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Titus and Ryan’s home on the market for $549,000

If you’re interested in purchasing the home Titus and Ryan, it could be yours for a cool half a million. Barbara Reed with RE/MAX is listed as the agent on the home, located at 9539 Adobe Arch Ct. in Las Vegas.

Listed on her site:
• Beautiful Two Story Home
• Built in 2002, Approx. 3,034 sq. Ft.
• 5 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths
• Attached 3 Car Garage
• 2 ½ Baths
• Attached 2 Car Garage
• Custom Paint Throughout
• Beautiful Kitchen w/ Built-In Refrigerator, Granite Countertops & Tile Back Splash & Walls
• Upgraded Flooring Throughout
• Sunken Family Room w/ Built-In Entertainment Center
• Open Living Room w/ Fireplace
• Upstairs Loft w/ Built-In Cabinets for Home Theatre
• Pebble Tech Pool and Spa
• Too Many Upgrades To Mention!!!
• Furnishings Available Separately
• Call For Showing & More Information

titus house

55 Responses to “Titus and Ryan’s home on the market for $549,000”

  1. knowthefacts Says:

    Hell of a change in living conditions……No way in hell I would buy that house though….

  2. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Don’t forget, the realtor must disclose that a murder occurred inside the house which will significantly affect the asking price.

    I’m with knowthefacts only if I were to make an offer it would be for much less than asking price.

    The housing market has cooled, interest is up and will continue to go up (remember that Mr Greenspan has retired) and demand is down.

    It is now a buyer’s market. I predict this will be a slow mover.

  3. Ron Says:

    I would just wait until the thing goes into foreclosure, and it will ,trust me. I cant see these two idiots making payments from the slammer.Then I would buy it directly from the bank, probbaly pocketing 80-100k in equity

  4. NeedsAProofReader Says:

    The real estate agent needs a proof reader…I mean does the house have 3 bathrooms or 2 1/2? Is it a 2 car garage or a 3 car?

    The housing market is really soft, there is more supply than demand……Like Couldn’t Care Less said….I would probable make an offer, considerably less than asking price and would never live there…

    She also doesn’t have to disclose that a murder was committed in the house, because that hasn’t been proven YET….

  5. Administrator Says:

    Sources are telling us that the house is under contract already. We’ll post more information as it becomes available.

  6. willowgerl Says:

    Well, guess it’s time to pay the lawyers…

  7. pj Says:

    Ok, I think I would commit harry-carry if I had to go from that house to the slammer!!!

    I have been reading all these posts and I have to say that if Melissa was in fact stealing from them I would be pissed too, and rightfully so. I am just not sure why they didn’t call the police, press charges and kick her out. I guess the drugs must have clouded their judgement. The entire situation is terrible.

  8. pj Says:

    Oh, does anyone know if anyone else testified to the Grand Jury? Were Kelly and Craig there to witness it?

  9. Administrator Says:

    There were many more who testified to the Grand Jury and no Kelly and Craig were not there to witness it.

  10. ATL Says:

    I thought I read somewhere their attorneys were going to request bail after the hearing last week? Did that ever happen? Denied? Also, does anyone know if Titus and Ryan have any income coming in now? Where’s Joey? Did any of their family appear for their hearing?

  11. AF123 Says:

    No, Craig and Kelly are not making any money right now. As far as I know, her father has taken over the property and is making the payments, it will not go into foreclosure. You’ll be waiting a long time for that one Ron. Joey is with her grandmother, Kelly’s mom. I spoke with her yesterday, and he is doing well.

  12. Ron Says:

    They are lucky that her dad has the bread to cover the payments. Still, a crime scene house usually ( unless the buyer is a little “different”) sit well with most buyers…(…and yes, this is where Craig and Kelly beat this girl to death….this is where they hid their stash…etc etc etc”) If somone makes a reasonable offer on it, TAKE IT! ( I wonder if all of the gym gear goes with the deal?)

