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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » GRAND JURY TRANSCRIPTS - Pierson speaks out

GRAND JURY TRANSCRIPTS - Pierson speaks out

GRAND JURY TRANSCRIPTS: Friend: Pair told of violence
Bodybuilders described confrontation, woman testified

Kelly Ryan participated in the brutality that culminated in the death of her personal assistant by using a Taser gun on the victim, beating her and helping to inject the woman with a massive dose of morphine, Ryan’s self-described best friend told a grand jury.

In her testimony to the grand jury that indicted Ryan and Ryan’s husband, Craig Titus, on murder charges, Megan Pierson, 25, also said Titus demonstrated how he strangled 28-year-old Melissa James, according to the

This is one of the most compelling and disturbing reports written to date. Some of the quotes from the article that are chilling are as follows…

Pierson said Ryan told her that during a confrontation with James, she had taken a Taser gun away from James, then used it on James.

“It, I guess, stunned her in the back of her neck, but she (Ryan) didn’t have it up high enough, so it just kind of got her attention,” Pierson told the grand jury.

“And Kelly tried to do it again, and she, I guess she didn’t have the voltage up high enough, so she yelled for Craig, and Craig came upstairs, picked Melissa up, brought her downstairs into the living room and supposedly body slammed her (James) and started beating her up,” Pierson testified.

“She (Ryan) said that she punched her a couple of times, she showed me the marks on her knuckles from it, and she said that … Craig was holding her down and told Kelly to get the morphine and she shot a whole needle of morphine into her leg,” Pierson said. “She said she was very resilient because it didn’t do anything to her.”

Later that evening, Titus demonstrated to Pierson “how you can strangle somebody,” and then he demonstrated a chokehold for Pierson.

“We said our goodbyes, and there was a gym bag next to my purse,” Pierson said. “I grabbed my purse, walked out and Craig said, ‘Hey, wait, you forgot this,’ and I said ‘What is this?’”

“He said, ‘Oh, don’t worry about it, I talked to Jeremy about it; he said it was OK to have it at your house for a couple of weeks,’ ” Pierson said.

“He said that he knew the police were going to be coming to his house the next day, and he acted like he just didn’t want whatever was in the bag in the house while the police were there,” Pierson said.

The following day, she said, she looked in the gym bag and saw “a Taser gun, a stun gun, a gym rope, and something else for one of the Taser guns or stun gun,” Pierson said.

This is first bit of witness we’ve heard from the Grand Jury testimony. We’re sure the others will have equally chilling testimony.

– For the full story visit The Las Vegas Review Journal.

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