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Grand Jury Transcripts - Megan Pierson Foley

No this is not an April Fool’s joke. The entire transcript from Megan Foley’s testimony is now available for you to read. Thanks to the folks at Getbig.com, this is the first of many transcripts to come. They got it right by starting with the most compelling bit of testimony.

Some quotes from the testimony…

Q: What did you do as a result of the fact Kelly was thinking there was something in her glasses?
A: She said that she also found a Kinetico brochure in Melissa’s room so she though she was doing something, tampering with the water, so went went out to the garage to look at the water softener and Jeremy looked at the salt.

Q: What did Jeremy do?
A: He picked the lid off the bin with the salt and set it on top of the Jaguar.

Q: Did all four of you go out in the garage to look at the water softener?
A: No, just Jeremy, myself and Kelly.

Q: What was Kelly’s demeanor like when she was in the garage at that time?
A: Freaked out

Q: What do you mean by that?
A: Very uneasy. When Jeremy set the lid down on her car she about jumped out of her skin and that again that another hint where him and I started to put things together that something was not right.

Q: What do you guys do next?
A: Just keep talking, just small talk to be honest, nothing really. I think we were going to go upstairs to watch a movie.

Q: How do you feel about staying in their house at that point?
A: I was very freaked out. I was very scared. You could just tell by the energy that something was not right, that something had gone on in there.

“I was very freaked out. I was very scared.” - This we believe, but why on God’s green earth do you go upstairs to watch a movie? And really, what did you think would be accomplished by looking at the water softner? Would you really be able to tell there was morphine in it?

We weren’t there and don’t know all the facts, we can only imagine that Ms. Foley was scared out of her mind to be in the middle of this. She had become best friends with Kelly and she was to be in Megan’s wedding.

Ms. Foley does state…

Q: Do you call the police?
A: No

Q: Why not?
A: I was scared. Very threatened by Craig.

In Megan’s defense - who wouldn’t be scared in this situation? If you’d like to read the entire transcript visit GETBIG.com and let us know your thoughts on her testimony. Again we are here to offer facts on the case, occasional opinions and make no claim to know what really happened at any point in this case. We in no way shape or form claim Megan is a liar. We fully believe she was scared and unfortunately became part of this mess. The question is, did she tell the Grand Jury everything and will the defense find holes in her story? Only time will tell…

Entire transcript here.

69 Responses to “Grand Jury Transcripts - Megan Pierson Foley”

  1. The Truth Says:

    Scared or not, what stopped Megan and Jeremy from calling the police after they had left Craig and Kelly’s house??
    They convieniently called the police after it hit the news.
    I wonder if they wanted the car burnt to burn any DNA that would link them to this crime.
    A great question, right????
    At any rate reading these transcripts makes me sick.
    I hope that other people have more compassion for them if one day someone tries to hurt them or someone they love.
    In my opinion it takes someone with a real cold heart to sit and watch movies when they know there has been a murder in the same house and the body sitting in the garage.
    Is this how they would expect someone else to respond if it where their sister, mother or best friend that was brutally murdered???
    Not unless they had some involvement I think!!

  2. Administrator Says:

    Fair enough. We’d agree that watching a movie would not be a top priority after finding out someone was dead in a car. We’ve fortunately never been in that position so its hard to say what we’d do. Is there more to the story then what the transcripts show? We think so but until it comes out in court, we will all have to wait and see.

  3. slander&libel Says:

    Who said they went upstairs and watched a movie? If you read the whole testimony it only states that that is what Kelly had suggested to do. THE TRUTH, you need to watch what you say. Why are you defending Kelly and Craig so much? Do you have something personally against Megan and Jeremy? You must, b/c Craig and Kelly have murdered someone! Megan and Jeremy did not, so why are you always attacking them??? People must wonder, cause I do.

    Megan and Jeremy had NOTHING to do with the murder. Now that the transcripts are out…READ THEM. Stop making all of these assumptions! Megan and Jeremy were at dinner until around 9pm…you do the math w/ Melissa’s time of death being before 5 pm!! If Megan and Jeremy would have known that Melissa was dead, and in their house…of course they would have called the police!

    Melissa was already dead by the time they got there, there was nothing they could do. I would have been scared too, their “friends” just murdered someone. You try to comprehend that!

  4. The Truth Says:

    I don’t need to I don’t have friends like you do that do those types of things.
    Megan stated that she went to their house, even after she felt that something bad had happened, to watch a movie and they had gone into the garage to look at the water conditioner and they placed the lid on the Jaguar.
    Megan said this in her own words, whether they actually watched a movie or not you will have to ask them since they said they did in the transcripts.
    I ask why would you think that anyone is defending Craig and Kelly??
    I have already stated countless times that I personally think they are guilty!!
    Does anyone have to have something against Megan and Jeremy to think what they have done and said to be wrong???
    I could careless if Megan and Jeremy go to jail or never are heard from again but for alot of us to hear the changing of stories and her stories alone leave alot of room for questions.
    Why are you defending Megan and Jeremy when you know that they have indeed had some involvement????
    Do you have something against people that want the truth and not fabrications there of???
    Why is it that you think that your precious friends Megan and Jeremy aren’t capable of making mistakes?
    Are they above the rest of us in your opinion??
    If they are above making mistakes then why can’t Craig and Kelly argue the same thing???
    I’m sure there is plenty of people out there that think Craig and Kelly are innocent, are you going to tell them that they can’t think that way???
    None of us really know what people are capable of when stress levels rise and their backs are against a wall so again why is it, and what proof do you have to share with all of us that Megan and Jeremy aren’t capable of any level of participation???
    You are listening to them as friends and loved ones are listening to Craig and Kelly but, someone had to do this crime and someone has to pay for this and I have to think that you agree with that!!
    If Megan and Jeremy did indeed know, which I believe they did, then they need to stand accountable, right????
    Were you there???
    I wasn’t!!
    So why do you believe that they had no involvement???
    Unless that is what they are telling you and you chose to believe them, no one is faulting you for believing in your friends but allow the rest of us to read and follow the story and have our own conclusions without you telling us that we have to think like you do!!!!
    I again think Craig and Kelly committed this crime, period!!!
    I again think Megan and Jeremy have more of an involvement than what they have made out, period!!!
    So now tell me that I can’t have my opinion and that your dear friends Megan and Jeremy are perfect and exempt from lying and committing crimes themselves!!!

  5. The Truth Says:

    If they got through eating diner around 9pm then where did they go until well after 10pm????
    There is testimony that argues that Megan and Jeremy weren’t home at 10:30pm, I don’t know that exact time but it is close!!
    That’s right there is a few people that know about this case more than the media has shared!!
    I think after diner is when they stopped by and saw Melissa dead and dicussed it for a few hours!!
    Again my opinion!
    I would like to hear where they were after diner if they didn’t go home!
    And along with that do they have any witnesses to confirm where they were if not at Craig and Kellys house!!
    Again let me point out this is my opinion of which I am intitled to as an American.
    I have not made one comment that I have stated as fact only hearsay and opinion!!
    Please whoever you are please get Megan and Jeremy to answer that question as to their where abouts that night after diner!!!!

  6. noname Says:

    TRUTH: Why do you care where Megan and Jeremy went after dinner? Are they the ones on trial? NO NO NO They are not, b/c they did NOTHING wrong! This is not guilt by association! They are not guilty just b/c they were their friends…if that is the case, then you are guilty too!!