  13. ATL Says:

    I don’t believe the gym gear completely goes with it (unless they become too desperate!) I think the ad said “furnishings available separately”.

  14. JS Says:

    The house has been removed from Barbara Reed’s website.

  15. Marco Says:

    I wonder why they haven’t arested Megan and Jeremy, after knowing about the crime and not contacting the police.

  16. jaydub14 Says:

    “marco”… in my opinion they were arrested and thats why they decided to tell there story.. it was that or they sit in cells till trial aswell.

  17. Ron Says:

    So much for Megans budding career as a locan officer at Silver State Mortgage!

  18. Diesel Says:

    Melissas ghost will be there forever…!

  19. darkstar Says:

    I know this is Vegas, but I am still shaking my head at what these two have “allegedly” done…Are they really as stupid as they appear to be? Stupid, or arrogant, or both? And as PJ says, if MJ was stealing from them, why not just go to the police and boot her out of the house? Jeez! Let’s see, yeah, we’ll dope her up, stun her, duct tape her, stick her in the Jag, burn the Jag..and everything will be hunky dory!!! Yeah, that’s the ticket!!!What were they thinking???
    Holy cow…and I thought the BINION trial was the corker of all Vegas trials!

    It looks like they dont go to trial until next January! Man, I just cannot imagine going from a somewhat normal (relatively speaking) life to BLAMMO into the pokey instantly…and just sitting for 8 more months before anything happens!I think it is fair to say that they are done, stick a fork in them, flush em down. They are not coming out. Unbelievable how people throw their lives right off the cliff…Obviously there has been no trial yet, but my guess is that it looks pretty grim for them.

    I dont claim to understand why people do what they do, and the jury will decide their fates, but I am intrigued by seeing the story and the facts be revealed. This should be something to watch…

  20. darkstar Says:

    Does anyone know what happens to bodybuilder types who quit their workout routines, like Titus and Ryan will be forced to do?
    By trial time in January my guess is he will have melted to about half of what he is currently…just wondering…

  21. jaydub14 Says:

    darkstar… from what i’ve heard it is very easy to come across steriods in jail.. also from what i know you can buy supplements and things. one of the only things there is to do in jail is train. craig should maintain some size for sure. THe only thing i can see interfering with that is STRESS,the bodys worst enemy. so we will see come the next court appearence….. no spray tans or tanning beds for mr titus and mrs. ryan… no botox or brow lifts for her in there….

  22. youranidiot Says:

    At no time were Megan or Jeremy ever charged, arrested or the combination of the two. Nor will they ever be charged for telling the truth.. They were questions by the police very early on and not months later like many people suggest. Why did their statements only come out now? Because that is what the DA and detectives wanted. The amusing theing is that their are several people the DA didn’t use for the grand jury indictment that will be used during the trial. Are you going to suggest that they sat in jail until they gave their statements?

  23. Pj Says:

    Will GetBig.com be posting any more transcripts from the grand jury? If not, where can we go to read it? Does anyone know? Thanks

  24. Teenage Washington Says:

    I remember Craig from back in the day. It was at Golds Gym in Tacoma Washington. He was a teenager as was I and it was around 1984. I was competing and hung out with Craig every now and then. Even going up to a dance club called scootchies in Seattle.

    Craig was always cocky at the gym and at the club. He was somewhat small at about 165 lbs when I knew him but just blew up after some kind of supplements. If he was cocky at 165, imagine 90 more pounds of muscle. As far as I see it, the game, the success and all the negative side of it went with Craig. He had alot of talent. Physically, he had nice genes. Something took it’s toll on him….go figure. Now I look at him and I feel sorry and yet dont. Drugs can really mess with a person’s life and that is the bottom line with the evolution of Craig.

