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GRAND JURY TRANSCRIPTS - Pierson speaks out

GRAND JURY TRANSCRIPTS: Friend: Pair told of violence
Bodybuilders described confrontation, woman testified

Kelly Ryan participated in the brutality that culminated in the death of her personal assistant by using a Taser gun on the victim, beating her and helping to inject the woman with a massive dose of morphine, Ryan’s self-described best friend told a grand jury.

In her testimony to the grand jury that indicted Ryan and Ryan’s husband, Craig Titus, on murder charges, Megan Pierson, 25, also said Titus demonstrated how he strangled 28-year-old Melissa James, according to the

This is one of the most compelling and disturbing reports written to date. Some of the quotes from the article that are chilling are as follows…

Pierson said Ryan told her that during a confrontation with James, she had taken a Taser gun away from James, then used it on James.

“It, I guess, stunned her in the back of her neck, but she (Ryan) didn’t have it up high enough, so it just kind of got her attention,” Pierson told the grand jury.

“And Kelly tried to do it again, and she, I guess she didn’t have the voltage up high enough, so she yelled for Craig, and Craig came upstairs, picked Melissa up, brought her downstairs into the living room and supposedly body slammed her (James) and started beating her up,” Pierson testified.

“She (Ryan) said that she punched her a couple of times, she showed me the marks on her knuckles from it, and she said that … Craig was holding her down and told Kelly to get the morphine and she shot a whole needle of morphine into her leg,” Pierson said. “She said she was very resilient because it didn’t do anything to her.”

Later that evening, Titus demonstrated to Pierson “how you can strangle somebody,” and then he demonstrated a chokehold for Pierson.

“We said our goodbyes, and there was a gym bag next to my purse,” Pierson said. “I grabbed my purse, walked out and Craig said, ‘Hey, wait, you forgot this,’ and I said ‘What is this?’”

“He said, ‘Oh, don’t worry about it, I talked to Jeremy about it; he said it was OK to have it at your house for a couple of weeks,’ ” Pierson said.

“He said that he knew the police were going to be coming to his house the next day, and he acted like he just didn’t want whatever was in the bag in the house while the police were there,” Pierson said.

The following day, she said, she looked in the gym bag and saw “a Taser gun, a stun gun, a gym rope, and something else for one of the Taser guns or stun gun,” Pierson said.

This is first bit of witness we’ve heard from the Grand Jury testimony. We’re sure the others will have equally chilling testimony.

– For the full story visit The Las Vegas Review Journal.

19 Responses to “GRAND JURY TRANSCRIPTS - Pierson speaks out”

  1. Think about this Says:

    Anyone that know Megan and Jeremy knows that they are liars right along with Craig and Kelly and this is the reason they all got along so well!
    I believe that Craig and Kelly are guilty but I don’t believe one thing that comes from Megans and Jeremy’s mouth, this isn’t the first bunch of lie’s they have mouthed!!
    Craig, Kelly, Megan and Jeremy have all done business with one another and have allegedly committed illegal acts of fraud in the Mortgage business while Megan was at Silver State Mortgage.
    I think Megan and Jeremy are liars and cheats!!
    I think that after hearing their testimony that Megan and Jeremy are trying to save their own behinds and sale Craig and Kelly out.
    Megan and Jeremy were with them the night Melissa was killed, they were all out to dinner and then hung out, maybe Megan and Jeremy are involved on some level and trying to save there butts!!
    Anyway Megan and Jeremy are not creditable and should never even be heard, they should be in a cell next to Craig and Kelly!!
    All of us that live here in Las Vegas know the reputation of Megan and Jeremy.
    Jeremy keeps getting beat up because he thinks he tough, all 170lbs of him, he is a joke in Las Vegas.
    Everyone needs to remember that “Birds of a feather flawk together” meaning Megan and Jeremy aren’t any better than Craig and Kelly!!

  2. Marco Says:

    what reason to you have, to say these guys are liars?

