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Ghost of a former star

The time in jail is clearly taking its toll on Craig. The man that often appeared larger then life is a mere ghost of his cover model past. His glory days aside, the image of him in his first Las Vegas appearance shows him looking very much like a bodybuilder. The uniform tight around his biceps and arms vascular. The photo of Craig in this week’s appearance shows him much smaller, ghostly white and no bulging biceps. It looks as if Craig has aged 10 years in his few short months in jail.

compare craig

21 Responses to “Ghost of a former star”

  1. jaydub14 Says:

    Off the crank for a few months and look what happends… all this down time away from the gym must be as hard as the place hes in itself!…

  2. Volkhammer Says:

    With his gigantic ego, shrinking like that must be crushing him. By the time the trial hits, he’ll probably look like ten months in a concentration camp.

  3. BEEF Says:

    His lawyer wants him to shrink down so he appears weak and old. don’t want him to like he is a threat.

  4. Vic Says:


    Good Point. Craig is screwed though. A lot of evidence is against him, including his own statements! Craig and Kelly don’t have even a remote chance in hell to get out.


  5. darkstar Says:

    BEEF and Vic, you are both right…the problem CT has is that it wont matter what he looks like at trial…his life was all about being pumped up and there will be tons of pics introduced in court to show the “happy couple” during their careers and up until their huge oops…the DA will have a field day, showing how their lives spiraled down and augered in…..Sex! Murder! Arson! Drugs!

    While I dont feel sorry for them, I still shake my head and wonder what the hell they were thinking, and how they figured life would just go on…

    Its sad, and its creepy…viva Las Vegas…


  6. Rick N. Says:

    The reason Craig Titus has shrunk down in size is not because his lawyer wants him to look much less of a threat. The reason for Craigs loss of muscle size is due to the fact that he is no longer able to bodybuild. He has no access to a gym or to the roids he was taking. Also I am sure the food he now has to eat is not healthy, being of mostly fried foods. I do agree that his loss of muscle size must be killing him.As a bodybuilder myself, I would be crushed if I were no longer able to train. It is a shame though that he threw away years of hard work…to make it to the top, only to have it end the way it did and at the cost of a girls life.

  7. arm chair ghost louis Says:

    arm chair ghost louis

    All the darkness in the world cannot put out the smallest candle. The darker it is, more brightly shines the candle. instead of complaining about the dark search for your candle. Believe me; It exists

  8. FuzzyNutsac Says:

    I was a correctional officer in a maximum security prison and I can tell you one thing for certain…..The inmates Titus is thrown in with will remember what he used to look like and the see him as he is……..weak……and while he might have access to weights in the joint, he won’t be able to gain his size back fast enough…….especially not without the drugs…….and in turn, he will be unmercivally cornholed unless he goes on check in….(protective custody status). It is sad but for at least a while Craig will have to suck some of the fellows……..even if he joins the A.B…….he will have to put in his time as, THEIR KID……..which means their sex toy to be violated and traded for commissary and drugs. Yuck.
    But he did it to himself.

  9. chainsaw Says:

    You correctional officers should crack down on that crap and get you’re hand out of you’re pants watchin.

  10. Victoria Silvstedt Says:

    vegas vic

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Victoria Silvstedt.

  11. President Bush Says:

    I hope they burn in hell

  12. Big Boss Says:

    Fuzzy, I was also a correctional officer for 7 years in three different institutions including the longest bit in 1X.

    You’re acting like it’s predestined for Titus to be someone’s bitch. That’s pure ignorance. You know as well as I do that cons will take the path of least resistence with everything. And you know as well as I do that there are more than enough easy marks to go around without having to spend your energy trying to turn-out a former bodybuilder who appears to be more than adequately well built still - especially at 5′ 5″. All the guy has to do is knuckle-up, at least try to fight them off if they advance on him and do his own time without getting involved in the gang politics of groups like AB.

    You also know as well as I do that forced sodomy is a rare thing. Most turn-outs are through psychological coercion like finding out where a dude’s family lives or kids go to school and then presenting him with photos of his wife taking in the groceries with a demand like, “fuck or she dies.” For a high profile ‘celebrity inmate’ like Titus all he would have to do to avoid that sort of coercion is scream to the media and it would be all over the news the next day. That would be enough to scare away any attempts on his family because no one wants that sort of heat.

    Bottom line: CT will probably get administrative segregation because of his celebrity. If he doesn’t he will do his time quietly, maybe earn some tokens here and there for diet and exercise advice and live out his days.

  13. waldo heraldo Says:

    whats the latest on this. have they been found innocent yet?

  14. Travis Binkel Says:

    The only reason Craig Titus is smaller is because he is off wimpy roids!! I don’t feel sorry for the bum. He gets what he deserves. Anybody who takes the easy way out to get big and cut are pathetic and weak in my book! He is no celebrity either. I wouldn’t take his advice for nothing. I would have more respect for him if he got that body through hard work naturally. By the way, who the hell wants his advice? He didn’t get that physique through hard work naturally. His physique is 90% drugs and 10% work. I hope he never gets out………..