    1985 Teenage Washington

  25. darkstar Says:

    Jaydub, I guess I shouldnt be surprised that steroids and whatever else is available inside…although I would think these two will be watched pretty closely, seeing as they are fairly high profile. I think your point about the stress of their situations eating them up is a good one. I have never been in jail, and dont ever plan to be, but having had a keen interest in the “system” for most of my life, it would be my guess that in spite of their size and strength, seeing as the jailhouse crowd is rough and dangerous, I think if I was T and R I would watch my back…Are they being sequestered away from the general population? I think someone on one of these blogs said CT was complaining about NOT being in the general inmate population…maybe cause no steroids in isolation!
    This will be interesting to watch unfold…What a crazy case…
    And Kelly, jeez, I really do think being stuck in jail will wreck her completely. She looks absolutely scared to death, and haggard as well. I’m certainly not trying to be mean, but you are right, their lifestyle depended heavily on artificial enhancements to keep up the image…Yikes…Its like the line from the Wizard of Oz..”Im melting!!! Melting!!!!…” Very sad, but then again, people get themselves in these jams by their own doing…

  26. darkstar Says:

    Here is a link to the entire transcript:

    Its my impression as well that Megan and Jeremy were never arrested, and as someone mentioned above, its unlikely that they would/will be…and as someone else mentioned, there will be more people who will testify at the trial that were not at the GJ hearing…because the GJ hearings are not a trial…all they need is enough to indict…
    M and J will be the DA’s star witnesses at trial, no doubt…

  27. wow Says:

    hey teenage washington, did craig have control over the women he dated?
    i mean you read about kelly and she became a whole different person after she met and married craig. not excusing her but trying to understand

  28. sILLY Says:

    I am going to contact some of the great real estate agents on this website to buy this property.


  29. Who Cares Says:

    sILLY, you should wait for the place to go into forclosure. How long can Kelly’s dad carry another mortgage anyway. Make him an offer he can’t refuse, he may just take it.

  30. Tina Says:

    I think they were very silly to think they could do this and get away with it. Makes you wonder why all of these high profile people get away with the things they do. I think they were living fast and furious and had the GOD syndrome. Both very nice looking folks with great bodies. Obviously, they lost whatever character they had long before this happened to this girl. And I agree, she should have been arrested for theft and kicked out but not beaten and murdered. No one has the right to take a life unless it’s in self defense. Didn’t sound like Craig or Kelly were being robbed at gunpoint.. Anyone think maybe Kelly did it and Craig’s covering? I’ve often wondered. I mean the girl is doing her husband and stealing? Women can go ballistic too.

  31. Who Cares Says:

    “And I agree, she should have been arrested for theft and kicked out but not beaten and murdered.”

    Keep in mind that the possibility exists that the entire ‘Melissa was a thief’ story was fabricated in a feeble attempt to generate support for the weak minded die hard Titus & Ryan fans which it appears to be the case.

    1. Kill Melissa
    2. Questioned by police
    3. ‘We know nothing’
    4. Arrange to liquidate all assets
    5. Flee
    6. Get caught
    7. ‘We did it because she stole from us’

    Sounds pretty friggen stupid when you see it in this order. Kelly was in the real estate business. Did anyone ever think that she possibly may have stolen money? I’ll wager that if her former employer conducts a detailed audit over all of Kelly’s accounts, something will surface. After all, she had a drug habit to support.

  32. Tina Says:

    Wow, didn’t know she was in real estate. As a reader of all these magazines you only know what you see in those nice little glossy pages. You know they are people too but I guess you CAN NEVER judge a book by the cover. Ego no doubt played a huge part in all of this.
    I feel for the lady that was murdered’s family. As a mother myself, I can’t imagine and can only sympathize.
    And to be called by Craig and told that your daughter was NOT the one in the back of the car leading to false hope. All of it is just wrong.
    I’ve heard that they were both swingers and bi-sexual. If this is the case then prison won’t hurt either one. Just not having the fame and adoration and the supplements.. Right? Kelly will find her a woman, and Craig will find him a she-male? Isn’t that how it goes?

