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Court Documents

Anyone who thinks there isn’t a mountain of evidence in this case, think again. Whether or not it will convict Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan remains to be seen. We’ve received a few hate emails claiming we’re saying they are already guilty and they won’t get a fair trial. Our stance is they innocent until proven guilty. However in our opinion, there is a good deal of evidence that doesn’t play into their favor. Even OJ left less of a trail then these two, but we’re not saying they are guilty of all the charges.

A shot of the court documents from court tv…

titus court documents

8 Responses to “Court Documents”

  1. RC Says:

    Guilty or not of this particular crime, I have a personal file which is about a quarter the size of the one shown, against Craig Titus. I knew both Craig and Kelly personally for several years, and everything that has been said thus far of their lifestyle is completely true. I naively considered them friends until Craig stole not only money, but a business from me. He also threatened to “kill me” if I didn’t just “drop the whole matter and disappear”. I took the matter to an attorney in Vegas who still has all the files, including the threats made via e-mail. (Yet another example of Craig’s “intelligence” and his perception that he is untouchable. I heard him threaten dozens of people during my association with him. If I saw and heard what I did in my brief association with Craig and Kelly, then there are probably dozens more who heard and saw the same. I don’t know what Kelly’s involvement was in this crime, but there were just as many things she was aware of in their relationship as she was unaware of. It’s not easy to live so closely to such evil and not have it rub off a little. She’s not a dumb girl, so don’t feel too sorry for her. My heart is saddened, but I am not surprised that it has finally come to this and will not be surprised if a few more crimes are uncovered as well. If my evidence is needed I will gladly have my attorney turn it over to the DA. But the way it looks now, Craig’s mouth and a few people who aren’t intimidated by him are about all that’s needed to tie this one up. I feel extremely sorry for Melissa and her family. This could have easily happened to any of the dozens of girls they pulled into their web, it’s just unfortunate she didn’t get out soon enough. I left town and am now thankful for my life that I did. You are in my prayers every night Melissa.

  2. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    No body no crime. Burned up car in the desert with the body in the trunk. Flight to avoid prosecution. Stayed over night at the renter’s. Trashed the cell phones and used pay as u go. Traded in the truck. $8500 in a fake can. Flight to avoid prosecution. Pedicure bust on East Coast. Didn’t know they were wanted. Drove 3,000 miles to visit friends. Does the DA really need all those documents?

  3. Wayne V. Dennis Says:

    Before anyone has ill thoughts about a convicted felon, they should find out the truth about the politicians who run the U.S. Government or don’t they watch the news and see the corruption and how they steal billions from the taxpayers. Then check out the companies V.P. Cheney owns and the business dealings of President Bush and that is the tip of the massive iceberg. Then look at the child-raping priests, and the paid-liar attorneys, and the normal citizens who cheat in every way they can on their taxes. And whoever made the comment about an ex-felon helping an ex-felon, check the skeletons in your closet, then do a background check on your brothers, sisters and parents. You’ll be suprised at how crooked people are who you think are angels. Really check out all your relatives… then call the police… fast.

  4. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    This is about two methodic murderers, not politicians. Bush and Cheney have nothing to do with this case, nor do priests, attorneys or tax cheats. These nieve statements are obvious signs of die hard hero worship. I suggest WVD should find another hero, this one’s going down.

    RC: Great post. Regards.

  5. Completely agree Says:

    I completely agree with “Couldn’t care less” WVD time and time again puts his foot where his mouth should be and then goes on record stating that he is highly inteligent. Please WVD start using those intelligents and make some comments that have some intelligents behind them.
    Ex-cons are ex-cons because they tried to cheat the system and broke the law in which they were caught, should we all now view them as upstanding citizens??
    These folks that we are talking about have a pile of evidence that is overwhelming and why should we all be ask to look past that when the courts aren’t thus that is why they are being held without bail!!
    WVD, everytime you make a statment you make yourself look so foolish, where are those intelligence when you need them the most??

  6. blab Says:

    WVD, what you just blahbbbed about made no sense whatsover! So, what they did (or excuse me, didn’t do) was ok? I have no skeletons in my closet so I guess I can not relate. Don’t be so touchy on every comment, everyone breaks the law (DUI, speeding…so on).

  7. Completely agree Says:

    “Blab” you are right as well!
    WVD thinks that everyone in one way or another breaks the law or is involved with someone does.
    I have one more thing to say to WVD “Start associating with better people, that respect the law”
    Maybe then WVD will know that most people are not involved with such horrific crimes let alone are close to people that do.
    Skeletons in the closet routine are people with a guilty conscience.
    WVD, with your attitude and thought process I feel comfortable in saying it won’t be before long that you will be back in prison unless you realize that there are good people out there but you have to look for them as you do the bad people that you so quickly defend and want freed.

  8. mark Says:

    Other than the suggestion made by Bob Chicherello, why is there no discussion about the love triangle between these three? James was a victim of a threesome gone bad. To perpetuate the idea she was an assistant to whatever business they conducted is laughable.

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