    If you were to read the fucking transcripts, it says that they stopped by their house on the way to Kelly and Craig’s. I think it said that they arrived around 11p.


    You are a very SICK individual to have those types of opinions. What has this world come to???

  7. The Truth Says:

    The world is coming to the fact that your friends have admitted to knowing about the body and not calling the police, what is your comments about this??
    I was not there and hadn’ t spoken to any of these individuals so how am I at fault?
    Are you on drugs too??
    Why am I sick when I am asking questions??
    You are very defensive as well, are you hiding anything like your friends??
    Everyone of her friends keep saying that there is no way she is involved, unless one can’t read what Megan has said in her own words she is very much involved and if you chose to live life with blinders on than that is your choice.
    Megan is indeed by her own statements involved so quit getting so defensive and upset with people that think she is wrong for not calling the police and waiting for days after the body was found it makes her look like she was involved with the cover up or even more involved then we all know about!!
    The only sick individuals are the ones surrounding this crime, that being Craig, Kelly, Megan and Jeremy!
    Why does it matter where they were that night, you have asked???
    Because a poor girl was murdered that night and the time of death hasn’t been proven and yet there is proof that Megan and Jeremy were over at Craig and Kellys house for several hours so you do the math and for once look through some different eyes and ask yourself if it were not for them being your friends would you think they were involved???
    All of Megans friends get on these posts and curse and call people names and you think that it really helps the situation out when it only makes her look worse and now her friends all sound like loose cannons as well!!!
    You should curse at your friends for hanging out with murder’s, it’s not us that are involved so maybe look long and hard at your profound perfect friends that are being linked to a murder.
    You all should be locked up, you all sound like your capable of murder!
    I bet you could look into every transcript of every murder trial and you will find friends of the murderer that say that they are great people that they wouldn’t hurt anyone but yet they are on trial for murder!!!
    But your friend Megan isn’t capable of being involved, well guess what dear friend she is involved and is so by her own words so please save your speech for the trial because your dear friend Megan and Jeremy are going to need your help on this one.
    BTW, you don’t know if they sat and looked at her dead body, Megan and Jeremy already stated that they knew she was dead and in the trunk so how and why is it so impossible to imagine that they didn’t see the body???
    Oh, that’s right they said so!! OJ didn’t kill his wife, do you believe him???
    He said so too!
    What about all the murder’s in history that said they didn’t do it but the proof says they did, should be just believe them too???
    They are not innocent and there is a great deal of people that think they are not only wrong and not given true testimony but more involved then they are admitting!!!
    Again I can appreciate your loyalty to your friends but your friends have put themselves at the crime scene and knew what happened and still did nothing!
    How would you feel about Megan and Jeremy if it were your best friend or sister that was murdered and stuffed in a trunk and burnt???
    Would you still think that your friends were so innocent???

  8. knowthefacts Says:

    Didn’t I read in the transcripts that Megan and Jeremy went home after dinner to change clothes before going to Craig and Kelly’s?

  9. noname Says:

    Yes, they went home to chnage clothes b/c they went to dinner straight from work and wanted to change into something more comfortable. I also read that they went to pick up their new puppy that they had just got.

  10. slander&libel Says:

    I have a few questions for The Viewer and The Truth. You seem to know so much about what is going in other people’s lives that it is hard for me not to turn the same accusations back towards you. You obviously new Kelly and Craig Titus very well and for an extended period of time. And while you claim you cut ties with them for whatever reasons, you’re on this site trying to defend them. Why else would you spread these rumors and accusations? You claim that everyone that has been around Kelly and Craig did drugs with them. Does that include you and your wife? It would have to be true according to your logic. If we are to believe you, are we to also believe that you didn’t do drugs yourself? You can’t have your cake and eat it too (since you are so fond of euphemisms). You level other accusations because you know people or you know people that know people, so do these same accusations apply to you? Did you have sexual relations with Kelly and Craig? You must of for you to know some much and be able to point the finger at other people, correct?
    I noticed you didn’t defend your wife when she was accused of being a prostitute. Why is that? I saw you claim your real estate success, wealth, etc. But you didn’t refute that fact. Why? You claim to have cut ties with Kelly and Craig but then state that he called you to talk shit about other people.

    Ask yourself this, what do you know that the DA and detectives don’t? Do you believe that the DA and detectives would put a witness on the stand that they didn’t believe? Do you believe they would jeopardize this high profile of a case with a witness that is lying or trying to hide something? In regards to legal matters, witnesses in trials and investigations are not allowed to speak to the media or anyone else for that matter. So why do you make it seem like this witness just came out of the woodwork to tell her story? She was obviously questioned beforehand. Why don’t you get on the stand and tell the authorities what you know? Are you afraid of what might come out?

    These accusations seem like personal vendettas instead of the truth. Why is that? Do you have something to do with this conspiracy? Are you trying to deflect guilt from yourself?

    The only thing you are correct about is that you don’t need a college education to lie; you also don’t need one to tell the truth. An education might have helped when writing your extended accusations in grammatical incorrect sentences. Lastly, “flawk” is spelled “flock.”

  11. The Truth Says:

    Again so defensive, why??????
    I am not being linked to this is and why, my life doesn’t need explaining but we know why yours does.
    Again since you can’t read I have always stated that I think Craig and Kelly are guilty!!
    So again how am I protecting anyone.
    My wife and I are not involved so you can continue to try and draw the attention away from yourself but it won’t work since we are good people that made a choice to walk away from bad people since we are good people and you chose to stay, I wonder why “Birds of a feather flawk together”
    My life needs no defense since I can provide anytime day or night my reputation, and you are having problems with yours and the world knows why now.
    Have I had my moments at clubs and what not? absolutely and I have never lied about that as you have lied about countless things which makes me creditable and you a liar which is fact now, once a liar always a liar.
    My wife is more of a respected person than you will ever strive to be so if I were you I would follow an example like her and not your beloved Kelly that only gets you involved in drugs and murder.
    I will never defend myself nor my wife to criminals like your self, your only goal is direct the attention off of the fact of your sexual experiences and heavy drug use with these murders and now that your name is mud you want others to be with you at the bottle of the pile.
    Misery needs company and that is what you are in search of and you won’t find it here.
    My name speaks for it self!! Am I being linked in anyway shape or form to this???? NO!!!
    Have I admitted to being there at the scene? No
    Have you?? YES.
    Maybe you should of gained some intelligence and left those losers when you had the chance instead of embrassing them!!!
    Again I have asked several questions and none have been answered and I can only assume that my suspicions are correct as the rest of the world now believes.
    Again Mrs, you can continue to come at me I have nothing to hide as I have always stated but you on the other hand are constantly hiding various things that only make you look the part of a liar and drug abuser.
    I will always tell the truth and I know that is hard for a liar like yourself to understand but again just so you know I have had my momments years ago parting at clubs with alot of friends and I had a great time as millions of other visitors that travel to Las Vegas do but your the only one that is denying it and we know why it’s because you just didn’t party like most of us do you took it to another level, murder and a cover up.
    Again any time day or night I can get dozens of people with statements to prove my honesty and we all know now that you can’t and your mad because the truth is out and you want to drag down anyone you can.
    You are the “Spawn of Satan” if you want my honest opinion.
    I have said before I think that you were there for the murder and I think you will be given some jail time your self so stop blaming others and grow up a little and act like an adult and stand accountable like the rest of us and quit showing that young age of yours and blame everyone but yourself like you were in High School or something,
    Maybe you will learn a vaulable lesson from this that the people you associate with can be what people percieve you to be as you have learned now.
    You may have to move from Vegas because you know how small this town is and your reputation is shot!!!
    Just take you lickings and shut your mouth and accept your faults and mistakes and maybe focus on the problem at hand and not lashing out at folks that have absolutely nothing to do with this crime.
    This is Craigs, Kellys and your faults so look no further than yourselves to blame for this, I wasn’t there and I would never have been there and if I had been, there is no doubt what so ever that the police would have been called if indeed I had nothing to hide, you chose to not call and I think it is because there was DNA that would have linked you to this murder and you covered your own behind!!!
    Again you can keep calling me names and my wife we encourage you too so we can again see how guilty you are that you have to come at us and we had nothing to do with this and first heard about it on the news unlike you knowing about this as the murder happened.
    We laugh at this entire thing because you were so stupid to be sucked into this lifestyle when there are so many others like myself that recognized it for what it was and walked away from losers, you decided to stay so now face the music.
    Next time pick your friends more carefully and don’t blame others for your stupidity!!!
    Enough said so now I can expect you to avoid all questions and not answer any of them since we already have our ideas of what happend and what type of people you are.
    I know alot of people in Las Vegas are going to avoid you like the plague.
    Me I have people calling me regularly to assocaite with us and to do business because we are honest people that don’t lie and break the law, you will never be able to say that about your self.
    Again please try and call me and my wife names so I can get more laughs, I think it’s great that you get so defensive when questioned because you know as well as I do that your screwed and by the way the DA does put people on the stand that aren’t the most creditable witnesses because thats all they have, for you not to know this I have to wonder how you got through the 10th grade.
    Those witnesses just get ripped apart as you will on live television and again I will be laughing because your entire life will be an open book and then the entire world will know how big of a liar you are and will be aware of your constant drug use and your affairs with the defendants.
    Good luck you will need it and I would start focusing on your defense and not me since I have nothing to hide as you have plenty.
    I think that you are attempting to pin this entire thing on Craig because he stop sleeping with you and now your mad and feel rejected!!
    Get over it, it wil happen again since your choice of people are terrible.
    I think your also mad at the fact that we were bright enough to see what was happening and we smelt the evil from miles and away and we walked away and you walked right into it like it was your comfort zone, so now deal with it!!!
    Go ahead call more names now since that is all you have!!!!
    Good luck with the murder trial, I hope you don’t do too much time behind bars.
    Just think that when you get out you can get a job as a correctional officer since you will have something in common with other criminals!!!!

