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“I didn’t want to see her face. I didn’t want to see her face.”

INDICTMENT UNSEALED: Autopsy: Drugs in body
Fitness champs charged in assistant’s death

By Glenn Puit, Las Vegas Review Journal

Some information not previously released revealed along with morphine there was also heroin byproducts in Melissa James’ system…

An autopsy showed that the personal assistant of Kelly Ryan and Craig Titus had morphine and heroin byproducts in her system at the time of her death. It also indicated that she had previously used methamphetamine.

Both the cause and manner of death for Melissa James, 28, was officially listed as undetermined, giving defense attorneys for Ryan and her husband, Titus, the opportunity to maintain what the pair once told police — that James died of a drug overdose, they panicked and disposed of her body.

“The defense can make hay out of it,” former Prosecutor Charles Kelly, now a local defense attorney, said of the autopsy results.

More information and specifically statements to police (not previously reported) is detailed in Pruit’s latest story…

In his statement to police claiming James died of an accidental drug overdose, Titus told authorities he had, in fact, duct-taped James’ face while her body was on the floor of his home.

“Put a blanket on the ground, grabbed another blanket and I taped up her head,” Titus said. “I didn’t want to see her face. I didn’t want to see her face.

“I took the tie off one of my robes, and I put it on the back of her neck and pushed her knees up and tied her knees to her chest,” Titus said. “Then we wrapped her up in a blanket and taped it up and put her in the trunk.

“Then I put her in the trunk and dropped her a couple times,” Titus said. “Kelly was crying hysterically.

“She’s my (expletive) friend man,” Titus said. “So (expletived) up. Now it’s worse.”

When asked by police to explain the wires around James’ neck, which Titus originally didn’t mention, Titus said: “You know, honestly, this is the honest to God truth, when I, when I was tying her up in the cocoon-like position … I used duct tape and I used the robe ties … but there was something else I used that broke. I can’t remember what it was. A phone cord maybe.”

Titus tells police about James’ drug use and lists all the drugs he claims she was using…

“Crystal methamphetamines … Oxycontins, crystal methamphetamine, Nubane, cocaine, morphine, which I didn’t know till the end.”

Read the full report here.

5 Responses to ““I didn’t want to see her face. I didn’t want to see her face.””

  1. willowgerl Says:

    Without CoD I think it’s going to be difficult for prosecutors to get a jury to convict them of murder. Negligent homicide or manslaughter is probably the best they’re going to be able to do.

    Unfortunately you can’t lock people up and throw away the key for being irretrievably stupid. They’ve already proven themselves in that regard, beyond a reasonable doubt.

  2. franco Says:

    I could not agree with you more-”WELL SAID WILLOWGERL!”

  3. Harold Says:

    Had Melissa James indeed died of a drug overdose and Titus and Ryan had called the police about it, they could have ridden out the embarrasement of the matter.

    But their stupidity after Melissa James death has ruined them for all time.

  4. WTF Says:

    They thought of this and gave a very weak testimony. Basically, their testimony will sink them. Death is assured! This will be too easy for a jury to find them guilty of murder. The fact Titus booked a hotel room the evening before and the Walmart incident and then recruiting a young willing partner too naive to know better. The former tenants who went to the police the very next morning to testify after Titus and Ryan left their house. The tenants testimony matches perfect to the accounts at walmart and time frame. Titus has always had issues and I am not surprise this has came about. The fact Titus lied to Melissa’s mom saying that it wasn’t Melissa in the Jag is just par for the course.

  5. The Judge Says:

    Somebody had to be Craig and I’m glad it’s not me. He is a convicted felon once again on trial. Things aren’t looking so good for the duo. There are several character witnesees that will do them no credit. Both lead a very risque lifestyle influenced by narcotics - and aren’t shy about it. When push comes to shove, CT will roll on KR because that’s how that man operates.

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