  3. Think about this Says:

    Maybe by knowing several people that know them to include myself.
    Las Vegas is a very small place and to the most part tons of people know each other or know people that know other people, more so here than other city’s because of how compact we are here.
    A lot of us here have known more about the case than the media has shared with the genreal public.
    I’ve known Craig and Kelly for years and know most of the people they associate with and more importantly all the drugs that they have and were using and Jeremy and Megan were right there beside them taking the same drugs of which I have witnessed so this isn’t something that I was told!!
    Jeremy and Megan were out with all of them the night Melissa was killed, I also know the gentlemen that Melissa was talking to on the phone for an hour or so hours before her death.
    Jeremy and Megan should be on trial right along side Craig and Kelly if I had my opinion, they have kepy key information about certain events and they know more than they are saying but now with a little prison time being threatened now after all these months they are singing like a bird about anything and who knows if it is true and why they are now talking.
    Megan and Jeremy will say anything to cover their own butts, whether it’s the truth or make believe.
    The business comments were mentioned by Craig of the activities that had gone on, if Craig is making those things up, I don’t know but why make something up like that??
    The bunch of them are all bad apples, taking drugs and hurting themselves is one thing but now killing a girl and devastating three families is wrong in every sense of the word and they should all pay for the wrongs they have committed and been a part of on any level of participation.
    If Craig was telling them that he was going to kill Melissa or had told them that he did then why not call the police unless they were involved and or part of the coverup, either way their involvement isn’t just “hey I heard something” or “hey Craig said this” It was all over the news and Megan and Jeremy knew Melissa on a personal level, they would all hang out and party amongst other things if you know what I mean.
    I don’t know the exact involvement and I don’t want to know but they were involved and they should have to face the music as Craig and Kelly are.
    Matt Cline should be out here to testify of the drugs that he supplied to everyone involved, I’m sure the drugs that were used were given by Matt Cline, even though he was in Boston, Matt mails everything.
    Again there is a girl dead and all these people had some knowledge or involvement and they should stand accountable.
    As far as the reason I have to call Megan and Jeremy liars, well now I don’t have to give exact reasons because it’s general information now, look at the transcripts of what they said 3 months ago and to now, different stories and now more information!
    They have incriminated themselves so the past examples that I have for these two don’t need to be discussed!
    The stories that they have said to everyone else are completely diferent than the ones told to the authorities, no matter how one slices it that is called being a liar!!!
    If one needs anymore proof than just read statements from then and now and talk to the people that they know and you will have your proof in less than a day!!
    Again I think that Craig and Kelly are guilty but as far as Megan and Jeremy being creditable witnessess I don’t think so, I think they have some form of involvement and that is just my opinion.
    I think everyone will be a bit surprised when these two are questioned and I wouldn’t be surprised if the authorities don’t get what they need from these two I think they will be prosecuted as well.

  4. stephanie Says:

    Hello! How are you doing? Obviously you haven’t changed! You and your lovely wife, have nothing better to do than to involve yourself!! You are still upset that Craig and Kelly stopped being friends with you. You still haven’t let go, have you? You do NOT know Megan personally, nor shall you EVER! You of all people should not be speaking about drugs and the use of them. You and your wife were the WORST when it came to this! I would love to see you prove that everyone that was associated with Craig and Kelly MUST DO DRUGS, or that we have done drugs, or any of the other nonesense that you stated. Why are you trying to hide? Can’t come out and say your name? Why, is it because you are a thief, a person that commonly takes advantage of insurance fraud? Your wife is a prostitue? We all know! It’s ok, lets all come out and be honest here!

    You have not been around Craig and Kelly for over a year. You have NO idea what was going on in their life.

    Do you really think that everything Megan and Jeremy are saying is lies? How have their statements changed? If their statements had changed, don’t you think that the DA would not want to use them as witnesses? All you do is speak out of your ass, and nothing ever makes sense.

    Don’t be the judge of other people’s character….be the judge of your own. The apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree.

  5. pb Says:

    I don’t know these people personally but I think that they all have lied so much that it is hard to know what to believe. Even if they are now telling the truth knowone will believe them anyway. I agree though, if Megan and Jeremy knew anything about this event at all, they should have spoken up with the truth immediately. Come on, forget the friendship loyalty, this is murder. I don’t have any friends that I would be willing to spend one day in jail for if they did something like this. Just my thoughts

  6. Marco Says:

    Thanks for the info. You’re speeking about drugs there were using. What kind are we talking about?

