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Comments related to Pierson’s testimony…

Recent comments have been posted here claiming that Pierson is giving conflicting testimony. Here are some of the more interesting comments from the submission…

Jeremy and Megan should be on trial right along side Craig and Kelly if I had my opinion, they have kepy key information about certain events and they know more than they are saying but now with a little prison time being threatened now after all these months they are singing like a bird about anything and who knows if it is true and why they are now talking.

Matt Cline should be out here to testify of the drugs that he supplied to everyone involved, I’m sure the drugs that were used were given by Matt Cline, even though he was in Boston, Matt mails everything.
Again there is a girl dead and all these people had some knowledge or involvement and they should stand accountable.

As far as the reason I have to call Megan and Jeremy liars, well now I don’t have to give exact reasons because it’s general information now, look at the transcripts of what they said 3 months ago and to now, different stories and now more information!

They have incriminated themselves so the past examples that I have for these two don’t need to be discussed!

The stories that they have said to everyone else are completely diferent than the ones told to the authorities, no matter how one slices it that is called being a liar!!!

If one needs anymore proof than just read statements from then and now and talk to the people that they know and you will have your proof in less than a day!!

Again I think that Craig and Kelly are guilty but as far as Megan and Jeremy being creditable witnessess I don’t think so, I think they have some form of involvement and that is just my opinion.

I think everyone will be a bit surprised when these two are questioned and I wouldn’t be surprised if the authorities don’t get what they need from these two I think they will be prosecuted as well.

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