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“100 percent not guilty.”

Looking rough in court Thursday, Titus stated he is “100 percent not guilty,” when asked to enter his plea. Glen Puit reports today in the Las Vegas Journal with a piece entitled, “Fitness pair plead not guilty; trial date set. ” In the story he comments on more Grand Jury Testimony and goes on to write…

Afterward, defense attorney Richard Schonfeld said he will file court motions asking Glass to set bail for his client so Titus can have a chance of awaiting trial outside the confines of the Clark County Detention Center.

“He’s got a very good character, and he’s confident … he’s very adamant that he’s not guilty,” Schonfeld said.

Titus does not have access to his weightlifting equipment and nutritional supplements, and he appeared noticeably smaller than in prior court appearances.

“He’s got a very good character…”? Hmm… That’s up for debate Mr. Schonfeld. We’ll see if a judge agrees with you in the coming months.

Read the full story here.

Photos from the appearance by John Locher…

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