  12. The Truth Says:

    Sorry I will use spell check next time.
    Didn’t know that this was being proof read for a thesis, did I spell everything right???
    You should have used spell check for your life and you would have avoided alot of mistakes!!
    Fresh out of college and your already proof reading, thats great but sweetheart most of us at your age had graduated years ago so don’t pat yourself on your back so quickly!

  13. M Says:

    The is so Genious. Megan has gone around acting like she is so innocent. “I don’t do drugs.” LIAR. This is great. She lied to friends, faimily and co-workers about the evening in question. Now everyone get’s to read, in her own works, what happened. Now everyone can go back and compare what she said to them then vs what she is saying now. Now everyone can sit back and read all about her and Jeremy’s drug habits. HAA.
    Oh and as a co-worker of her’s NEVER, not once did I every her any saddnes for Melissa. As a matter of fact I remember her saying “WHAT ABOUT MY WEDDING”.

  14. The Truth Says:

    Is it true that people in her office reported that they didn’t feel comfortable working around her and some left??
    It was mentioned that she left the company?
    Is there any truth to that??
    You are right that it is sad that she only thought of herself and her wedding while she knew that there had been a girl that she called a friend brutally murdered and burnt in a trunk of a car and she still only thought of herself and her wedding.
    We all now see this persons priorities!

  15. M Says:

    Yes, many people were uncomfortable by their actions, choices and show; some people got caught up. There are MANY people in this business that make the right choices, at the end of the day all we have is our word. You have made many statements as to their character and the way they get SO defensive and manipulate words. I thought I was the only one who saw through them.

    Yes she has left ssm.

  16. noname Says:

    M - Do you personally know Megan? If you do…please reveal yourself. She never spoke to co-workers about what happened, she never spoke to anyone around her that was not also involved in the situation…thanks to Criag and Kelly. With Ryan’s statement now being released, and others will surely follow, it is obvious that Craig and Kelly have involved EVERYONE around them at arm’s length. Why do you have such hostility towards Megan, again…I doubt you even know her so why so angry? Megan never considered Melissa a friend. She was an acquaintance…they saw eachother a couple times when Megan would work out there. Period, that was it. There wasn’t enough time for them to become friends. Give me a break M.

    Megan and Jeremy are not cold hearted people. They feel for Melissa and her family, it’s disgusting what has happened to her. People need to stop pinning that on them. If they had a crystal ball and knew that Melissa was dead, you have to believe that they would NEVER have gone over to their house.

  17. RC Says:

    you seem to know quite a bit about Megan and Jeremy; their thoughts, actions and state of mind. Perhaps, before asking M to reveal his/her name, you should do the same. All of us on this site are very interested in the truth and it sounds like you may know some close version of it.

  18. noname Says:

    All of you…and when I say that, I mean The Truth, M and The View, why don’t you venture off of this site, and go and visit getbig.com. The people over there seem to have a large enough brain to understand the FACTS of the case, and not venture from that. Obviously, all of you on this site, which we know names, yet they will be deleted if typed….are personally upset that they are not more involved with the case. The people that are involved aren’t even participating in this ridculous he said she said bullshit.

    Craig and Kelly murdered Melissa, then they burned her body in Kelly’s car. Stick to the facts guys, it’s not that difficult. We know that Anthony Gross had some involvement also. Don’t you think by now that if Megan or Jeremy had ANY type of involvement they too would be in jail right now and have already been charged with something? At least that would seem logical to me, but I guess I am wrong. You all on this site must be above the DA and the detectives on this case to know that Megan and Jeremy are guilty of something that they must have missed. Give me a fucking break! Are you kidding me? Trust me, you are not above the law. You hardly know anything about the case, at least when we are talking about facts, b/c you continue to repeat yourself over and over again. But, I could be wrong….you could know more than the detectives do b/c you are just that bright aren’t you The Truth? Maybe you should become a cop.

  19. noname Says:

    RC - I don’t need to reveal myslef. I disagree, no one on this site is interested in the truth, if they were, they would not be lashing out like they have…which has NOTHING to do w/ the case.

    I have been following the case, I have read the transcripts that are available and I have made up my own opinions of what has happened. I can see that Megan and Jeremy were brought into Craig’s dark circle that night…like he has done w/ so many other people.

    People say that her story has changed…what are they comparing it to? Am i missing something? I didn’t see another statement that was out for us to compare her Grand Jury statement to. If there is one out, will someone let me know or point it out to me so I can read it and also compare. Thanks!

  20. AF123 Says:

    I personally worked with Megan, and still currently work there. I can definately say that no one has left because of Megan and no one was uncomfortable working with her. My wife and I personally know her and Jeremy and they are good people. I too at one time was friends with Craig and Kelly, but they only seemed to come around when they needed something. Megan is a good person, a hard worker, and had no involvement whatsoever with this case beyond being dragged into it due to the selfishnish of Kelly and Craig. I still have a heart for Kelly, but unfortunately she is going down too. For whatever reason, she was not able to “let go” of her ties with Craig before helping in the murder of Melissa.

