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Court Date

Some sources have said that there will be a court appearance today, we’re still waiting for confirmation on this. If they are in court today, we’ll give you the latest details as they unfold.

Turns out they (titus and ryan) were not in court today and we may not see them in court for some time.

36 Responses to “Court Date”

  1. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    As long as they have plenty of time to sit and stare at four very small walls to reflect on thier lives and realize what major malfunctions of humanity they have both become, so much the better.

    Hope you both enjoyed the wild life you had and think of the people you stepped on, punched out and pushed out of the way.

    The anticipation of death has a much greater impact than death itself. Let them sit and ponder in the anxiety they both deserve.

    What a couple of dumb asses - Red Foreman

  2. j.o. Says:

    modern fear….pretty slick…thought you couldnt care less!! ha ha! Did you know these guys personally? just wondering….

  3. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    I care that they get convicted. I couldn’t care less how they suffer as they should as long as they do, they earned it. Stop wondering, I didn’t know them, just knew of them and the people they used along the way as most rising bodybuilding ’stars’ do. Just about all of them crash and burn and eventually end up being pathetic 50 year old personal trainers trying to ‘open a clothing line’.

    Thought this was for comments, not for flaming Titus fans.

  4. RC Says:

    I knew them and a lot of the people they stepped on personally. For not knowing them, Couldn’t Care Less is right on target with his comments. Craig was bad news from day one, and eventually pulled Kelly to his level as well. These were two very bad people and I’m just surprised at how long it took Karma to catch up with them. Don’t be surprised if there are a few more bodies buried in the desert.

  5. j.o. Says:


  6. franco Says:

    It is amazing that so many people are in effect happy to see someone ‘fall’
    in life.I think they are so miserable in there own lives that they take some perverted comfort in someone elses misfortune.As a result these little minded pathetic people are the first ones to cast stones.Listen idiots! We all live in glass houses.Lets give Craig and Kell the benefit of the doubt and let them have their day in court.We all have to remember that there is alot more involved in this case that the media does not know therefore none of us should feel that we are equipted to judge.SO LAY OFF RED FOREMAN!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    No one is bashing bodybuilders here, I used to compete (and win some) myself. Before you use that for fueling your frustrated fire, know that I have moved on as you should.

    The intent of the term ‘flaming’ in this case is referring to posts like yours, not anyone’s personal choices. Your responsive post is considered in tech terms to be ‘flaming’ or the beginning of a ‘flame war’. But you already knew that.

    Now back to topic: IMO, the Titus’ did it, they deserve the ultimate punishment. IMO, the Titus’ displayed throughout the entire episode, a complete lack of regard for anyone other than their own futures and careers at the cost of a life. IMO, the Titus cowardly actions of portraying of the victim to be a thief and drug user should ensure a harsh sentence. IMO, the Titus deserve a prolonged stay of execution to reflect on their lives. IMO, the Titus’ will eventually be sentenced to what they deserve.

    These are my opinions posted on a public forum. Agree or disagree. To imply having knowledge of one’s testosterone levels could expose the accuser’s intelligence level.

    There’s enough hate in the world. Look where it took Craig and Kelly.

  8. franco Says:

    Truth be told I have never posted a comment before on the net and I have no clue what a flame war is.Like you I am a competitive bodybuilder and I am in my pre contest phase right now.My comments had to do with the fact that so many people seem to get pleasure from others’ misfortune.They never seem to care about the fact that most of the info they receive from news sources is in fact sensational bullshit.Either they know it’s bullshit and don’t care or they are stupid enouph to believe the sensational crap.There are words the media uses to cover there asses when the sensationalize a story-”allegedly”"sources say”"police say”.What ever spin they want to put on it they do.It is our job to support the innocent.Yes I did say innocent! Remember? INNOCENT UNTILL PROVEN GUILTY!

  9. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Our job? Not mine!

    The innocent don’t buy a new vehicle to throw off the description, use pay as u go cell phones, dust tape peoples heads, purchase lighter fluid at 3AM, and tell different stories to the police under interrogation.

    I’ve seen firsthand how ther Titus’ handle anyone the dislike, it’s not a pretty sight. Craig is a criminal, Kelly had a choice not to be but now is a criminal herself. Had they not run, they’d most likely be out on bail. They innocent do not run.

    Good luck on your upcoming contest.

