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Las Vegas Weekly - The scene gets grizzlier…

Titus-Ryan Friend Tells Her Version
The scene gets grizzlier when a person close to the threesome speaks to grand jury with her take

By Joshua Longobardy

Mr. Longobardy doesn’t mention “the friend” by name but thanks to the Las Vegas Review Jouranl we know he is referring to…

Eight days after the lifeless body of Melissa James was discovered bound and burned in the trunk of a red 2003 Jaguar, Kelly Ryan’s best friend met with the detectives assigned to the case and told them all that she knew. Already convinced that Kelly and her husband, Craig Titus, were culpable not just of burning the Jaguar in the desert with Melissa’s body in the trunk, but also of murdering the young woman the day before, the detectives considered the new witness their greatest fortune. And that’s because she—Kelly’s closest friend—knew more about what happened in those tragic days surrounding December 14, 2005, than anyone else, save for Kelly and Craig themselves.

Read Full story here.

8 Responses to “Las Vegas Weekly - The scene gets grizzlier…”

  1. The Viewer Says:

    Again, Megan and Jeremy now coming forth with the acclaimed full story, where was this story when they knew within hours of this terrible crime???
    Jeremy and Megan now placing themselves there either right before or right after this crime and said nothing, nothing and this girl was killed and then burnt in a trunk of a car!!!
    Megan and Jeremy I hope your loved ones forgive you and the James family as well because you made some horrible choices but now you need to pay for your involvement.
    How do we know that Jeremy and Megan aren’t just saying what they have said to save their own necks, Craig and Kelly’s version has them there at the scene!!
    Alot for all of us to digest and I for one thing that Megan and Jeremy are bad apples and also think that they are liars and should face similar music as Craig and Kelly.

  2. Marco Says:

    Was Megan involved in a threesome With Titus and Ryan, Viewer?

  3. The Truth Says:

    without a doubt, allegedly!!

  4. slander&libel Says:

    Keep posting these comments Marco and publishing these unfounded accusations and you’ll be sued.

  5. Marco Says:

    slander, i asked just question you jerk. I tried to figure out the relationship between these guys. Now sue me, you LOOSER!!

  6. The Truth Says:

    As you know, you have every right to express your thoughts and ask questions.
    The person making these crazy accusations is well…… I think we all know how it is trying to save her name which can’t be done at this point so she will threaten the rest of the world with “I will sue you” remarks.
    She is in deep and doesn’t like that fact that she be-friended some people that have been implimented in murder and her right beside them.
    I know for myself that if I knew there was a dead body in the garage or thought that there had been a murder within the last few minutes or hours I would have found away to get out of their house like maybe, go to the gas station to get some treats for the movie or simply anything to get out of there and call the police but Megan says that she stayed and “Watched a movie” I wonder if she had any popcorn with the movie and the other show she had wittnessed in the garage????
    Megan only called the police after it was on the news and then called in!!
    To think where this investigation would be if Megan and Jeremy would have called the police before Craig and Kelly could burn the car.
    I think that Melissa James’s family would have some closure by now but thanks in part to Megan and Jeremy the cover up went as planned hmmmmm.
    I think most of us think the same thing that it raises questions as to why Megan and Jeremy came forward after the car and Melissa was burnt knowing full well that most of the evidence would be lost in the fire.
    I wonder if there would have been DNA from Megan and Jeremy in the car or on the body and they wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t be linked to this murder.
    A lot of questions I know a lot of us here in Las Vegas have wondered and questioned.
    Megan and Jeremy get real defensive in a drop of a dime any time someone imply’s their involvement.
    If indeed they had nothing to hide them why different stories and why so defensive???
    “Marco” who is the only person on this planet that would threaten you with Slander in regards to Megan and Jeremy????? Hmmmmmmmm…..
    I think they all had something going and it all went bad and they all should take responsibility for their actions, Jeremy and Megan included.
    Transcripts make me want to throw up just reading how all these people were aware of this murder and of the dead body of Melissa James just sitting in the trunk while they watch movies and have popcorn and laugh and having the time of their lives knowing that they all where involved with this murder in one way or another!!!!!
    Is it because they thought there would be no way that they could be caught??
    These people should stop being mad at everyone else, it is not our faults that they were friends with these people, it is their fault now stand accountable!!!

  7. meganiscrazy Says:

    i love how you keep popping on these site megan..threatening law suits. you are in enough hot water don’t you think? back off…go sell your mortgages and wait for your day to pay. it is coming. trust us!!!!!

  8. meganiscrazy Says:

    AMEN to “Truth.” You have said it perfectly!!!!

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