Another good girl gone bad……lets hope justice prevails at their trial…what is meant to be will be….

  35. Star68 Says:

    This is beyond sad. It’s unbelievable, cruel and thoughtless. Many believe that Kelly was played in this. I have a hard time reconciling that with the facts. Heavy drug use, wrecklace promiscuity, and murder. Sometimes fame can be the worst drug of all.

  36. Jenn Says:

    I am on the fence with this one. The fact that they torched the car with Melissas body inside doesnt prove their guilt to murder. Under extreme cases of stress ie… finding a dead body in your home would count in my mind , people dont always react the way we think they should. Yes two of their so called friends have come forward with “information” however how do we know that they are not doing so to get their 15 minutes of fame. Now before anyone here goes off on me let me just say they are Innocent Untill Proven Guilty.

  37. Swingers Says:

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