  7. The Viewer Says:

    You name it and they were sampling or using regularly. The only drug that I had never seen them all take was Heroin.
    They would all find different ways to administer the same drug in efforts to chase another high.
    These guys were using drugs daily for almost an entire year up until this terrible crime.
    Ecstacy was the drug of choice when clubing along with Cocaine, via the nose and injected.
    Pain killers, you name it and they were taking it, nubaine was a huge monkey that neither Craig or Kelly could get off their backs even after rehab.
    Meth was something that got heavy into just this last year and meth I think was what caused their thinking process to be altered and thus poor decisions.
    They have lost everything, Craig and Kelly’s home is up for sale, I don’t know who wants to buy a house that a murder took place in but their house is a beautiful home.
    All in the name for drugs and money!
    Money was definately a factor since their money was getting thin and stress was begining to hit hard and thus the more drug use to help forget where they were and to stop the constant comparing of where they had come from.
    These two were capable of great things but their own self endulgance ruined them.

  8. The Viewer Says:

    you must have a real guilty conscience to lash out at what is fact and not opinion.
    I do know Melissa and Jeremy whether you chose to side with people that break the law and are liars that is your choice.
    You can call me and my wife what you want since you have never met me nor my wife so please keep fishing because you can’t offfend me.
    So you know because your drug use has clouded your mind, it was myself that told Craig and Kelly to take a hike because of their constant lying and drug use.
    I can send you an e-mail that I had sent to them stating that their drug use for gross and profound and this was a main reason we cut all ties to them and all they would associate with.
    Craig called on several accounts which I can show phone records as well pleading for us to give him a second chance and two of the times he was crying stating that the people he was involved with weren’t good people, I can assume he was referring to people like yourself.
    My wife and I would and did go out on occassion and yes we had our moments but no way were they anything like the things they were doing and I have creditable people to support the things that I say, do you!!
    As far as fraud and illegal things, I openly invite anyone to my books and let them find for themselves.
    Good people like my wife and I notice people when they are bad and then we distance ourselves from these people and this is why we no longer associate with any of you.
    For your denial, everyone that Craig and Kelly are in contact with are involved with drugs and it will be easier and a shorter list to show me the ones that aren’t involved.
    We told Craig and Kelly from the begining that Jeremy and Megan were bad apples and Craig and Kelly thought that they could use them for business and sex thus here we are today.
    Don’t be mad and upset because my wife and I did the right thing and distance ourselves from bad people, to think if Jeremy and Megan did the same thing they would have seen what we saw and left Craig and Kelly behind long ago but you know what they say Birds of a feather flawk together and now they must face the music.
    So you know, I have known a handful of people that have known Jeremy and Megan for years and they both are trouble makers and yes I do know them but not well and thank God for that.
    Please digest this, Megan, Jeremy, Craig and Kelly are all in hot water right now because of their lack of compassion for others and most important their drug abuse.
    If you try and tell me that Jeremy and Megan, right along side of Craig and Kelly didn’t have drug abuse problems then I will stand here and call you a liar as well since me reading what you have typed is false and filled with lie’s and that is to be expected by people that associate with Craig, Kelly, Megan and Jeremy.
    I don’t have problems like this, makes you wonder why doesn’t it??
    Stephanie please get help with your drug use since I know that you have one and can I ask you a question, have you and I ever met or even spoke??????
    So who now is speaking out of their ass????? you again have made yourself look foolish.
    You were the girl that Craig would laugh about because he said he could call you at anytime day or night and get you to come over and perform sexually for him, now I never saw this but over heard several converstions on the phone between you and Craig and I believe this since Kelly backed up those stories.
    Who is the prostitute now!!!!!!!
    My wife and I have been in the real-estate business for 6 years and licensed and make great money now what is it that you do????
    Judging from the phone calls that Craig made to you I think that you would be the prositute that you were talking about.
    The difference between my story and yours is I have facts and you haven’t even met me only heard from Craig and Kelly about me and now the entire world knows that they are liars and now we know you are too!!!!
    This is an example of the people that Craig, Kelly, Jeremy and Megan are, they confuse the truth with make believe and then get mad when someone throws the truth at them.
    Stephanie, please get help for your drug use and please stop sleeping with men and women you don’t know, especially ones that aren’t clean and don’t wear protection. Craig would laugh that he didn’t have to wear protection with you, I can’t imagine how many STD’s you have had in your lifetime, maybe get a job at a medical lab so they can find new treatments for diseases that haven’t been identified yet. From the sounds of it and what has been told to me of you that you are no better than a street walker on the BLVD looking for your next trick!!
    Anyway I wish I could say it was nice to meet you for the first time but I don’t associate with street walkers, drug addicts, liars and cheats and you fall into each one of those catagories.
    I bet you have done some jail time yourself, give me your full name and I will check it out, that is if you really have nothing to hide.
    Me, I might have a speeding ticket and that is it over my entire life, I would say that I try my best to live on the right side of the law!!!
    You are just mad because your idols Craig and Kelly murdered a girl and now are caught and Megan and Jeremy are introuble now to and yes it is fact that Megan and Jeremy have lied, decievment is lying.
    I wonder if you can even read, can you? Because if you could you would know that there has been several lie’s from your best friends mouth.
    How does it feel to have best friends being tried for murder and the other friends you have are involved???
    I don’t have friends like this and that is because I associate with good people and when I think those good people have gone bad I walk away just like we did with these two losers Craig and Kelly!!
    Like I said I will open my books to anyone only to show that I fly straight but please ask Megan and Jeremy to do the same thing and I could bet that they will be in jail within months!!!
    I still can’t understand why you would defend murder’s and their friends, can’t you find better friends? or is it the same “Birds of a feather flawk together”????
    Stephanie please stop being an escort you will only get a disease that you can’t get rid of and thats the truth, not trying to embarrass you but it’s not a good heathly profession.
    If you would like to continue to make false statements about myself and my wife then please proceed.
    My statements are all from creditable people and fact, are yours???

