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Rest in Peace Melissa James

The guys over at“Free Craig Titus .com” have posted photos of Melissa’s grave site. We’re not sure it’s the most appropriate thing to post, especially on a site with the name “Free Craig Titus”.

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4 Responses to “Rest in Peace Melissa James”

  1. KL Says:

    It isn’t appropriate, it’s disgusting!!!
    She may not have been an angel, but she didn’t deserve to die and she damn sure doesn’t deserve to have her final resting place turned into some type of a freak show to satisfy the public’s morbid curiosity.

  2. Sunshine Says:

    I agree with KL, that is just WRONG, and of all sites to post that crap…

  3. Disgusted Says:

    What’s done is done. Perhaps the FCT.com people had good intent but no matter now. No doubt this will only urge someone to post photos of C & K’s families, their homes, places of employment or even more. They’re sure to attend the proceedings. Payback is a bitch you know.

  4. chubbi Says:

    Rest in Peace Melissa James! No, that’s not appropriate to show her final resting place on that particular website, if any… and whoever is responsible for it being on Freecraigtitus.com has the same personally that makes up a person like Titus.

    No Melissa wasn’t and angel but none of us are…Craig and Kelly surely wasn’t…I hear soo much talk about Melissa used drugs as if that’s justification for murdering her…If that be the case, then Craig and Kelly should have been murdered years ago…

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