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Titus and Ryan make Las Vegas Weekly Cover Story

What Happened to Melissa James?
The tale of two bodybuilders and a bizarre death in the desert
By Joshua Longobardy

las vegas weekly

Some of the more interesting excerpts from the story…

This is still the most baffling comment Kelly has made to date…

Detective O’Kelley asks: But why did you get six bottles of Kingston and one bottle of—
That’s all they had, she says. That’s all they had.

An interesting piece of info still remaining on the case…

Furthermore, upon unwrapping the blanket that covered her head, the coroner reveals that Melissa’s face has been mummified with gray duct tape, sealing off four of her five senses, and that two ligatures, a piece of white fabric and an insulated wire, have been knotted around Melissa’s neck, leading him to suspect she died from asphyxiation. But it’s not conclusive. And more than three months later a cause of death has still not been determined (even with toxicology tests completed, evincing high levels of morphine in Melissa’s body at the time of her death). A fact that continues to burden Robert Daskas’ case against Kelly Ryan and Craig Titus.

The police implying that this is a open and shut case…

What sticks out to me most in this case, Detective O’Kelley would say, is the good fortune we’ve had in gathering evidence. It was phenomenal. Everywhere we dug, we came up with something good. Guys on other squads were giving us a hard time for having it so easy. I wish we could spread the fortune around to other cases.

Read the full article here.
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5 Responses to “Titus and Ryan make Las Vegas Weekly Cover Story”

  1. NativeGirl Says:

    A fascinating murder(?) mystery and such a human tragedy…such a waste of life (of all involved)… “If you stay on the road you’re on, you’ll end up where you’re heading.”

  2. franco Says:

    The only thing we know is this young girl is dead.I feel for her family but I reserve judgement untill the trial is over and all the facts come the light.

  3. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Very well said franco. Unfortunately, the four families (Titus, Ryan, James, Gross) involved in this continue to suffer.

    BTW (unrelated topic) How did your competition go? I miss it all. The intense training, dieting, posing prep, backstage antics, etc. I don’t however miss the biased results from the same bunch of Lindsay’s So Cal NPC judges at every event. Judging was even worse in the naturals. Nothing but a panel of wannabes and never were’s. Hope you did well.

  4. franco Says:

    I tell you what “couldn’t care less” I am not looking forward to the biased results either. The contest is in August but I’m kicking things into gear much earlier than I used to. I last competed in 11/2003 and everytime I say it’s the last but I keep comming back. I’m sure you would agree that there is nothing like putting your heart and soul into the whole peaking process. I’ve given up on trying to figure out the judges;I just try to come in as hard and shredded as I can and fuck the judges. I hope you do well to pal.keep up the faith.Do the best you can always and fuck em all!!!!!!!!!

  5. DJ Mick Says:

    Lets face the facts: There is more than enough evidence to mount a strong case against these two bumbling fools. Furthermore by opening their mouths they are providing even more evidence for the authorities to use against them in trial.

    This is a classic case of the bodybuilding paradox. Meaning that no matter how healthy the sport claims it is, the facts suggest otherwise. I am more than happy to expose the realities behind the sport.

    First, the sport draws too many uneducated dipshits to really be impressive. Second, there are too many reckless, self-absorbed, druggies that have infested the ranks. The sport is fraught with self-destructive flunkees that have only one claim to fame: their withering appearances.

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