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It was only a matter of time… Oh Poor Kelly…

We saw “FreeCraigTitus.com” spring up and it was only a matter of time before someone tried to do the same with Kelly Ryan. FreeKellyRyan.com is now up and running. The site states…

This site has been created to give a non objective view of the Kelly Ryan / Craig Titus Murder Trial. We were VERY sick of Kelly getting hammered in the media. We will do our best to bring you in-depth media coverage and exclusive interviews only for our readers.

Please sign up for our news letter and you will get weekly updates via email and also any ground braking news we may have. Sign up and get the news first! This a 100% free service.

We are glad that there is now a place to offer “ground braking” news and that they were “VERY sick” of Kelly getting hammered in the media. We look forward to the “exclusive interviews”.

COME ON - give us all a break - are you kidding? Kelly getting hammered in the media? Hmmm… correct us if we’re wrong but a statement like…

“Why did you get six bottles of Kingston and one bottle of …” O’Kelley asked.

“That’s all they had,” Ryan said. “That’s all they had.”

Kind of lends itself to one getting “hammered” in the media. The site goes on to say…

FreeKellyRyan.com is a 100% site by Bodybuilding Weekly magazine. Have an article? Email us at fitfanclub@yahoo.com

Let us know how your quest to free Kelly Ryan turns out.

12 Responses to “It was only a matter of time… Oh Poor Kelly…”

  1. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    All for not. Why waste the money on Kelly, keep it for yourself. The public defender will do the same as a high priced attorney and get the same results only for the price of a house in So Cal.

    Little Miss Innocent knew what she was doing, covering up a murder, period. Let her take responsibility for her part in the crime and get a life. Enough with the hero worship. Titus and Ryan have breathed their last free breath and the world needs to move on.

    What’s the motive for freekellyryan.com? Does the creator of the site fantasize that she’ll forsake Titus, go free and live happily ever after? Puhlease.

  2. Kellyisguilyahell.com Says:

    Poor Kelly….. superstar wannabee, living with a known crim and loser. OK, so whats her excuse for Tasering this broad, duct taping her and burning her in her Jag? Nothing. Yet.Best she can hope for is some elaborate plea bargain concoted by her attorney which may require her to turn on Titus. She has after all, no priors and no history of “issues”, so she may have some glimmer of hope. But….she’s gotta turn on him, or like the guy above says, has breathed her last free breath. I gotta believe she was the perp, and not Titus, simply because why would someone who can Bench press 535 lbs, with 21″ arms need a weapon to off a small woman like James? He could have easily choked her out, beat her to death whatever. Point is, he may have just been there to clean up the mess that SHE CAUSED and of course did a pretty lousy job at it

  3. Worthless Site Says:

    Freekellyryan.com is owned by the same guy who owns Planetphysique.com

    Freecraigtitus.com is a dumb, and FreeKellyRyan is even worse.

    whats next? www.FreeMelissaJames.com ??

  4. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Craig and Kelly’s self incriminating, non-retractable statements clearly prove that they are indeed sharing a brain.

  5. www.whatever.com Says:

    Its a done deal. She is guilty, He is guilty….I guess what we are all waiting for is to see pictures of Craig Titus at his appeals, when he’s down to 15 inch arms and deflated…….!

    I guess its just time for Kelly to find a Real MAN…and for Craig Titus to find a warm sensitive woman for himself….IN PRISON….Now that either of them have anything to lose.

  6. Marco Says:

    All of a sudden the Bodybuilding couple becomes the victim. anyone remembers the death girl?

  7. Keith Kephart Says:

    Until there are some acutal facts, ie, actual events as to what in FACT occured, then let the commentary roll. Until such time, it’s speculation and unneccessary gobblie-gook! Try walking a mile in someones shoes before people begin to trash that which they at this point DON’T KNOW!

  8. Think about this Says:

    Keith, is it all speculation as to why they have the evidence that they do and Craig and Kelly are they’re only suspects? And Craig and Kelly have admitted in the disposal of the body of Melissa James, is that all hearsay??
    Is the fact that it was Kelly’s credit card that purchased the lighter fluid is that just made up??
    You say that we should all try and walk in their shoes??
    Do you want to walk in a murder’s shoes?? I don’t because I am a person the respects the law and other peoples lives.
    What a stupid comment about walking in their shoes when they will be on trial for murder not stealing a pack of gum from seven eleven.
    Keith why don’t you walk in Melissa James’s shoes and tell me how that feels and then make comments on poor Craig and Kelly and we should all try walking in their shoes.
    I bet you won’t be getting your G.E.D anytime soon you idiot, have some respect for the young girl that they torched and killed!!
    As far as walking in their shows why don’t you take a walk off of a bridge somewhere and save the rest of the world from a person that sympathizes with murders.

  9. Saleonlighterfluid Says:

    Just an FYI for Keith Kepharts girlfriend. Run and run fast. You could be the next MJ. If anyone out there should find a dead body in their car, I would highly recommend calling authorities and not going to a public place with cameras to buy lighter fluid and then put it on your credit card. This case ia another example how money, fame and illigal drugs can make you feel above the law (and also grow muscles that can only be sketched on a cartoon character). The more I read about CT and KR, the more I believe they are getting what they deserve. I’ll be curious to see how their bodies transform without steroids and KR ’s plastic surgeon at her disposal.

  10. whogivesaflyingflipaboutcraigandkelly Says:

    it just sickens me to see how people can become obsessed with celebs. these people bought the stuff at a walmart at 3am. who bbq’s at 3am?? they found a dead body of someone they knew in their car. come on. and when they were found, they were in a salon getting their nails done. what remorse. and then they were fixing to leave the country after finding a dead body in their car, buying liter fluid at 3am at wal mart, oh, and coincidentally, their car that they found the dead body in was stolen with the body in it, and torch, with liter fluid. are the people of this world that stuip to actually believe this?? and, i’m sure the media will some how find a link to this and steriods.

  11. friendsofkrandct Says:

    Innocent until Proven guilty. There were issues with mj as well. Maybe people should learn about her issues before judging.

  12. j.o. Says:

    Are you kidding “friendsofkrandct”!!! Just because people have issues, dosen’t mean it’s ok to kill them! Yeah, they are innocent until proven guilty- thats why they haven’t got sent to the gas chamber yet…but we can still look at the OVERWHELMING evidence at hand and determine on our own -the truth!!!

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