  10. franco Says:

    Thanks for the good wishes! But this is not the OJ Simpson case.None of you folks realy know what the facts are.Give them the benefit of the doubt!Now if they came out and admitted guilt I would be the first to say,give them life in prison.Do not pretend to know the facts because you don’t.

  11. Amazed Says:

    I know enough of the facts of the case to know that they are guilty as hell. From the details of their activity on the night in question, to their C.O.G.-displaying behavior afterwards, they reek of murder.

    “Innocent until proven guilty” is their legal right. “Beyond all reasonable doubt” is the standard the jury must abide by.

    But out here? Far from the courtroom? They are guilty as hell. Anybody with an ounce of common sense can see that.

    They both deserve the death penalty for this heinous crime. Let humanity be rid of the vile and loathsome creatures known as titus and ryan.

    Rest in peace, Melissa.

  12. franco Says:

    I am always amazed by by the ignorance that exist in this world.There is nothing I can say to convince the ignorant that they are in fact living in a cloud.I have worked as a Law Enforcement Officer and I can tell you that you do not know the facts. All I am saying to people like yourself is to withhold judgement;if everything was so black and white there would be no need for the justice system.Keep in mind we have the best judicial system in the world.In a large part of the world there are ignorant/small minded people and cultures like yourself that would have already killed potentially innocent Craig and Kelly.Thank god for this great nation America!I don’t know where you’re from but if you are American you should bury your small head in a soap opera and keep your mouth shut!

  13. sad Says:


  14. Amazed Says:

    I too am amazed at the ignorance in this world. I’m so sorry, dear franco, that your career as an LEO didn’t work out. Were you not good enough?

    Keep my mouth shut? Not in a million years bud. Not in a million years.

    Withhold judgement? Why? Why should I? I am not on the jury. For a former LEO you display an amazing ignorance at our judicial system.

    Let me try to teach you. Shall I?

    1) “Innocent until proven guilty” is a LEGAL concept to be applied to accused persons on trial in our LEGAL system. It has NOTHING to do with a person posting messages on an internet board.

    2) “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is a LEGAL concept - a standard - that a jury must abide by when they are in the processing of judging a case. The judge will give such instructions to the jury.

    Are you crystal on these ideas, Mr. Former LEO?

    In my opinion, based on the information that I have, especially the HUGE C.O.G. that they displayed after the crime, these people are guilty as hell.

    And BECAUSE we live in this great nation, Mr. Former LEO, I am FREE to express my opinion.

    It is also my opinion that anybody not seeing the obvious guilt of these two people is either stupid or hiding an ulterior motive. Which one applies to you, Mr. Former LEO?

  15. franco Says:

    I am so sorry you didn’t follow my advice. There is an old saying:” It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt” For your info I am retired and I am too wise to be caught up in your ignorant fog.If it is that important to believe they are guilty, to make your crappy little life seem better-” BE MY GUESS” Believe it or not I do respect your right to express your opinion and I hope you respect mine!
    Oh! One more thing-You are correct about the instructions that are given to a jury.However it’s not enough to have knowlege,without understanding how that knowlege is applied or the reasons why.The reasons why the instructions given to a jury are relavant to all of us;Even those of us posting messages,is because they are given to help people like yourself come up with an OBJECTIVE OPINION.I.E.APPLY LOGIC! You should have a higher regard for your opinion than refer to it as just posting messages on an internet board.

  16. The Main Man Says:

    Craig Titus is innocent of murder! Kelly Ryan is guilty of murder! Both are guilty are trying to hide the body after the fact.

  17. Get a Clue Says:

    Wow. Just….wow. Could any of you illiterates make your lack of intelligence and maturity more obvious? You are arguing moot points. No one - that includes YOU, fair reader - knows all the facts…yet. The trial hasn’t happened. As far as any of us are concerned, there is just as much of a chance that they are guilty as that they are innocent. Why are you arguing about something that hasn’t even been tried yet? I think you’re ALL on ‘roid rage. You’re taking your preconceptions about previous interactions, experiences, reputation, etc. and presenting it as a position that simply cannot be justified nor defended until THE FREAKING TRIAL HAS TRANSPIRED. Lighten up, be patient, and watch the spectacle. Don’t let your competitive juices (pun intended) flow so much that you engage in meaningless arguments on a message board. Grow up, for the love of all that is holy in bodybuilding.

  18. DL Says:

    They are both guilty of an un-imaginable crime. Cook ‘em both! Actually, maybe that’s too good for them.