  9. pb Says:


    Does anyone know how Craig’s X (Lisa) is doing with all this? I competed against Lisa years ago. That is when I met Craig. He was an amatuer then. I had no contact with them after that. When I saw this story it interested me because it brought back memories of my past and concerned me that to fitness icon’s could have gone so bad. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew how Lisa was taking all this, they had a child together right?? At least I heard they did. Just wondering

  10. The Viewer Says:

    Stephanie, I got one better for you just to proof to the world that you along side of all these idiots is as big of liar!
    You pick the place and time and we can both attend a drug testing clinic inwhich I will request hair samples that can go back a few months to find out what drugs that person has been abusing.
    I know without a doubt mine will be clean, will yours???
    Let’s do this and post the results since you think that you are such an honorable person so lets get some proof!!
    Even if you live in a another state I will have it arranged, I think this will be fun. I will flip the bill for all of it just so you don’t have any excuses as why you won’t do it.
    Don’t be afraid, we will also have them test for STD’s
    For all those reading I think this will be the last we hear from this Stephanie character, I really don’t know how you type without taking the needle out of your arm first.

  11. noname Says:

    I am an acquaintance of Megan and Jeremy, and I must say it is very funny that people think that they are NOW telling the truth. They have been telling the truth from day one. They were not allowed to speak to anyone about the case, not even to eachother. The detectives got their statements before Craig and Kelly even got caught in Boston. I would like someone to point out to me, how their stories have changed from the 1st statement made, until now, the statement that Megan has given the Grand Jury. Nothing has changed, and I can say nothing because I personally have seen all statements made. I too personally considered Craig and Kelly my “friends” but they seemed to only call when they needed something. They didn’t just call to say ‘HI’. My wife and I had to disassociate ourselves from them due to the high useage of drugs. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our fair share of partying also, but at some point and time you have to grow up! My wife and I have hung out with Craig, Kelly, Megan and Jeremy, and I did not see Megan and Jeremy participate AT ALL in the drug use.

    A lot of people have written in as if they know Megan and Jeremy personally, and as if they are good friends with them. I have not spoken to either of them in over a month, but I know what cirlces they run in, and they were ONLY friends with Craig and Kelly. The other people that Craig and Kelly hung out with….Megan and Jeremy did not. Megan and Jeremy had their own group of friends The people that are responding on here act as if they are friends with them…and I know that they are not.

    I have no idea who Stephanie is, but obviously everybody else on here does, just like they do of Jeremy and Megan.

    Don’t spend so much energy on stating that people involved are liars and that their statements are untrue. Megan and Jeremy are both college educated people, they are not stupid enough to lie in court or in front of a Grand Jury. The only way that they are saving their asses is that they are forced to tell everything they know, or else they could get charged with “withholding” evidence, something that I know NONE OF YOU WOULD DO.

    If you knew what happened that night, b/c Craig and Kelly told you, would you not do what they have and come forward? Get back to the reason that this website is even formed…to keep people up to date on the FACTS, not on people personal opinions of the witnesses, since we all know that they do not even know Megan and Jeremy. Kelly and Craig should have never invited them over on Tuesday night, if they did not want to be held accountable for their actions. Do the crime, pay the time.

