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Grand Jury Transcripts - Megan Pierson Foley

No this is not an April Fool’s joke. The entire transcript from Megan Foley’s testimony is now available for you to read. Thanks to the folks at Getbig.com, this is the first of many transcripts to come. They got it right by starting with the most compelling bit of testimony.

Some quotes from the testimony…

Q: What did you do as a result of the fact Kelly was thinking there was something in her glasses?
A: She said that she also found a Kinetico brochure in Melissa’s room so she though she was doing something, tampering with the water, so went went out to the garage to look at the water softener and Jeremy looked at the salt.

Q: What did Jeremy do?
A: He picked the lid off the bin with the salt and set it on top of the Jaguar.

Q: Did all four of you go out in the garage to look at the water softener?
A: No, just Jeremy, myself and Kelly.

Q: What was Kelly’s demeanor like when she was in the garage at that time?
A: Freaked out

Q: What do you mean by that?
A: Very uneasy. When Jeremy set the lid down on her car she about jumped out of her skin and that again that another hint where him and I started to put things together that something was not right.

Q: What do you guys do next?
A: Just keep talking, just small talk to be honest, nothing really. I think we were going to go upstairs to watch a movie.

Q: How do you feel about staying in their house at that point?
A: I was very freaked out. I was very scared. You could just tell by the energy that something was not right, that something had gone on in there.

“I was very freaked out. I was very scared.” - This we believe, but why on God’s green earth do you go upstairs to watch a movie? And really, what did you think would be accomplished by looking at the water softner? Would you really be able to tell there was morphine in it?

We weren’t there and don’t know all the facts, we can only imagine that Ms. Foley was scared out of her mind to be in the middle of this. She had become best friends with Kelly and she was to be in Megan’s wedding.

Ms. Foley does state…

Q: Do you call the police?
A: No

Q: Why not?
A: I was scared. Very threatened by Craig.

In Megan’s defense - who wouldn’t be scared in this situation? If you’d like to read the entire transcript visit GETBIG.com and let us know your thoughts on her testimony. Again we are here to offer facts on the case, occasional opinions and make no claim to know what really happened at any point in this case. We in no way shape or form claim Megan is a liar. We fully believe she was scared and unfortunately became part of this mess. The question is, did she tell the Grand Jury everything and will the defense find holes in her story? Only time will tell…

Entire transcript here.

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