  19. Think about this Says:

    “Franco” if you are indeed above this then why is that you continue to intrude on these discussions??
    You call so many people ignorant because they do not have your same ideals but I contest that ignorant people are the ones that try and impose their ideals on others than call them ignorant when they disagree.
    How is it that you feel everyone is ignorant but yourself, are you that much more intelligent than the rest of us or are you ignorant???
    All those years in law enforcement and you didn’t learn the important things, how sad but your burden to carry!!!
    If a person has committed a crime then they are guilty from that moment on. Guilty are guilty and just because they get away with a crime doesn’t mean that they are innocent unless you are blind and stupid, they just don’t get punished for that crime at this moment.
    There is a higher court than the one we see on a daily basis and that judge knows from the moment the crime was committed.
    God gave all of us a certain amount of intelligence, some more than others but this intelligence was bestowed so we could indeed use our instincts in order for us to protect ourselves from these types of predators.
    If you chose to ignore these instincts than that is your choice but please don’t try to convince others that certain criminals are innocent when the writting is on the wall.
    Please explain to all of us how we should think when Mrs. Kelly Ryan in her own words discusses with Police how she and Craig Titus disposed of the dead body of Melissa James??
    I wonder if you would be so open minded if it were your sister, wife or best friend that was brutally murdered and burnt in the trunk of a car in the desert??????
    I see now why you are retired, we need law enforcement to use their instincts because instincts are what catch a lot of crimals on a daily basis and you sit and tell us that we should not participate in these activities.
    Franco, please stay retired because we need law enforcement agents to know a criminal when they see one.
    Are criminals that admit to crimes innocent until they sit infront of judge and say “I did it” or are they guilty long before they get to the court house??
    A person is guilty if they committ a crime and has no barring of when they sit in court but, it is our system that allows attorney’s to find loop holes that allows criminals to walk free, now are those people considered innocent to you????
    Would you invite these criminals over to your house for popcorn and movies just because they got off on a technicality and considered innocent by our system when infact they are guilty and very dangerous to society??
    Our system has many falws and more times than you would like to admit criminals go free and some innocent are convicted of crimes they never committed so please again tell me how great our system is!!!
    Please stay retired for all of our sakes!!!

  20. franco Says:

    Miss think about this: You poor thing! The older I get, the more I realize how little we all know in life.But one thing I do know and that is not to waste my time with people like yourself.Tell me when you graduate high school and then we’ll battle.I am going to hit the gym now,maybe you should as well,it'’ll help clear your head of all that sewage.

  21. franco Says:

    Take a look at “get a clue” He is brilliant!Not because he agree’s with me but he understands that you can’t fry these people untill you know the facts.The truth is he probably would dissagree with me on 99% of any topic but he has the sence to know that we all do not know enough to say they are guilty.

  22. Think about this Says:

    “Franco” I guess a smoking gun is what you need to feel good about yourself. As far as sewage in the head issue, only a person of less intelligence starts with name calling since they have no other form of defence. I praise you for your restraint.
    When a person can be placed at the scene of a crime and motive can be established and the suspect has admitted to numerous things in regards to the crime I think it is safe to say the right people are in jail.
    I have never said that they should be put to death, I leave that for the courts to decide.
    All I have said is that enough evidence that points in one direction is obvious in some cases that we all can say that law enforcement have got the right people for this crime.
    Yes the courts will figure out the details and the punishment and will be finished and we all will move on to the next idiots that committ horrific crimes.
    I also mentioned that there is a higher court that we all answer to and you still do not want to recognize and that is fine as well but you will not see me call you names because you fail to understand and side with my thoughts.
    As far as going to the gym to get the blood pumping is always a good idea but again if you spent more time understanding people and perhaps reading the evidence you might have a better perspective on the this crime.
    I personally live in Las Vegas and know Ct & KR on a personal level and all involved in this terrible crime and if anyone would like this not to be true it would be me but again I can see what is in front of my face and I chose to acknowledge it for what it is and not try and protect these two from justice because of due process.
    I know what I know and if you know less than you might want to understand that there will always be someone that knows more about a situation than someone else.
    Again Franco please continue to go to the gym, continue to insult people and call names since this is the intelligence that we all see from a former PO.
    No matter how many times you call others names and tell others how intelligent you are we can see and read how intelligent you are by the comments you make and the names you call.
    Good job, and by the way a person would not need to even be out of the junior high to debate this issue with you since your bias on the subject.
    I do indeed have a Masters in communications but again as no barring on this subject since education is not needed to form an oppinion on anything however, you feel it gives you a chance to name call. This only makes me amongst others wonder if you have had any schooling higher than the 10th grade? If you have not than that is OK too but don’t try and be something that your not.
    If indeed you are so smart as you claim then why were you not involved more intelligent departments in law enforcement like phsychological aspects of catching criminals or profiling??
    It sounds as if maybe you trolled the local malls and nabbed kids stealing CD’s and other high profile items that need serious attention from the most intelligent officers on the force.
    Well the postive thing out of all this is that the mall will let you work there part time now that you are retired and allow you to carry a loaded flashlight, don’t hurt anyone now!
    Remember if you catch a kid with a CD in his pants walking out of the store he really has not committed a crime until all the evidence is reviewed and the judge says he is guilty.
    Please do me another favor and just one day a week instead of going to the gym pick up a book and read it and feed your mind as well as you do your body and please for your sake stop calling people names it only makes you look defensive and perhaps less intelligent than you really are.