    I cannot believe the idiocy of the people that have written into this site. Why don’t you all go back to the drawing board and see who is sitting on trial right now, and who isn’t. They have got the people in jail that did the crime. Don’t point fingers at others that were dragged into this mess, innocently.

  21. RC Says:

    With the amount of replies to every post on this forum from day one of this case, the percentage of people who are questioning Megan And Jeremy is about 1%. Many names have been mentioned and many people have responded. This is the first time since mid-January that ANYONE has become as defensive as the people defending Megan and Jeremy have. It brings to mind the old saying “Me think thou dost protest too much”. If you think the people corresponding here are idiots, then please do as noname says and check out Getbig.com as well as www.freecraigtitus.com (NOT a pro Titus site as the name would suggest). Of the three, which I have read every post, this is the only site where intelligent people pose intellectual questions and bring up valid points. I am not defending or attacking anyone here, I am just stating the facts.

  22. The Truth Says:

    As things come to light and more attention is brought on an aspect of the case then so will most peoples thoughts and questions!!
    I think that the people that are still saying that Megan never changed her story need to read her statement on getbig.com as herself, Megan says that she changed her story to “protect Kelly” was her exact words!!!
    No one that I have read said that Megan and Jeremy had killed Melissa James but I know for myself that it raised alot of questions as to why she was there the night Melissa was murdered and also why she waited so long to contact the authorities!!
    Everyone is so defensive!!!
    If Megan and Jeremy are such saints then why the open ommission to a lie??
    Anytime a person changes their story in a murder investigation it usually raises eyebrows but for the few Megan and Jeremy fans you think they are above being responsible for their false statements???
    Would you feel the same way about Megan and Jeremy if it were your sister or best friend murdered and burnt in a trunk and the only people that knew about it never spoke up and then changed their stories when in fact if Craig and Kelly would’ve been caught before Melissa was set on fire the D.A would an enormous edge that they don’t have now thanks in part to Megan and Jeremy keeping quite why Craig and Kelly disposed of Melissa body by burning it.
    I hope one day you all sit back and realize the difference that Megan and Jeremy could have had on this case if they would’ve simply picked up the phone and made an anonymous phone call.
    I know I called crime stoppers myself when I heard of the news to offer any bit of help I could to bring these criminals to justice!!
    You people believe Megan and Jeremy did nothing wrong????
    Megan and Jeremy got screwed by the people they associate with, maybe all the people proclaiming to be Megan and Jeremy’s friends just might end up the same way!!!
    Again it is fact and not opinion that Megan changed her story and she is admitting that so please save your “they’re perfect” routine for idiots that can’t read her testimony!!!
    “Hooked on Phonics” for all you people that can’t read Megans statement and then come back on this forum and say your sorry for getting mad at people that only want the truth and want people that lie to stand accountable.
    If they were so loved at SSM then why did they leave????
    If Megans friends will defend a liar then it makes me wonder if their friends would lie for them as well??????

  23. slander&libel Says:

    Check this out.

  24. The Truth Says:

    Anything to direct the attention off of yourselves, that’s a new one!!!
    Funny how this site will not post things that have no truth nor support and yet again you have proven the quality of your honesty and your words!
    Thanks again for proving to all of us as you continue to show that you are indeed liars, GOOD JOB!!!
    Laughing again as always as we all read your comments!
    You should be focusing on your lie’s with your attorney so the D.A doesn’t try and put you in jail for making false statements since you know it’s a felony but, then again this isn’t the first time you have lied or broken the law is it??
    The only one in question is you and Jeremy for your involvement in a murder and then your lie’s to help cover it up or simply to give Craig and Kelly enough time to get out of town!!
    Again you have avoided all questions that more than one person has asked of your where abouts and your exact involvement and why the different stories!!
    I bet if you keep talking about other people that have absolutely no involvement that people will think that you are a good person again! NOT!!
    You have sealed your own fate now deal with it!!
    Everyone that has a brain on this planet knows that one someone is guilty that they always try and bring someone down with them and most important they make attempts to draw the attention off of them by fabricating stories to do so and we all know too well at how well you make stories up so keep up the good work and continue to make yourself look the part of a liar since that is what you are!!!
    We just want to know if an accomplice to murder will go along with your other title as a liar!!!!
    I love getting a good laugh at your posts and no we will not stop asking questions about why you were at Craig and Kelly’s home the night Melissa James was brutally murdered and body burnt in the desert!!
    How does Megan and Jeremy even sleep at night??
    A question a lot of people here in Las Vegas wonder and yet Megan and Jeremy refuse to answer simple questions about the night in question, I wonder why that is???
    Again I think Megan and Jeremy wanted the body burnt to get rid of any evidence that would put them behind bars!!
    Megan and Jeremy are proven liars at this point by their own words, I wonder if they will finally admit to being more involved then originally said???
    Megan says that she recently finished school??? most of us that have degree’s come away with greater knowledge and more wisdom, it looks like Megan had the reverse affect, Good Job!!!!
    Hopefully you didn’t have to pay too much for that degree that taught you nothing!!!!!
    I think it’s funny that you have to go to other sites to post your lie’s, shouldn’t that tell you something???
    You should try and teach yourself what most of us do on a daily basis and that is tell the truth and you will always be OK!!
    The saying goes “You made your own bed now ly in it”
    Megan and Jeremy please answer the questions at hand and please tell the truth this time because there is alot of us out here that are interested in hearing it unless we have to wait for the Attorney’s to ask the questions in the trial and then we can all watch you squirm in your witness chair and watch the Attorney’s provide evidence and testimony to prove your status as a compulsive liar!!!!
    How does it feel to know that no one knows whether to believe you when you talk since you are now viewed as a liar???
    Is it frustrating???
    Again why did it take you sooooo long to call the police???
    Why after Craig and Kelly admitted to killing Melissa and stuffing her poor body in their trunk did you not call the police????
    Are you more involved then you have led on to be????
    Why did you change your story???
    Did you wait to call the police to give Craig and Kelly more time to get out of the country????
    Why do you feel that urgency to help murder’s???
    Do you make it a habit of asscociating with murder’s???
    Why would you feel that you needed to protect a person that openly admitted to killing one of your friends????
    I get sick to my stomach just thinking about how you all stood around in their house talking about the murder and still stayed for hours!!
    I know I speak for a lot of people when I say I would have left, no question about it because most people would be sick to think that a murder had just taken place right under my nose!!
    Unless the people staying in the house knew about the murder and were involved on some level!!!!
    I will continue to ask questions of your involvement until you answer the questions unless your Attorney has sid not to so you don’t incriminate yourself.
    We all know that you had to hire an Attorney because you needed one so you don’t end up behind bars with your partners!!
    Just so you know that it only makes you look stupid but there are eye witnesses of you stuffing your tounge down Craigs throat in the middle of a night club in the Hard Rock Hotel while Kelly’s back was turned, what is your comment about this???
    I think you should feel luck that Kelly didn’t find out what was going on behind her back because you could’ve been where Melissa is and that is scary!!
    What would one expect though if someone is stupid enough to throw themselves at someone else’s husband in front of hundreds of people!!
    Craig was asked about this and he said he didn’t know what to do that you just simply grabbed him and stuffed your tounge down his throat and Craig begged the rest of us not to say anything, how do you respond to that Megan????????
    I’m telling you the more you say the more that comes out and the more you look the part of a Liar, accomplice to murder and now an adultrice!!
    Is there anything good that you have done lately because you have done enough of the unthinkable that there has to be something good we all just have to dig deep!!!