  33. uhyeah Says:

    perfectly said tina

  34. darkstar Says:

    Tina, I’ll agree with you on some and disagree on some…
    First, I have to agree with Who Cares in that the story about MJ stealing is very likely made up. Even if it is true, it doesnt justify murder. As far as Kelly murdering MJ and Craig covering, well, its not that simple. They are both involved if the GJ testimony is any indication, as well as the idiotic responses Craig gave to Metro when they were arrested.
    I do think prison will be tough on them, if in fact that’s where they end up. Ive never been in jail or prison and never plan to be, but it would be my guess that “swinging” and sex in prison bears little resemblance to the outside version…
    I agree fully with you that their arrogance and ego, likely fueled by drug frenzy, was a factor in this. No excuse.
    Also, Who Cares brings up an interesting thought…what if Kelly was the one stealing money? While nothing has surfaced about this as of yet, she did work for a mortgage bank or something didnt she? They were apparently hurting for money…
    When this goes to trial the stuff that comes out is going to be wild. I thought the surreal stuff that the Binion trial had was whacked, but I have a feeling this one will top it…

    Only in Vegas, baby…


  35. Tina Says:

    I’ve noticed that other fitness athletes and bodybuilder’s are trying to ignore this and not talk much on it.
    Does anyone know anything about Craig Titus’s daughter? I know she must be pretty embarrassed.

  36. Who Cares Says:

    Darkstar is correct. The Binion trial will appear boring next to the fact that will be revealed. Don’t forget, the prosecuters now have 9 more months to uncover the mystery. I’d call that home field advantage.

    The defense has nothing but a fabricated story of a housemate who allegedly stole money from the defendents. Hope he gets paid in advance, this is one he cannot win.

    Again, I’m willing to wager that inconsistencies will surface when KRs former employers turn over their books to the investigators which they will.

    As for the house, MJs mother should seek counsel on blocking the sale for her impending civil suit againts Kelly and Craig for the murder of her daughter. It’s a long shot but wierder things have been known to happen.

  37. Capgun_Slim Says:

    As a natural bodybuilder, (at least at this point in time), for 8 years, I hang out with other bodybuilders who both do and don’t do steroids. From what I’ve seen on the way people act while on a “Cycle” as we call it, which lasts anywhere from 1 month to 8 weeks, depending on the drug, I don’t think that steroids alone would be enough to kill someone. More likely to hurt someone, but not kill. But considering his attitude as I’ve read in articles, and the Gentleman in an earlier post confirming this by knowing him, as well, if he was doing other drugs, like coccaine, or crank, crystal meth, or stuff like that, in combination, it is very likely he could have done this.

    Usually, the wrong kinds of people do steroids. Not that there’s really a “Right” person for doing them, there are people who are less liekly to act more violently that others while “On”. If a person is really into gaining muscle mass, and strength, they can also be very mellow when outside of the Gym. They keep it as the Gym is the Gym, outside is something different. They don’t keep the aggressive attitude going, when they leave. A lot of these Pro bodybuilders are shorter in stature, and are pissed off at that fact to begin with. Most times, the reason why they start to go to the Gym in the first place is to compensate for that (small mans complex) I see all the time.

    I’m not picking on shorter people (me 5′11) because even they can have attitudes. It just seems that most really huge guys in the Gym are quite a bit shorter than I am, and I see their attitude’s in the Gym. They walk around like a Mr. Olympia contestant. (which Craig Titus actually was), and I kind of get a little smile on my face when I walk by them, in passing to the water fountain between sets, and they have the Mad Dog look while walking by with the chest pushed way out, and the arms in wide ape like pose, while having to look up a bit to see me. There’s something you can do about every part of your appearance, accept, be taller. I can imagine that would probably piss me off a bit too if I was short.

    Anyway, I’m going off the subject. I wanted to give some of you who aren’t in the Gym 5 days a week doing Bodybuilding type strength training, a little of what it’s like. Maybe a little more insight.

