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MURDER CASE: Bodybuilders to go before grand jury

If the grand jury returns an indictment, the preliminary hearing for the case, scheduled for this month, will be canceled.

Taking the case against Titus, Ryan and Gross to a grand jury instead of choosing to hold a preliminary hearing is significant because, for the time being at least, much of the evidence against Titus and Ryan will remain confidential.

By law, grand jury proceedings are secret.

In addition, prosecution witnesses are not subject to cross-examination from defense attorneys in appearances before a grand jury. At preliminary hearings, defense attorneys can challenge the credibility of the witnesses.

Read Full Story from Las Vegas Review Journal here.

17 Responses to “MURDER CASE: Bodybuilders to go before grand jury”

  1. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    At the risk of being accused of ignorance and joy in the Titus’ dilema, I am happy that they were caught before they got on a plane to Greece. I am happy to see that they will have their day in court. I am happy that they will not get bail so that they may attempt flight to avoid prosecution again. I am happy to see swift justice be served and executed. I am happy for Melissa’s family to see their daughter’s smeared name be cleared and her murder be avenged. I am happy that the Titus’ true ignorance and stupidity are now on display for the world to see.
    I am not happy for Craig’s daughter and the humiliation this child must be experiencing. I am not happy for the Titus’ family who must also be equally humiliated and empty. I am not happy for bodybuilding and the stigma that now scars this once great sport.
    Just as they decided that the time had come for Melissa James to die, so too will a jury one day make the same decision for Craig and Kelly.
    Out of curiosity, what would the Titus’ be up to today had they simply just said no?

  2. Youdontneedtoknow Says:

    I hope Titus and Ryan are both found not guilty. I really hope they can make it off the hook. Becuase of the rather extreme circumstantial evidence, i do honestly believe that they do have “something” to do with James’ death. However Do i believe that Titus and ryan killed her in cold blood for whatever reason? fuck no! absolutley not, ive followed their careers since ive been in bodybuilding and will never believe that they purposley killed her. No way, no how. I hope they get off scott-free weather they are found guilty or not. I would have love to have seen titus and ryan escape to greece. I really wish they had. My condolences go out to titus and ryan’s families only.

  3. walkamile Says:

    Put yourself in their shoes. Once you walk a mile in another’s moccasins, only then can you pass judgment.

  4. karmasabitch Says:

    youdontneedtoknow thinks they had “something” to do with her death. Ya think!?!. And walkamile it would be a perfect world if we could all be saints and not pass judgement. Yet when you buy all the lighter fluid they have at the local Walmart at 3am my guess is you are not heading to the next door neighbors for a cookout, thats just common sense. I think they did it. What interests me more, is WHY they did it. That information will come when the trial gets started.

    Whether (fyi youdontneedtoknow that’s whether and not weather ) or not they are convicted we will have to wait and see. Not like they are anywhere near as famous, wealthy or powerful as OJ, Robert Blake or Bill Clinton so they will probably get convicted.

    Walkamile, I love your sense of fairness and justice. In the end whether they go to jail or walk away free, you can’t hide from your Karma.

  5. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Youdontneedtoknow & walkamile a clearly sharing a brain.

    By saying something as ludicrous as ‘you need to walk a mile in their moccasins’, does this means to burn a body in the desert? They didn’t make it to Greece nor will they get off ’scott free’.

    Go find another hero to worship, this one’s going down along with his equally guilty wife.


  6. RC Says:

    Youdontneedtoknow, you’ve followed their careers but did you know them personally? Obviously not. If you had, you wouldn’t be saying “fuck no” you’d be saying “thank God it wasn’t me”.

  7. Eye 4 an Eye Says:

    Youdontneedtoknow, Your a Freakin IDIOT! Ryan and Titus for whatever reason made a decision that will obviously be regretted, and you can’t change the facts. But for you to not have any compassion for The James Family and What they are going through shows just how damn STUPID YOU REALLY ARE. God forbid this should ever happen to your Mother, Daughter, Sister! And as far as conddolences go … I only have condolences for the poor woman who ever gave you life and I think it sucks that you take up the air that I breath!!!! Oh yea one more thing, I would hate to think that you actually are trying to represent the sport that Myself and others respectfully hold near and dear in our hearts !