  23. franco Says:

    Miss Think about this:You were easier than I thought ! I knew I would get to you by insulting your intelligence.But I didn’t think it would be this easy.First of all I do not think you lack intellegence.However I do feel you are one of those people that get a perverse sense of comfort to see people fall in life.Why is it so hard to withhold judgement untill all the facts are in.You say you know CT and kR and I believe you do but I am 99% sure that the only facts you know are from what you heard in the media. To educate you a bit in police work,our job is not to determine guilt or innocence but simply protect and serve.There are many bad cops that feel that they can determine guilt and innocence but fortunately they are not the norm.The court system is responsible for this and even though it is like I said the best system in the world, it is indeed fallible.I have made many arrest in my career and I can tell you that there are times when I thought I had a smoking gun/slam dunk and during the course of a trial I found out I arrested the wrong man.I would admit that I feel CT and KR were involved in something but the question is ,’Was it murder?’Let the facts come out in court and if they are made public,then you can make an OBJECTIVE OPINION.Untill then show the rest of us you didn’t purchase your Master’s degree on the black market and keep your trap shut!

  24. Think about this Says:

    “Franco” First, my information is not of the media but from four other people that were involved that night that haven’t been mentioned in the media and this includes conversations 2 hours before Melissa’s death.
    This again proves you don’t know as much about everything that you continue on about.
    Getting to me, you haven’t come close. If you think that I purhcased my degree on the black market than that is fine, I don’t care if it impresses you or not. I am not here to convince you of anything other than you personally don’t know as much about this case if anything.
    Again please be aware since I have to continuely remind you that you know very little about this case and there is plenty of us out here that know quit a bit more so please save your breath and stay quite unless you have something to contribute other than name calling.
    Get dressed and go to your part time job at the mall, I heard that there is a riot of 14 year olds that are trying to over run Hotdog on a stick!!!
    Just so you know I did buy my degree it cost about $150K and 6 years of my life and the funny thing is you don’t hear me calling people names and acting like I know everything. I will be the first to admit that I know a little about a little and I try to only contribute to things and offer insite and for sure I don’t poke fun or be critical of others opinions.
    As for me keeping my trap shut, I try most of the time so I don’t put my foot in my mouth, can I offer the same suggestion to you???

  25. franco Says:

    “Miss think about this”:I did believe you when you said you new Craig and Kelly but now you’re claiming to know even more intimate details and players involved.I hope if you know as much details as you say, you go to the cops and tell them everything you know;Instead of wasting time trying to justify throwing away 150k,go do the right thing! I have faith in the fact that you would go help put away THOSE BIG BAD PEOPLE! GO MAKE THIS PLANET A SAFER PLACE!

  26. Think about this Says:

    “Franco” again you proclaim to me so knowledgable about this and yet you really think that the poilce do not know all about what I have mentioned and tons more!!
    This is the exact reason I have mentioned that there are a lot of people that know more pieces of eveidence than the media has shared.
    Again I know only a fraction of what really has happened.
    This is the reason I mention to people like yourself that you know even less than most and yet you say the things that you do in which makes you look that much more foolish.
    As you may or may not know that it doesn’t take intelligence nor a degree to know more about a particular circumstance than someone else.
    Please try to absorb that before responding foolishly.
    Keeping your mouth closed and your ears open can always help a person to learn something, something for you Mr. franco to think and ponder about.
    If you would have only asked instead of talked you might have learned something instead of how to argue points that you have very little knowledge about!!