  15. charlie Says:

    I don’t care what size or shape either of them end up. These sick monsters had no regard for Melissa James’ life or her body after they brutally murdered her. They attempted to burn her in the trunk of a car and succeeded by 70%…. that was the coroners assessment of the results. Evil is bad enough but add on stupid and I can guarantee these two will be put away for good. Starve and waste away for all I care!

  16. Bill Thomas Says:

    I tell you what travis binkel, since you think that it just takes taking some roids, and not working hard to get Cts size, how about you getting on some, and train and see if you get his size, ignorance like that is what starts all that roids and baseball crap!

  17. brown Says:

    yea…travis..u should listen to bill…because ur out four mind….CT has been one of my biggest role models nearly my whole life and yea…iv done his workouts that i’v got off of the internet and in magazines…his results were a mixture of hard work and steroids…if think that u can just juice up and not work hard and still get as massive as CT was…ur crazy…u should watch some of his videos and see if he works hard and diets hard…because he did….and what are u thinkin when u say “i hope he never gets out”?…CT has done as much for the bodybuilding world as anyone else…u can just keep ur comments to yourself….hes made a mistake..but im pulling for CT all the way!!!!!

  18. CIGAH Says:

    Brown Says: “hes made a mistake..but im pulling for CT all the way!!!!!”

    A Mistake?????

    Leaving the iron on is a mistake….. Wrong answer on a test is a mistake….. Forgetting to let the dog out is a mistake……

    Premeditated torture, murder and “oh and lets burn her up while we’re at it”….. New flash Brown, that ain’t a “mistake”!

    And save the “innocent until proven guilty” line. That’s in the court for jurors that don’t know the case background….. Well that’s not me. I am very familiar (as I am sure you are) with the case and you and I know deep within who visciously murdered this woman.

    Help me understand…. so, in your book a rape must be a “silly blunder” ….. or a robbery is an “unfortunate slip-up”

    Time to get your head screwed on right Brown.

  19. Travis Binkel Says:

    Hey Billy, first of all, I have been lifting for 15yrs and I am 100% all natural. I am 6′2 248lbs of no roids, no pro-hormones, etc. I know what it takes to get big and strong the hard way. Roids are too easy. I don’t need roids to look like Craig Titus artificially. He phyisque is from yrs of taking drugs. I am 248lbs naturally. If I juiced, I would be weighin close to 300lbs easy. My gains are legit not from a needle or pills. Hey Brown, why do you idolize a guy who is on steroids?—That isn’t nothing too be proud of. That is the easy way out. It takes an even bigger man to stay away from the garbage. You two geeks make me laugh………….

  20. ron Says:

    LOL…..Brown: you can pull for CT all you want, he won’t be getting out. Travis is right; roids, GH, pro-hormones are all bad. Anybody who uses the drugs to get big and cut, take the easy road. I am 5′10 235 and I have never juiced either. I have seen guys in my gym lift light as hell and run their mouths. Then BAM!–4months later they are lifting close too what I lift and they don’t even train half as hard as me. Just goes to show you what taking the easy road can do. Explain this Brown; I know a guy who can bench 455 for 3reps and he is full of steroids. Well, 1yr later he is off the drugs and guess what he benches now? Only a measely 250lbs. What gives? What happened? If a guy on roids trains as hard as they claim, then why can’t they keep “all” of their gains when they get off the juice for good?—Can you explain that Brown?

  21. Brown's Assistant Says:


    Hey Cigah…my little pencil geek friend…I am Brown’s assistant…he’s assigned me to talk to you…to answer your little geeky-ass fucking questions, why yes, a rape is a blunder…it’s usually a woman who is usually begging for it…wink…wink…c’mon..you know she wanted it…most of the time…wearing those tight pants or those mini skirts…see, you’re not as dumb as you sound…

    And of course a robbery is an “unfortunate slip”! DUH!!!!! Everybody knows that! You’re kidding me, right…? You did know!

    Ah…let’s see who else I have on my list…who he wants me to respond to…Ah…the dorky twins…Travis Binkel an Ron…hey, by the way…y’all still take those little vacations? I saw the movie…how’s fishin’? “…I can’t seem to leave you…!” That was a great line… WOOOOOOOO!! 6′2″…248…and I think you said “big”…See, that’s the part that’s confusing me…6′2″…248…just doesn’t equal BIG! Ah….another pencil neck geek! And training for 15 years too? Uhhhhhh…have you been checked for a virus or something? Maybe you’re a candidate FOR juicin’! Psst…c’mere…just in case you didn’t know…15 years…you train…equals 248…that’s BAD! Ok…Let’s go on…

    Hey Ron…SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! What the fuck are you talking about “the easy road”!!! Hint: don’t talk about this subject ever the fuck again…you don’t know what you’re talking about! Here’s what you’re allowed to talk about from now on…bend over…touch your toes…turn your head and look back…here I come…all up in your faggotty little ass…’cause that’s exactly what you sound like…a dumb ass, motherfuckin’ fag…

    Thank you Folks…if there are any other stupid-ass motherfuckers out there who ramble on and don’t know what the fuck they are talking about, Mr. Brown has assigned me to enlight and educate you dumb motherfuckers…

    P.S. Go eat shit and die….

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