    BTW: Craig Titus was also jailed for 2 years for drug offenses. (Steroids) between 97-99. Most guys that are Pros also sell Steroids on the side, due to the need for money. Bodybuilding might look like all glamour, and living the “Rich rockstar” type life, but for most of the Pros you see in magazines, they don’t make all that much, and need extra income, even if they have endorsement deals. I saw pictures of him while he was in jail then, (97-99) and he was huge as ever. I guarantee he had access to them then, and he still has access to them now. Only time will tell I guess when we see him in court the next time.

    Hope this clear up a little bit for some people.

  38. darkstar Says:

    Who Cares,
    Those are interesting points you make…I too wonder if they will keep their private atty’s, (Pitaro being one, and I think another is Palazzo, a real doofus if the Binion trial was any indication…)
    Not sure if MJ’s family can block the sale of the house now, if ever, but I am sure titus and ryan via their atty’s are frantically liquidating any and all assets and placing them out of the path of litigation…


  39. billy Says:

    Did they kill Melissa in the craper like elvis, If so I dont want to buy the house. Im sorry!

  40. angel Says:

    I did a walk through in the home when it first was put on the market. Talk about eery. If walls could talk. All their belongings still there.. like a ghost town. The green carpet definitely needs to be pulled up to reveal exactly where Melissa’s body fluids poured onto—to match them with the “stories” being told.
    I have heard that if a spirit is taken by another they remain trapped in the home….angry…till they are set free. Melissa was a good spirit in a damaged body. I think she is pissed. These were her friends and her disease of addiction clouded her perception to clearly see her “off” behavior. Melissa was out of line and she probably wishes she never took meth or drugs in her life. However, to have her life taken was wrong and karmic justice will take over and set things right…..may take MANY lifetimes. Angel

  41. CSAD Says:


  42. onlooker Says:

    I am getting ready for my next show and I like to watch videos while doing my cardio… I just keep looking at Kelly with this great smile and fit body, I just can’t understand how this could happen. She really did have two diffrent lives. I have met her talked to her. I am still in shock…

  43. angel Says:

    Everytime I visited Kelly at her home when she was helping me find a home in Vegas she was normal, kind, considerate.

  44. onlooker Says:

    Is it true that Kellys Mother passed this last weekend?

  45. Who Cares Says:

    Sadly her funeral was yesterday. She died of a broken heart. She was no doubt a fantastic mother but in spite of this, her daughter turned out to be a criminal.

  46. onlooker Says:

    thats a weird thing to say I think shit happends and people just fall into things I am not sure that she set out to do what she did.

  47. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    What’s wierd about it? A mother raises a child to the best of her ability. In spite of good parental upbringing, the child eventually commits a capital crime.

    Shit may happen but murder doe not fall into that category.

    One does not fall into becoming a murderer. Many self destructive events lead up to it and she could have bailed at any time. She did not, resulting in her current living accomodations.

  48. onlooker Says:

    well you are right about her self destructive life, and she could have chaged her story at any time. I don’t think that her mother just up an died because of what happend. Stress is huge yes but she we can’t blame this death on Kelly too.

  49. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Stress kills. Ask any cardiologist. Especially when a mother has a daughter who did the things Kelly did and most likely either read or heard of the content on this and other forums.

    Kelly’s mother’s death is on Kelly, like it or not.

    Some people can’t handle the truth.

  50. JS Says:

    The house has closed and they received the full asking price $549,900..

  51. onlooker Says:

    sure sometimes the truth can be harsh. sounds like you know.. so were you there. you know every thing that happend… it was a messy and out of control thing to do. I am not standing by her I am just an onlooker reading the story in shock just like every one.

  52. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Onlooker: Not sure of your meaning so I’ll give you the benefit.

    JS: Although surprised that it went for the full asking price, I’m not surprised that it sold. Personally I would have passed on it.

  53. JS Says:

    Hell, it actually went for $900 over asking…All filed with Clark County on 4/26….didn’t take long…

    Hell you couldn’t pay me to live in a murder house…

  54. onlooker Says:

    has anyone heard anything????

  55. FKO Says:


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