  27. franco Says:

    Miss think about this:Go rent Cool hand Luke,there’s a great line,”What we have here is a failure to communicate” I find it ironic that your degree is in communication.I give up trying to reason with you,I am convinced that it is an impossible task.I realize you are bored with your life and just need conversation.I will not respond to you anymore you are literally killing my brain cells.

  28. Think about this Says:

    “Franco” Don’t you mean a brain “cell”??.
    Please if you can give me the definition of “irony”?
    I think you might be surprised that you aren’t using the term in the correct sentence but then again you probably don’t have anyone correcting you since most of the people you speak to are teenagers that you bust in the malls thifting CD’s so please spare all of us from that one brain cell that you do use on occassion on stop responding on these sites, your only upset that someone has stepped in and confronted you and now you can’t handle that fact your now grasping that fact that you are not as intelligent as once proclaimed.
    BTW, reasoning with me you never did, talk at people you did do and that is never commincating but I’m sure I’m not the first one you have had problems with as I have seen your behavior during these discussions.
    You say that you are retired so me believing that you have an opportunity to change your way of thinking is a remote chance if any chance at all.
    I know it is difficult for you to live on the same planet with the rest of us but now you know that your not smarter than everyone else.
    Good luck with the night watch in the mall parking lot when you are demoted.

  29. franco Says:

    OK Miss Think about this:I am in shock that you can claim you have a master’s in communication and you can’t see I used IRONIC in the correct context. IT IS INDEED IRONIC THAT YOU HAVE A MASTER’S AND YOU CANNOT COMMUNICATE ON A LEVEL ABOVE THE TENTH GRADE.I’ll give you an example, you’ve used ‘YOUR’ several times above but in fact you should have used ‘YOU’RE’.Now you’ve made me lose a couple more brain cells.Oh I get it you want us all to be MORANS like yourself!

  30. Think about this Says:

    “Franco” I didn’t know that I had to proof read my statements since they are that, statements not a thesis!
    Do you know what a “Thesis” is??
    Next time I will proof read all my remarks so you can sleep better at night.
    I will make sure I use spell check as well so I don’t offend you.
    You are “Franco’ smarter than the rest of us, how do you do it??
    I will now step down so I don’t have to read someone showing their intelligence by calling another person a “Moran”, is that spelled properly??
    Good luck to you “Mr. Rocket Scientist”
    Don’t give up on us though, there are so many chat rooms that need someone to help them with spell check and terminology.
    I do have one final question, how do you type with a flashlight in your hand?? Or do you go to one of the kiosk booths in the mall that have computers so you can respond to these sites while working “Kitty cop”??
    Again don’t worry when you get placed into a retirement home they will allow you to be on the caffateria police squad!!
    A sharp and smart guy like yourself will always have a place in law enforcement!!

  31. franco Says:

    Miss think about this : My wife and I had an honest to goodness blast reading your last entry.I am now a fan of your’s, you made me crack up.Which believe or not is hard to do;I take back everything bad I ever said about you.I am absolutely convinced you do have a Master’s Degree in communication.WELL DONE!
    Your Fan

  32. stevie boy Says:

    Lots of intelligent sabre rattling but I reluctantly have to side with Franco. The point is the truth will out and the legal system will deliberate and resolve this mattter not conjecture and petty name calling. This case has been covered in the UK and portrayed KR as the innocent - hopelessly devoted to CT. Who knows, could be completely true or false. None of you know the defendants personally only through their fame and notoriety. Your intrigued by the case and feel a compulsion to speculate on what you assumed occured. What is fact is that there will be some exciting developments and many twist and turns before sentence is passed. So chill out dude and dudette

  33. tiffany Says:

    Craig Titus Almost chocked back when I lived in venice california in 1998. I wish I had come foward .

  34. tiffany Says:

    Craig Titus Almost chocked me back when I lived in venice california in 1998. I wish I had come foward .

  35. Friendly neighbor Says:

    I can not believe what I have been reading. I do understand that “Franco” and “Think about this” have their own personal opinions, but you both need to grow up and get a life. Stop thriving on what will not affect you in the long run. Just some advice from your friendly neighbor




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