  25. walksthetalk Says:

    Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and it stinks.

  26. AF123 Says:

    You, THE TRUTH… is the only one that has written into this site. You have changed your “sign in” name..but, you continue to just to repeat yourself over and over and over again. I too was w/ you guys at the Hard Rock..nice try, once again. Megan has never kissed Craig, unlike what you can say about your wife, whom has slept w/ him in front of Kelly, which is the real reason why they stopped being friends. It had nothing to do w/ the loan that Megan did for them. Once you get done pointing the finger and Megan and Jeremy maybe you would finally realize that they had nothing to do w/ the murder of Melissa James. If they did, they too would be on trial right now right along w/ Craig and Kelly. Just b/c Megan withheld that Kelly shot Melissa in the leg w/ morphine, does not make her a murderer. Her story has not changed, she just refrained from telling the detectives this during her first statement. This does not make her a liar. Get over yourself… the funny thing is… we use to be friends too… now is your head spinning??

    If I were Megan, I would be suing you for slander….you better be careful or maybe she’ll take my advice.

  27. AF123 Says:

    Also, you really need to reflect on yourself and stop wondering what it is that other people are doing. Do you not sleep at night? Do you feel guilty that you had some involvement in this case? As much as you write on here, I really feel that you must know something that the rest of us don’t. Please share, I would love to hear it! We don’t care about your opinions of Megan and Jeremy, b/c it is obvious that it is ONLY your opinions that are on here.

    If I do recall, you were the one that told someone that you were going to kill him and his family if he didn’t pay you on a transaction, when your dumb ass let your license expire! Get the facts straight you moron! You are correct about one thing, this is a VERY small town, and trust me, all of us in the real estate business have heard our fair share of your issues and faults. It’s funny that I haven’t heard anything bad about Megan and Jeremy accept from you!

  28. nik123 Says:

    I have a question for you THE TRUTH…
    Why is it that you have only continued to question Megan and Jeremy when Ryan bought Craig, a convicted felon a taser gun? And Amanda was obviously involved in some shape or form, yet you have not crucified her thru your writings. Please let me know, this too is something that is very bothersome. How is your business doing by the way? It sucks to be a broker right now with rates going up, doesn’t it? Remember, it’s a small world here in Las Vegas!!

  29. slander&libel Says:

    Very good question, AF, I was wondering the same damn thing.

  30. AF123 Says:

    Ok, I’m getting EXTREMELY annoyed. Every time I put up a certain person’s name, it is removed. I won’t write it, b/c if I do, I know it will be removed no matter what.

    ADMINISTRATOR- Why is it that EVERY time I write Caron or Jami’s name, it is removed from your site?? I asked you if you were getting “kick backs” from him, which is why it is removed, and instead of answering the question head on….IT GOT ERASED!! Oh how strange that is….I must wonder why..and I’m sure that other’s would be wondering also if they knew it was happening!! I AM NOT MEGAN OR JEREMY OR ANY OTHER PERSON THAT HAS A TESTIMONY OUT…so why is it that my opinions are erased but others aren’t? It is tooooooo obvious that you 2 or 3 must have something going on on the side or this would not happen ON A REGULAR BASIS. Let me guess…this won’t get posted either.

  31. noname Says:

    Wow, I sense some anger here….maybe you should pay attention Mr. Webmaster!

  32. jaydub14 Says:

    THis case consumes my whole day at work.. wow. I wish i was there so i could answer all of the questions. obviously this site isn’t that bad if it brings out people that are involved in some way(with the accused) But the one question i have that is a lil off topic….. Is everyone out in vegas fucking each other… blasting rails….doing steriods… and oh ya are they all involved in real estate?.. What a bunch off falldowns!

  33. RC Says:

    it’s not annoyance you are experiencing, it’s called paranoia. Jeez, calm down!

  34. jaydub14 Says:

    Today i’m back on yet again just reading any and every post i can find… i keep hearing that witnesses involved are liars and everything else in the book. “How could someone be friends with someone that could commit murder”?? I’ll tell you how coming from a simular situation as this…. No one wants to “rat” on a friend… 9 out of 10 people turn a blind eye to things.. even something as serious as this, they don’t want to be involved even if they have answers. You get caught in a situation like megan and jeremy, what do you do?.. They tried to cover/ play dumb for a couple of friends.. and we have all been there in one situation or another where we played dumb. Again i’m not downplaying the seriousness of this. One thing i can tell you is that megan and jeremy were quit to tell everything that they know. The question i have is what was there motive? This “the truth” character says things about them will come out… and if thats the case what would stop craig and kelly from changing there tune aswell once trial starts?… what i think mr. “the truth” is that nothing will come out about them because it is very obvious that something already had… hense the statements. This megan isn’t a stand up women that couldn’t live with knowing… she is a las vegas squid that gave up her friends to save herself and her night club fall down boyfiend. Not saying they were involved in the crime itself…. a quick police officer could make them think they were. My point is they didnt come forward because they are good people they came forward becuase a cop can fool an idiot anyday. Lets just hope this trial doesn’t get put over time and time again until it like 2010 and this megan character “doesn’t remember’ or any other witness for that matter.

  35. kate Says:

    she can’t get her damn story straight and that is plain to see. and she is just like ryan and titus…dumb as a box of rocks.

  36. AF123 Says:

    Hi Kate!

    What’s your problem? She’s a lot more intelligent than you will ever be. At least she is smart enough to tell the truth. It’s a lot more than you and the others on this site can say for themselves.

  37. jaydub Says:

    Again “AF123″.. IF it was a matter of her being smart or being a stand up type of person… she would have said what happend when first questioned. But she played dumb… the police tied her and Jeremy to this whole thing so they fuckin turned RAT! God vegas is entertaining thats for sure…. drug addicts representing it on this site anyways.

  38. observer Says:

    IMO, this is just the tip of the iceburg. Megan and Jeremy better get used to having their lives put on public display. Come trial time the defense is going to rip them apart in an attempt to discredit them. Based on the comments they have made here and on getbig, that should not be hard to do. They need to get over themselves and realize they aren’t fooling anyone by posting under false handles and trying to discredit people who have seen them do drugs, etc. It is all going to come out in the trial. Megan should stop wasting her time attacking everyone who says something negative about her and start focusing on a new career. Once all the dirt on her comes out, she won’t have any creditibility left in the real estate market.

  39. CKone Says:

    What about Melissa? Everyone on here keeps talking about who’s screwing who and all the crap going on in Vegas. I was very upset to hear that she was dead. Melissa and I went to the The Rock church in Panama City, FL. I was 18 while she was 13, but we all hung out together. All of it was “clean fun.” Our church was the “all or nothing” kind; Either you were involved totally, or you didn’t stay very long. I went for about 2 years, and I remember Melissa being there every Sunday and Wednesday nights for the youth group. Many of us went our seperate ways after high school, so I don’t know who all she got involved with after that or what she was into. I do know that she had a good Christian seed planted early in her life, so I know her soul is at peace. Whoever was involved with her murder will get what’s coming to them in one way or another.

