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Grand Jury Transcripts - Ryan Chastain - Registered Owner of the Taser Gun

Our friends over at GETBIG.com have been kind enough to transcribe another piece of the Grand Jury testimony. The latest transcript involves the registered owner of the taser gun, Ryan Chastain. Here is a bit of the testimony from Mr. Chastain…

Q: Did you see what Craig did with the Taser gun?
A: Opened it up, inspected it, and was thoroughly excited about it and happy that he had what he wanted.

Q: Other than the Taser gun that you’ve just described, did you ever see Craig Titus with a stun gun?
A: Yes, later he showed him a handheld stun gun.

Q: The same day or a different day?
A: Uhm, I beleive it was a different day.

Q: Can you describe that stun gun?
A: Probably six to eight inches long, three to four inches wide, reciprocating prongs at the top of it. I wouldn’t say chrome, more of a silver-ish color if I recall right, silver-ish black.

Q: As far as you know, how was the stun gun different from the Taser gun that Craig had you purchase?
A: The Taser would obviously, shoots out electric current, this one you would walk up and strike someone with it.

Q: Did you explain to Craig Titus that you had to fill out paperwork or provide information to indicate that the gun was now registered to you?
A: Yes. Because I didn’t want any ownership of it, I wanted him to take care of that paperwork.

Q: Was it your intention to have Craig Titus put the Taser gun in his name?
A: Certainly.

Q: Do you know if that was ever done?
A: Not that I know of and from the looks of this - obviously not.

We’re not sure why anyone in their right mind would buy a taser gun for Mr. Titus, unless he wasn’t aware of Craig being a convicted felon. Sadly, more and more people are being brought into this case. Rest assured, more are yet to come.

Read more of Ryan’s testimony here.

3 Responses to “Grand Jury Transcripts - Ryan Chastain - Registered Owner of the Taser Gun”

  1. lisaF Says:

    At the end is everyone looking for them self. To bad that everyone keeps forgetting about the girl that hat to die.

  2. M Says:

    No one is forgetting about Melissa. I never met her. I have cried. We are all on this message board b/c we care. We vent our anger on this message board and it helps us heal. Do not be confused.

  3. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    I wonder how Ryan feels about being being duped into providing a convicted felon with a contributing factor in a murder. Hero worship makes people do stupid things.

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