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“I’m fucked, I bought seven bottles of lighter fluid with my credit card at Wal-Mart”

Those who have been following the case and familiar with the bodybuilding message boards witnessed, Lauren Amanda Polk (Mandy) comment on the various boards. She defended Kelly, stating she was a nice person and couldn’t imagine her being involved. Mandy removed all her comments and remained silent once this story hit the national news. We can only speculate on why but as a young fitness competitor with a promising career, we assume she was trying to keep her name out of it, at least in the inner circles of the bodybuilding community. Today GETBIG.com released another transcipt from the Grand Jury. Mandy is also the girlfriend of Ryan Chastain, the registered owner of the taser gun.

Below is a portion of what Mandy testified to regarding a conversation she had with Kelly Ryan…

Q: And then she said “I can’t lie to you anymore?”
A: Yeah.

Q: What do you say in response to the fact Kelly said “I can’t lie to you, I found her dead in the room?”
A: I sad “oh my gosh, wow,” and I’m thinking, think, there was a pause, I go “So you burned her body up in your car?”

Q: And what did she say in response to that?

A: “Yeah”

Q: Did you ask her why she didn’t call 911?
A: Yes, that was my next response. I said so if you found her dead of an overdose, which is obviously, you know, not your fault, then why would you destroy the evidence of that, because then that just incriminates you.

Q: Was she able to give you an explanation for that?
A: Not really. She was like, she said , you know, she said “I’m fucked, I bought seven bottles of lighter fluid with my credit card at Wal-Mart,” all this stuff about how freaked out she was and that, you know, basically that she wanted to get rid, she and Craig decided it was the best idea to get rid of the body because, yo know, she was trying to move forward with her career, she already felt like they had taken a couple steps back, you know.

Q: So essentially she didn’t want any negative publicity?
A: Exactly. That’s what she said.

Q: Did she mention to you the phrase “No body, no crime?”
A: Yes

Read the full transcript here.

4 Responses to ““I’m fucked, I bought seven bottles of lighter fluid with my credit card at Wal-Mart””

  1. Wondering Says:

    Was this Mandy girl close with Craig and Kelly???
    Was she involved romantically with either Craig or Kelly??
    Did this Mandy have any conversations with Craig or Kelly the day Melissa was killed???
    Did Mandy know Megan and Jeremy??
    It has been said that Craig and Kelly were swingers, did Mandy, Megan and Jeremy participate in these activities???
    If so I wonder if all were involved with each other and Melissa??
    Just questions so no one jump down my back!!!
    Please no one get defensive and call me names I was just wondering!!!
    Does anyone have answers to these questions?
    Please only answer if you know some truth!
    Also please Megan or Jeremy do not respond to this, I said I would like to know some honest answers

  2. Administrator Says:

    Mandy trained with Kelly and rented a home from them. Was she close - define close. We’d say Mandy and Kelly were friends. We don’t believe either of them were romantically involved with Craig and Kelly, but who knows.

    Many appears to be an outsider looking in. Craig and Kelly went to them to hide out from the sounds of things and are not directly involved with anything before the crime.

  3. Administrator Says:

    Very interesting to watch as the web site MuscleMayhem posted the transcript from getbig to their web site only to remove it later in the day. Again, we can only assume but Many must not have been happy to see it posted. Sorry, but it is public and your testimony is out there. We feel bad that you’re mixed up in this horrible crime but it is newsworthy.

  4. Cadbury Says:

    Oh my gosh…I went to high school with Mandy!

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