  40. AF123 Says:

    Jaydub - Megan and Jeremy were never tied to what Kelly and Craig did. Are you crazy? Megan is the one that called the detectives…are you confused? She did not get hunted down by them for questioning. Megan and Jeremy gave their statements before Craig and Kelly got caught. They did everything they any upstanding person would have done. If you knew what happened are you telling me that you wouldn’t have “turned” on your friends. This isn’t even about Kelly and Craig, this is about a person that was brutally murdered, Melissa James. Who gives a shit when they spoke to the detectives, or when they did anything…it doesn’t matter! Melissa was alreade dead, there was nothing that they could have done about it. From what I have heard, it was planned for weeks! No one knew but Craig! What do you think Megan and Jeremy should have done instead? Not spoke to the detectives at all? Withhold evidence and be in jail right now along with them? No, instead they gave justice to the person that deserves it, Melissa.

    How is the defense going to rip them apart? They did nothing wrong! If they had, I’m sure they would be in jail right now also, or on house arrest along with Anthony.

    Do you guys understand that we have the #1 Homocide team in the United States here in Las Vegas. Megan and Jeremy are guilty of nothing.

  41. RC Says:

    Melissa was already dead? What could they have done? From what you heard it had been planned for weeks? You are the most idiotic person yet to post on this site. If Melissa was already dead, but still in the house, call the cops ASAP so they can get DNA that has now long since been destroyed. If ANYONE knew it was planned, they too, should have called the cops ASAP! If anyone would have done this Melissa would still be alive. Where the hell are you from? Of course it matters when the police were contacted. By waiting, they gave Craig and Kelly a chance to destroy any evidence and has also been pointed out, any linkage of Megan and Jeremy’s involvement. Waiting was nothing but self serving ass saving!

  42. jane Says:

    I have known Megan for over five years and I can vouch for her credibility, intelligence and determination. Mr. Truth, I feel for you. I can feel a lot of pain coming out of you, but come on get a life. Don’t you have passtimes, loves, follies -hopes wishes dreams. Put this all behind you. Life is for the living. I met Megan five years ago before she met Jeremy, before she completed college. Everything- she said she would accomplish she did. She is honest, christian and very righteous. I remember the now tragic day that she came and told me that she was going to be a body builder and that she had met her role model Kelly Ryan. She said to me,”I just met her. I am going to study under her.” With starry eyes she spoke of training. It seemed she trained with Kelly every day two hours running on the treadmill, lifting weights, eating 7 small meals a day. You don’t witness that kind of determination. As with all of her accomplishments I was dumbfounded and awed. I can’t even diet as hard as I try. I definitely can not run consistently waking early to get miles in on the treadmill. It brought back all of the accomplishments that she said she would and did accomplish and I am talking of MANY. She was a dreamy idealistic youth who really did get caught up with the wrong people. She had completed college and was finding success in her business and in a way I feel she was really manipulated by these people. I remember her telling me about her costumes for the contest- 1000 dollars. However that is the kind of person she is. She puts 100% into all of her endeavers. I remember when she told me that she loved Jeremy and she was marrying the man of her dreams. She does everything to perfection - I remember her showing me the perfect wedding dress, modeling the perfect shoes, selecting the perfect venue. I think she had a lot of love and admiration for Kelly. I remember the fateful day when everything surfaced on the news. I called her. She sounded so dismayed even heart broken. I saw Jeremy before they got married- who ever longs to have friends who are of such low calibar that they are capable of murder- he was heartbroken. You could see the pain in his face behind a quiet smile. He always tries to be positive and strong. I know how much Megan loves him. This really is a tragedy. When someone gave me the newspaper that had her testimony in it. I felt how truly attacked she is. She is a beautiful bright light that evil is trying to tear apart. Why be so cruel mr. Truth. You probably felt hurt by kelly and craig also. It is tragic and it shows us all why we shouldn’t do cocaine and crystal meth. because it destroys peoples consciences and destroyed Melissa Kelly and Craig.Why attack anyone for their follies. We all have night club antics we regret in time. This is NOT the equivalent of murder. Why be accusatorial. Lets move forward towards healing.And Megan if you are looking at this I told you not to read this trash.

  43. meganiscrazy Says:

    i love that megan has her cell phone number posted on the internet. what an idiot? i would love to call her and tell her that she is just as stupid as kelly and craig…why didn’t you call the police? i say you..because we know she reads these posts. so why didn’t you call the police? if i found out my friend killed someone, i would slip out…and go straight to the police station and tell them to go over there and check things out!!!! but nope—-You were scared? Are you serious? Oh and l love the comeback from AF123. SHE ISN’T STUPID- YOU ARE….NA NA NA NA!!! Are you five years old? The comment about Megan being stupid came from her constant…UM HMM and UMMMMM UHHHHH during the hearing. Seriously, use your vocabulary and answer questions like an adult.
    Megan hid a murder and that is all there is to it.

  44. meganiscrazy Says:

    NONAME..another genius on the board. You yourself said to “read the fucking transcripts” right? And you also said “IF AT ANY TIME THEY THOUGHT MELISSA WAS DEAD, OR THAT MELISSA WAS DEAD AT CRAIG AND KELLY’S HOUSE…THEY NEVER EVER WOULD HAVE GONE OVER THERE!! ‘

    So why would these very ethical and moral people then hide a murder?? Why would they not tell authorities? Why would they just go on as normal? Please tell me!!!!

    If you say that she didn’t know, you are wrong. She said she knew while at the house!

    This isn’t about being guilty by association. This is about concealing a murder!!! Why are you that are defending their actions not educated enough to understand that.

    The transcripts of her testimony prove her wrong doing. Yes she says at first she didn’t take him seriously but she states by the time she left, she did take him seriously. So when they left, her and her boyfriend obviously had to discuss that they were just informed that their friends committed a murder. They made a CONSCIOUS decision to NOT tell the police. Were they ever going to if Kelly and Craig didn’t get caught. This all just speaks volumes of the type of person she is. Horrible. Not smart. Liar.


    These are straight from her mouth.

    ” I was very freaked out. I was very scared. You could just tell by the energy that something was not right, that something had gone on in there.
    Craig jut walked in and started talking about it and that’s how, he started talking more about how he said that he killed Melissa

    Q: And then you also said that he said he killed Melissa?

    A: Yes
    Later on he said we’re really going to miss her, I wish that it didn’t have to go down like this, just comments that lead you to believe that when he’s saying we’re going to miss here, that she’s no longer here, not that she was shipped away on a weekend to go to Florida

    Q: Was there any discussion between Craig or Kelly with you about what they were going to do with Melissa’s body.

    A: Yes Q: By the time you leave the house do you have any idea where Melissa is?

    A: Yes

    Q: And how do you come upon that knowledge?

    A: I believe it was Craig that said that said that she was in the trunk of the car.

    Q: When and where does he make that statement?

    A: It was downstairs, maybe half an hour before we left.

    Q: And what do you guys do at that point?

    A: Just talking again. I can’t remember exactly, just talking more about it. I think he was saying how he was going to get rid of the body. Before that he said she was in the trunk.

    Q: So you leave at this point and you feel like something has gone wrong?

    A: Uh-huh

    Q: Is that a yes?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Do you call the police?

    A: No

    Q: Why not?

    A: I was scared. Very threatened by Craig.

    Q: Do you know exactly what went on at this point?

    A: From A to Z, no.

    Q: Did some of it not make sense to you?

    A: Absolutely.

  45. meganiscrazy Says:

    For all of you out there saying that Megan couldn’t have done anything, don’t you think they would have said that about Kelly and Craig before they knew they committed murder? Of course they would have said that because Kelly was Megan’s best friend. You don’t usually think the people you are close to are capable of things like that. That is why there are depositions, testimony, and investigations..to bring out facts. We don’t rely on what we “think” people might do. In our judicial system, we rely on facts. Not opinions. So, to all of the people defending the accused, your comments are just opinions, nothing more. You know nothing more than anyone else. The only people who know, are the people that were there. And, I am sorry, your friend Megan was stupid enough to put herself at that crime scene, ignore a murder, and now she must deal with the conscequences which is a tarnished reputation and hopefully some kind of criminal responsibility. There is nothing she can do to change that.