  8. Theyareguiltyashell.com Says:

    Well the end is near for our lovely “celebrity couple”. No more protein shakes, carefully measured meals or grilled chicken breasts. Bologna sandwiches, kool aid and Top Ramen ( if they are lucky). No more ass kissing groupies, schmoes and so on. Just Yard bulls, bulldykes and the boys in the Aryan Brotherhood.I hope like hell wherever they are sentenced does NOT ALLOW WEIGHTS in the yard. That would be the topping on a lifetime of misery for them, but hey, they deserve it! Tasering someone, torching them and then running like a coupla pu$$ies should earn them the “dumb criminals of the Century” award. They would be better off just plain old telling the TRUTH

  9. Marco Says:

    i’ve heard that the grand jury already bought lighter fluid to burn the accused.

  10. Theyareguiltyashell.com Says:

    My question is this: What on earth sort of defense will their attorneys present?
    That they didnt do it? ( So why were there Taser dots in the home, indicating a lot of use for the gun, not to mention the 3 Am run to Walmart for lighter fluid?) That they didnt MEAN to do it? That someone else did it and they fled, fearing the worst? Its going to be very interesting, to say the least. I still say that she did the act, he help her coverup, and one of them will turn on the other.

  11. beefy girl Says:

    just a question…what the hell are tasor dots? so if you buy a tasor gun, it also reports how many times you use it to someone? who? so when they shot her…the dots end up where?

  12. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Apparently the type of tazer they used is similar to what law wnforcement uses which means that the manufacturer can retrieve data from inside the device. The dots are small seals that protect the opening from which the darts are propelled. When triggered, the dots are ejected and in this case apperently found on the floor by investigators.

  13. Fuckbodybuilder Says:

    This story as well as all the comments from all the morroons on this website just show how dumb bodybuilders are. I have followed the inudstry for about 5 years for professional reasons, I can assure you that most of them are so stupid, it is not even funny!!! Among the very few that I like is Dave Hawk from Physical Magazine. Dave is the exception in this industry.

  14. Totally Blown Away Says:

    I have to say that I am totally blown away by a) that anyone could do what was done to Melissa. b) that the majority of people actually believe they are guilty just by what they have heard on the news (which is absolutely not FAIR & BALANCED). Grant it, if they are found to be guilty and they actually did do it then they absolutely deserve to be punished.And, finally c) that you Mr/Ms Fuckbodybuilder could be so BOLD as to say that ALL bodybuilders are stupid,that is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve seen. You’ve grouped the few if ANY bodybuilders that you’ve met into a stereotype. I would like to take a minute to state, that the few that I have met, are very passionate,knowledgable, devoted, and would willing help even you to improve your physical appearance or to guide you on a healthy life style. Not everyone is stupid.Only a stupid person would make that statement. And NO, I am not a bodybuilder.

  15. TBAII Says:

    Totally Blown Away, I couldn’t agree more. The fact is that not one of us knows what happened or why. Some of the comments I’ve read on this board are absolutely numbing as to the callousness toward the deceased and the charged. Innocent until proven guilty? Don’t think so, apparently not here. Now understand that I am not defending the charged or blaming the deceased: I just do not know, regardless of what the AP throws all over the media.

  16. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    If this were Shawn Ray, I’d hold my thoughts to myself until after the trial. Shawn is an arrogant shit but still is a class act next to most of today’s ’stars of bodybuilding’.

    But given the fact that Craig Titus is…well, Craig Titus. Nuff said, give me a break.

  17. beefy girl Says:

    “F.bodybuilder ” is an idiot and is just trying to incite an argument. Just his comment alone shows that…( by the way, he can’t even spell moron right…oh yeah and INDUSTRY!!!). My husband is a bodybuilder who got his master DEGREE by the age of 24. He can talk about politics..you name it…. and be SMART enough to have a healthy body and mind. Fat people, along with skinny people have committed crimes. No race, creed, religion, you name it, has been exempt.

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