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When we read the recent story in the Las Vegas Review Journal it had us convinced that Megan Pierson hung Craig and Kelly out to dry. It appeared that Ms. Pierson gave chilling details that incriminated Titus and Ryan. The story was the first to name Megan by name and quoted many of her statements to the Grand Jury. We’ve since read the entire transcript from the Grand Jury testimony and it paints a much different picture then what Glenn Puit did in his story “GRAND JURY TRANSCRIPTS: Friend: Pair told of violence”. Mr. Puit picked key quotes from the testimony to sensationalize what Ms. Pierson said. In the full testimony, Ms. Pierson comes across nervous and appeared as if she is hiding something. We weren’t there so we can only speculate but based off from the Grand Jury testimony, we feel the defense will be able to discredit many of the things she stated. Why? Simply because her story and the facts don’t add up. We’re confident there is much more to this story then what was told to the Grand Jury.

We’ll report more on this in the coming days…

7 Responses to “Sensationalism”

  1. The Viewer Says:

    Miss, Stephanie,
    How can I say, I told ya so just doesn’t cover it!!
    Please keep quite unless you can comment on something that doesn’t make you look like you are hiding something as well.
    “Stephanie, your creditability is as worthless as Craig, Kelly, Jeremy and Megan!
    Stepanie, stay off the drugs and then comment so we all don’t waste our time reading your posts.

  2. The Viewer Says:

    “Stephanie” come on now stop hiding and use your real name, the whole world knows about you now.
    Tell the truth so you can try and salvage your name so maybe one day people can view you as someone trust worthy!!

  3. taraFGH Says:

    hey guys, i’d like know if Titus let Kelly have sex with other guys

  4. unknown soldier Says:

    Yes, Kelly had sex with other guys & gals…

  5. jaydub14 Says:

    where is a post from this Stephanie?.. i haven’t seen one??? and is the viewer the same dude as the truth?…

  6. jaydub14 Says:

    sorry i have read her posts.. got the name mixed up.

  7. Desha Says:

    The fact is that every article written in the LVRJ from day one was sensationalized. There was no physical evidence to convict Craig or Kelly of murder, only a cover up. They needed someone to flip, so they went to Megan. Because she had charges hanging over her head because she knew every detail about the cover up and did nothing, actually participated by taking the bag with the taser and all the drugs in their house out of there so the cops would not find it. After 2 weeks her lawyer handed the bag over, and she told them the overdose and cover up story. The police told her to say that craig murdered Melissa or she would be sitting with Tony Gross facing charges. In her Grand Jury Testimony she said that Melissa tasered Kelly then Kelly got the gun away from her. In the transcripts she could not keep her story straight- so was obviously lying. The DA leaked the story to Glenn Puitt at Las Vegas Review Journal. Puitt printed a sensationalized tabloid like article- take parts of what Megan Foley said- then exaggerating it and publishing it. after that Daskas repeated the words, “Melissa was tasered, beaten, strangled, choked.” For the next 8 years- on television shows- Megans Fabricated testimony became the only evidence the DA had. sensationalized stories by the lvrj, and a book written by the same reporter wrote a book. With details leaked by investigators and DA- telling all of their facts to prove they are murderers. It was published in Dec.2006 a year and a half before the trial. This sensationalism led to a trial by media, and Craig believing he had no chance- so took a plea bargain. shame on everyone involved.

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