  46. meganiscrazy Says:

    I am more and more intrigued as I read through this.
    You say:
    ” you have to believe that they would NEVER have gone over to their house. ”

    I also would like to believe that once they were over there, if they found out that she was dead….or even injured and drugged, they would call the police.

    And you have no idea who she did and did not talk to during that time. You weren’t with her every second.

    If you are going to defend this woman, at least do it with a little intelligence.

  47. meganiscrazy Says:

    Oh my gosh…. DUH!!!!

    AF123 Says:

    “she just refrained from telling the detectives this during her first statement. This does not make her a liar.”


  48. jaydub14 Says:

    af123….I’m just saying they got tied to it by the police thats why they changed there story….i’m not confused at all i just read all the info on the net and try and put events together for my own personal reasons. YOU even said yourself she held back information in her first statment. Again for the last fuckin time the police could have turned it around. THen megan came clean with the whole story. Tell me why she came clean the second time?……… why not state everything the first? “Covering for mrs. Ryan”…. they why the change of heart?

  49. youranidiot Says:

    By running out of the house and calling the police, without any knowledge other than half-truths and ramblings, who’s life does that save? Unfortunately, not melissa’s. But it does save hers. I’d like to see the high and mighty on this website put in the same situation and see how they’d react. Are you going to run to the police?

  50. yesyouareanidiot Says:

    To youranidiot: Well, yeah, actually I would call the police if I knew there was a dead body in the trunk of their car, or even suspected it. If you were afraid they were going to kill you as you imply, why would they tell you all that information and then let you go? Your logic is terribly flawed…

    You are fighting and fighting to make yourself out to be the hero, when in reality it is plain to see you just found yourself caught between a rock and a hard place and had no choice but to tell your story. You are fooling no one but yourself. Give it a rest.

  51. noyourtheidiot,idiot Says:

    Why would they tell anybody anything like they did? Noboby is claiming to be a hero. Nobody wants to be involved. However, for those that wish they were involved this is their only way.

  52. jaydub Says:

    noyourtheidiot,idiot…. good handle…. they rated cause the police had something on them that made them come clean… again i’m not saying they were involved but the man had something on them that made them come clean after the first statement that was made.

  53. uh..yeah Says:

    Yes, most of us would have told the police. When she left, she said she knew that she was dead and in the house. So, NO I would not have RUN out of there. That wouldn’t have been smart. I would have have left just as she did, but then made the decision to call the cops. She knew they had a plan to dispose of the body, (see transcript if you can’t remember). She knew it wasn’t going to be until the next day. She should have gone to the police and told them so that they could have gone over there and found the truth. Just like others have said, it would have been so beneficial to everyone involved, including herself. The evidence would have been there, not burnt. There would have been closure, not this game they are going through now. It makes complete sense to have done the right thing. People who wouldn’t have gone to the police, well you frankly scare me. I can’t imagine keeping that to myself, just because”Well she was already dead and it wouldn’t bring her back.” That’s like saying, why arrest anyone? She’s already gone, right?

    You demeanor and ethics are frightening!!!!

  54. noyourtheidiotidiot Says:

    uh….yeah…you’re wrong once again. Read the transcripts, it wasn’t the next day. They left around 2ish, per the transcripts, and Kelly was at Walmart by 3ish…that’s not much time to do anything! Let’s say they would have called, by the time cops would have even listened to their crazy story that they were told by Craig and Kelly, the damage would have already been done.

  55. noyourtheidiotidiot Says:

    Less than an hour, is not the NEXT day last time I checked. Just clarifying…per the transcripts. It wasn’t THE NEXT DAY.

  56. CKone Says:

    I may be getting off the subject, but oh well. Yeah, I won a show once. One of my best friends also competed. I moved to Atlanta in ‘95 and then saw my friend again at the NPC nationals there in ‘98. Before I moved, this guy would not even think of taking a toke off a joint much less anything else. By ‘98 he was doing ecstasy and GHB. He was doing what his “hero” pro bodybuilding friends were doing. I hung out with him and did the same only to fall victim of GHB. That crap (GHB) was my best friend for about 3 years. Anyway, I originally thought all pros were totally dedicated to bodybuilding and not anything else. Wrong answer! I think Melissa (God bless her soul) was hanging with her mentors and got caught up with the things they were doing. I think that Kelly also fell victim too. Craig should have been the stability factor and the maker of the right decisions. He should have been the “man of the house.” Obviously not. He is the bad boy of the whole thing. He has basically wasted two lives other than his own. Kelly looks to be deeply distressed over the whole thing while Craig still has his God complex. So be it. I worked the SMU(special management unit) at a Max security prison in GA for about 3 months. Evidently his “drug charge” prison wasn’t tough enough to learn a lesson. Craig will end up being in a similar prison that I worked. Since he is not a gang member, he will probably get raped and shanked. Oh well. Life is all about decisions. Take a look at the past Olympia winners. The last three had nothing to do with the California lifestyle. Let’s face it; drugs were a major player in Melissa’s death. I’m sure Melissa was caught up in their lifestyle, but I can’t condemn her for that. I would have probably done the same given the success both Craig and Kelly had acheived. I lived with a Marine force recon sniper, who had been discharged for 3 mental conditions, and his girlfriend who were hooked on ICE(yeah, really smart of me huh?). Anyway, logical thinking was down the drain with these two. I think the same thing happened with Craig and Kelly. If Craig were in the Mafia, they would have already 86′d his sorry ass for such a stupid thing. Well, I’ve written enough for now. I remember Melissa in her “glory days” at the church and hurt inside to the fact that she is gone. If all of you had known her at that time, you might have a different opinion of her. Choices we make today affect us tomorrow. Stay out of trouble everyone, and you’ll be okay for the future. - Chris

  57. CKone Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot. About Megan and Jeremy; I’m not so sure what they should have done. If Craig and Kelly were all drugged up, I probably would have not taken them seroius. I guess you would have to be there to make a true statement as to what you would have done. I don’t know them, and I’ve never even heard of them until I read this column. I am glad of the statements made by Megan. I’m not so sure the police could have obtained a search warrant with a statement made by either of them the night of the murder. It takes some sort of solid evidence for the police to get fully involved. If they had gone to the police right away, a report might have been filed but everything probably would have still happened the same way it did. Maybe Megan and Jeremy would have seemed more credible if that had happened. However, Kelly was Megan’s mentor so she probably didn’t want to think that it was true. Just a thought in my opinion.

  58. CKone Says:

    Oh, one more thing(I just can’t get off here for some reason). If Megan and Jeremy had called the police, they may have questioned Craig outside the house. Then, he may have gotten really paranoid and disposed of Melissa in a hole and buried her body. The entire case might have gone “cold” if it happened that way. Maybe things turned out for the best as far as convictions go.

  59. CJohnson Says:

    I completely agree with you CKone. A lot of people seem to be attacking Megan and Jeremy on this site as if they are the ones that murdered Melissa. They people that are involved in this case, and are guilty of something, are either in jail, or on house arrest. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t have acted any differently. It is very easy for others to read what has happened and have thier own opinion about it as if they would have called the police as soon as they left. It seems to me that Megan and Jeremy handled the situation best they could. It’s obvious that this whole situation hasn’t been easy for them either. Because of Megan’s testimony, Melissa and her family are going to have justice. Luckily Kelly and Craig were stupid enough to have wrapped so much around Melissa’s head that it mumiphied her head and upper body which was where all the evidence layed.

