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Detectives attempt to turn Kelly against Craig

Glenn Puit of the Las Vegas Review Journal appears to be the new reporter on the Titus and Ryan case since Frank Curreri is no longer with the newspaper. You’ll remember Frank Curreri as the blue shirt wearing reporter who first broke the story and appeared on various TV shows. With Puit now on the case, he is slowly putting out more information from the court documents. The latest takes the spotlight to Kelly. Here are a few of the comments from the piece titled, FORMER FITNESS CHAMPIONS: Ryan remains loyal to husband

Taken from the 101 page statement that Kelly gave detectives…

“I don’t want to see you continue to involve yourself in this and go down and have it be the end for you,” Las Vegas homicide Detective Dean O’Kelley told Ryan during the Dec. 24 interview.

“I’m saying that to you as a human being. And I see it (your situation) as salvageable,” O’Kelley said. “Craig made choices. Craig has done this thing.”

Ryan replied, “I’m not sure where you are going with that.”

“Where I’m going with it is that you can’t be held responsible for what another person does unless you choose to,” O’Kelley told Ryan. “And, this is your opportunity to back up, as fas far as you can, and make it right.”

Kelly proceeds to sa she doesn’t want to give a statement without her lawyer or anyone there. In a second statement Kelly offers more background on the couple’s relationship with Melissa James. Stating that they knew James for years through bodybuilding before she lived with them. In her statement Kelly says they didn’t pay her to be their personal assistant…

“No no, we just took care of her,” Ryan said. “We made sure that she didn’t need for anything.”

Kelly goes on to say that they believed Melissa’s boyfriend has got her involved in methamphetamine and Melissa was always shooting up. Ryan goes on to say that she suspected James of stealing from her with large sums of money and the transactions weren’t ones her or Craig did. One detail not out was mentioned in this report. We’ve heard the story of Melissa stealing from them but these details are new to the public…

Ryan said that on the day James disappeared, James was staying at a La Quinta hotel in Las Vegas. While James was at the hotel, she said, she and Titus broke into James’ room at their house.

“We found a lockbox and we broke it open,” Ryan said. “It was a safe and it had all of our documents. Photocopies of his driver’s license, all of our, ah, home equity line of credit, mortgage statements … credit card statement with our numbers on them … date of birth.”

Ryan said Titus then picked up James at the hotel and drove her back to their house. “Just make sure that, you know, give her the benefit of the doubt one more time,” Ryan said.

Another interesting comment Ryan made was…

Subsequently, Ryan told police she’d noticed that all the ice cubes in her house were a strange color, and she seemed to imply that perhaps the couple were being poisoned.

“The water had been tasting funny for a little while but I thought there was nothing of it … then, um, there was a, a, like a, almost like a, a rotten smell from the drain in my bathroom.

“There was a clear fluid in the bottom of every glass we had,” Ryan said.

Kelly goes on to say that her and Craig were partying with “Megan and Jeremy” at their house and then noticed that the “posing” lights were on in the garage, to which the group found James dead in the front of Kelly’s car. If tis statement is true then “Megan and Jeremy” are new key witnesses to this whole story. Why haven’t they been identified before? Interesting. Kelly proceeds to say that were nervous about calling police because Craig is a convicted felon and feared negative publicity of their celebrity status in the fitness industry. When asked why she purchased six bottles of lighter fluid with her own credit card, Kelly responded with…

“Why did you get six bottles of Kingston and one bottle of …” O’Kelley asked.

“That’s all they had,” Ryan said. “That’s all they had.”

Read the full story here.

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  1. mitch Says:

    Criminal Defense Attorney (NYC) here. Let me say that this is textbook police interrogation stuff. Kelly did the right thing by asking for an attorney. THe cops would have trapped her as an accessory and damned her with her statements at trial.

  2. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Stupid is as stupid does - Forrest Gump

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