  12. The Truth Says:

    “Stephanie” are you hiding behind the name “Stephanie”? Making every attempt you can to help the damage that you have caused by the lie’s you have spread.
    Please learn from this everyone, the people you associate with are how others precieve you to be.
    Megan and Jeremy were cloes friends of Craig and Kelly and now Megan and Jeremy’s stories have changed more than once and Megan is upset that she now is viewed in a bad light!!
    Come on now, you were best friends with Craig and Kelly and Megan a little more than friends with Craig and now you are selling Craig up the river.
    Did Craig reject you the last time you were together is that why you are upset with him and now turing on him????
    I think you and Jeremy need to get your stories straight so you don’t end up behind bars with Craig and Kelly.
    Craig, has never put his hands on a woman to my knowledge, not to say it hasn’t happened but not that I had seen in 4 years.
    “Megan” remember that protecting your friends by lying can only put you in jail and ruin your reputation.

  13. The Truth Says:

    “NO name”
    Listen it doens’t take a college education to tell a lie!!
    It is fact that there stories have changed and that is in writing so please before defending them you might want to do a little research just to make sure that they aren’t making you look foolish either but, now it looks too late.
    You are stating that they have told the truth then I guess the Grand Jury transcripts are a misprint then right??
    I’m sure they put you up to this to try and salvage their name that they have already dragged through the mud and now your lying for them when I have personally wittnessed then taking drugs so please let me know now that I am blind and didn’t see what I saw and then we can all sleep better at night.
    “No name” please read the transcript and then you will have the evidence that you just so happened to over look and then come back on here and say that they haven’t changed their stories, which is lying incase you didn’t know and you probably don’t know if you are foolish to think that they aren’t capable of lying.
    Your Friends Megan and Jeremy aren’t perfect like you want to believe and they make mistakes and they have made a few here by not telling the truth so save your “my friends are a saint” routine for people that are stupid because I know what I see and read by their own statements and so should you!

  14. lisaF Says:

    Good answers viewer. How do you know that Stephanie is a hooker?

  15. The Truth Says:

    I thought “Stephanie” was a real Stephanie that Craig talked to on the phone late at nights, I had only known what he had mentioned about her and other people supported those findings so I assumed it to be truth!
    I have come to find out that the person posting as “Stephanie” is not “Stephanie” but someone extremely close to this investigation and it is a female but it’s not Kelly so I will let you do the math.
    This person involved is getting really upset with anyone that is linking her to this crime, of which she has done all by her self.
    The only way she can feel better is to fabricate stories of others in efforts to draw the attention away from her and her partner that are involved.
    I think that if a person is going to be a part of something than stand accountable and accept your mistakes and move on and don’t be mad at others because they disagree with your choices when they are evidently wrong.
    “She” continues to lash out at everyone that makes a comment about her involvement and either she does or has a friend get on this site and post how much of an angel she is.
    I have never met a person so good to be called an angel that was involved on some level with a murder, have you??
    “She” lied to the authorities for Craig and Kelly so now take responsibility for those actions and don’t get mad or blame others for her choices.
    “She” makes commetts about others and if she only knew that it only makes her look that more guilty of her involvement.

  16. Who Cares Says:

    It is very entertaining to read posts like stephanie’s claiming to personally have known C & K. The bickering between the local LV yoyos is just too funny.

    To read posts authored by a bunch of people who are taking a tragedy and making it about themselves gives me the impression that Vegas is primarily occupied by drugged out prostitutes, liars, wannabes, crooked realtors claiming to be making great money and various other opportunists who take advantage of the fact that one person is deceased and three others are responsible.

    Thank you so much for the amusement. Please continue.

  17. jaydub14 Says:

    “Who Cares”… without reading your comment i posted one almost exactly the same.. its good to see some one shares my opinion…. ahhhah, “YOyos is right!

  18. darkstar Says:

    JayDub, Who Cares,
    You two hit it on the head. Vegas is just as you described it. Having spent a couple years there a while back, I got the same impression…there is a undertow, a sub culture that exists there that is unlike anywhere else. It is surreal and bizarre….it is not a tough town, just filled with wannabe hustlers, punks and shysters…
    Frankly, if a sand storm blew in and buried the place I couldnt give a shit less. That town has ruined a lot of otherwise good people who go there looking for the dream, and ten years later they are still there, unable to extricate themselves, rusting from the inside out….
    Vegas is…the evil enabler….


  19. Megans Law Says:


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