  60. uhyeah Says:


    My bad, you are right. The transcripts do say that the body was found burnt early on the 14th. So, they must have bought everything shortly after she left.

    That still doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t have told the police. Who knows what would have happened. We don’t know when she actually left. In the same transcript she says once she left at 2:30 and then when re-examined by a juror, she says she left for sure left before 2:00. Another reason to doubt her. She can’t get her story straight.

    She could have told the cops. I am sure she wasn’t sitting there going…”Geez I could call them, but I am sure Kelly will have bought the fluid and burnt her already!!!” NOPE. Doesn’t work that way kids.

    You never know if those cops would have gotten to them at home…or on the road before she was burnt.

    Doesn’ t matter now though, huh. They did it. It’s done. They have to live with the guilt. All of them. And you have to deal with your own crap for supporting people who lie and murder. Your problem, not mine.

  61. uhyeah Says:


    Great posts..very interesting.

    Just to comment on what you said about whether or not to tell the cops. I can see your point, if they didn’t know it was true that something had gone on. But, Megan testified before a Grand Jury that she did believe that Melissa was dead and she did believe they were going to dispose of her body. She testified that she didn’t believe it at first, but that before she left their home, she believe it. So, that kinda throws that out.

    As for the search warrant thing, very true as well. But the police would have been required to at least do a “welfare check”, which involves them going to the house to question the couple. Even if they didn’t search the entire house. But, I am sure more would have been involved if Megan would have gone to the police with the statements that were made directly to her and a bag that was handed to her by Craig before she left the house with a stun gun inside of it.

  62. CJohnson Says:

    uh yeah. You are doubting someone b/c of a half hour difference in time when she left the house? Give us all a break….that does not make her an uncredible witness.

  63. gamecockfan Says:

    ?? Who bought the tazer gun? Who was it registered too? Where was it found? So far we only have megan and jeremy’s side to this story

  64. AF123 Says:

    Ryan bought the taser gun. Craig asked him to, didn’t you read the statement on the 1st page of this website?? Ryan Chastain’s testimony??? Craig asked him to stop by the taser gun store and pick it up for him…Craig knew this meant that he had to register it in Ryan’s name since he was the one paying for it. Craig being a felon, he is not allowed to purchase such items. Megan willingly came forward w/ the taser gun and turned it over to the authorities.

  65. h Says:

    woah a half an hour is a long time kids. anything can happen in a half hour. wake up dude

  66. shockandawe Says:

    This thread is one of the most vicious I’ve read. I don’t say that because I haven’t thought or said or posted some of the same, but it does speak to one thing: People need to assign blame and attack one another for blood.

    Look, I understand all of the feelings and volatility of this case… I used to be friends with both of them, separately, prior to them getting together. And our friendships, collectively, went by the wayside, because Craig pitted me and Kelly against each other and was a real jackass. I did a lot for that guy, in trying to help him get straight, or at least lead a more normal life, during and after his first prison stint. He didn’t care. He threw it all away out of selfishness, arrogance and drug addiction even back then… So this case has crushed me in ways that most of you cannot imagine. History is history, no matter how badly it ended. I can relate to MPF and her husband, and Amanda and her boyfriend too for this very reason. If it’s difficult to even imagine for those of you in shock, but who didn’t know them, imagine what it’s like for someone who knew them for YEARS?

    Here’s what I have to add:

    I do agree that MPF and her fiance needed to step up a little sooner. However, I know how freaky a situation like this probably was, though, having been threatened by Craig many times over the course of a year, and having my friendship with Kelly at one time (a good one that I enjoyed when she was normal), stolen from me because of his need to isolate the women in his life.

    I must admit, when MPF told her story for the grand jury, I was torn… On one hand, I actually cannot understand why she withheld things from the cops for any length of time over 24 hours. I would think that would be the reasonable “freaked out incubation period”, but this went on a bit too long. They had to know it would come out and that they’d be called to tell it.

    However, I also know that when she talked of the night, and how uneasy they were hearing all of this, and seeing how odd they were acting and freaked out, etc.., that it must have been scary. In fact, her description.. it was weird, I almost pictured being there in her shoes and how I would feel and it felt scarier than hell!

    You know, the truth is, and I’m just going to call a spade a spade:
    I knew Craig very well and if it had been me at the house, at the time I was friends with him, and he would have said he murdered someone, I would have felt in my gut that the same could have happened to me - easily. I felt the fear well up in my stomach as she told it. I know how I’d feel… I’d be afraid that if I reacted, or left too hastily, I’d be murdered too. Swear to God, even one glance between the two, in reaction to my reaction, would have made me feel, “Oh shit… it’s going to happen to me.”

    So bottom line, even though it makes my stomach turn to know that they stayed in the house and contemplated watching a movie, or chit-chatting, I still feel that that was probably the smartest move. I’m sure it was f’ing surreal!

    But here’s the kicker, and I just have to say it, guys:
    I guess it comes down to confidence, age, experience and self-esteem (all of which I have had the luxury of developing over MPF and her husband): If they were freaked out or scared, the friendship thing was officially and irrevocably off once they learned their “friends” took someone’s life. It isn’t about approval or protection anymore, it’s about getting your ass out and getting to the cops to do the right thing and see to it that something like this cannot slip through the cracks.

    I don’t think they are bad people. I think they found themselves in an impossibly hard situation, where they were stunned, hurt, shocked, freaked out, upset, disgusted, wanted to run and hide and NOT be a part of it, etc…
    So I am not being overly critical here, just logical…

    Here’s the crux:
    Had they gone straight to the police, they’d have caught C&K with a murdered, bound, gagged, and duct taped Melissa in their trunk - probably either at Wal-Mart, at the gas station, or en route to the remote locale where the fire was ignited. With them at the scene WITH the body, it would truly be open and shut. No chances of wrangling and more chances to hear the real story - which we may never ever know.

    I don’t think MPF and her now husband have to question themselves about their choices now, but I have to say, God help them for the rest of their natural lives if C&K get off on a technicality because DNA evidence was allowed to sit or be destroyed, and things tampered with, or if they are able to get an “innocent” verdict and clearance of charges, or greatly reduced ones, because they could not place the two “at the scene of the crime” or “red-handed next to the body itself”!

    Truly… God help them and their consciences if that happens. They’ll have a lot to answer for. It would then prove to be one of the most senseless acts of the case - not telling in time.

    Everyone makes mistakes, but God almighty… that would be a very, very grave one.

  67. fred lox Says:

    same old shit! i suppose you wan’t bertil fox free as well. don’t do drugs guys & no one dies




  69. Desha Says:

    I am writing a book for Craig Titus right now. He is detailing everything that happened before and after the death of Melissa James. If anybody has any information about Megan Pierson Foley or Jeremy Foley in regard to what happened that night, or past drug habits, behaviors while they were friends with Kelly would you please message me on my facebook in box. My name is Desha Owens, and the information will remain annonymous. I have the facts from Kelly, Craig, and a few others, but anyone that has any more information please let me know. Any story or lead could be helpful. There has been books written; however, they were published years before the trial. This book will explain everything in detail, and answer questions that have never been told before. Neither Craig or Kelly will receive any money from this book.

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