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When we read the recent story in the Las Vegas Review Journal it had us convinced that Megan Pierson hung Craig and Kelly out to dry. It appeared that Ms. Pierson gave chilling details that incriminated Titus and Ryan. The story was the first to name Megan by name and quoted many of her statements to the Grand Jury. We’ve since read the entire transcript from the Grand Jury testimony and it paints a much different picture then what Glenn Puit did in his story “GRAND JURY TRANSCRIPTS: Friend: Pair told of violence”. Mr. Puit picked key quotes from the testimony to sensationalize what Ms. Pierson said. In the full testimony, Ms. Pierson comes across nervous and appeared as if she is hiding something. We weren’t there so we can only speculate but based off from the Grand Jury testimony, we feel the defense will be able to discredit many of the things she stated. Why? Simply because her story and the facts don’t add up. We’re confident there is much more to this story then what was told to the Grand Jury.

We’ll report more on this in the coming days…

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