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Wayne V. Dennis offers comment

We received this comment from Wayne, the author of the Counterfeit Millionaire book and the one who is putting up 50% of all proceeds to Titus’ defense fund. We never questioned Mr. Dennis’ intellect, but do question his common sense. A convicted felon, selling a book to help support another convicted felon who is now accused of murder and arson. Mmmm Yeah, where do we buy your book again?

In public I apologized and spoke my condolences to Melissa’s mother and father and family. I never believe in murder under any circumstance, but I still believe in innocent until proven guilty… and yes there is some compelling evidence against the two of them. Damn them forever if they are guilty beyond a doubt. As for my intelligence… 168 I.Q. is not bad. As for my sanity… browse my website at www.counterfeitmillionaire.com and leave me an email if you change your thoughts. Wayne

13 Responses to “Wayne V. Dennis offers comment”

  1. EVEN Says:

    Why is it so hard for you media types to understand your innocent until proven guilty? I am finding harder and harder to believe that CT and KR will be able to get a fair trial. There is just as much disinformation floating around, as information , but it is all being reported as fact. they should be convicted by hard evidence, not circumstantial pieces weaved by some wild fantasy. I see nothing so far that points to CT doing this, KR is a different story. There is still no toxicology report . This whole made for TV idea of drugging , tasing and finally suffocating is just a shotgun theory. Why would a man CT’s size need a taser to incapacitate a small woman? Next thing you know LE will be saying they used KR’s car to fake her death for insurance money.

    However, back on point, if the man wants to try and help a friend get the best defense possible , why do you care? Mr. Dennis did his time and paid back his debt to society, give him a break.

  2. Ted Says:

    Your IQ is around 84!!!

  3. pogue Says:

    I don’t understand what connection this guy has to Craig Titus? And, he’s writing about about his criminal excapades and selling it online? He sound’s like another James Frey.

  4. Think about this Says:

    “Even” would you be so quick to defend WVD and his thoughts about CT and KR if it had been your sister, mother or friend that was murdered and burnt in the middle of the night in the trunk of a car???????
    Inncoent till proven guilty is only due process if you are guilty already. This process is for the final say in the court room but never changes whether someone is guilty of a crime or not, if you did it then you are guilty.
    Pretty simple I think but for some un-compassionate people that want to see people get off for crimes they indeed commit and fill the free world with criminals I have to question there right to walk free in this society.
    I can understand if there wasn’t as much evidence as there is, CT and KR in there own words put themselves at the scene of the crime and admit caring out the disposal of a young girl and “Even” wants to defend the fact that they are innocent till proven guilty.
    Do you feel the same way about people that confess that they are innocent unitl they actually go before the judge and say the words “I did it”???? should we allow those people out on bail until the courts have the time to get them into the court room????
    Common sense goes along way when someone choses to use it, I ask “Even” to use your common sense thats all I ask then decide who you should be supporting “Evil” or “Good”!!!
    The law states innocent till proven guilty because of due process that has to occur but someone that is guilty is guilty from the second that they committed the crime and that can’t be disputed.
    “Even” if you want to side with a known felon that still lacks respect for the law that is proven by the way he thinks and speaks then I think the people that associate with you need to take a deep look at you and what you can potentially become!

  5. j.o. Says:

    hey, maybe they can use the money to find the REAL killer….and once they get out- dedicate there lives to looking for who did it!!!

  6. EVEN Says:

    I am not quick to defend anybody, just believe that everybody has rights. I also believe people make mistakes , and deserve second chances. No one is perfect and Mr. Dennis served his time , and should be treated with a little more courtesy. As far as being un-compassionate , nothing could be further from the case. You ask that I reflect on this as if it was my sister, mother or friend? I can tell you this, I would have never of let my sister, mother or friend live the lifestyle that MJ did. People that associate with me know that , and that is why I am called a friend.

  7. Think about this Says:

    Are you saying that you could stop your sister, mother or friend from hanging out with someone that they wanted to see???
    If you could stop someone from doing what they wanted then why can’t you stop murderers from killing??
    You and I have no more control over someone else then we do over someone that decides to kill another human being.
    As far as WVD and ex-cons that have done their time, yes they deserve second chances as we all do if we have earned that chance and just because they have done their prison sentence that doesn’t mean that they are worthy of a second chance, people that want to be better people and the ex-cons that have changed their thought process and desire to be good people do indeed hav earned second chances but WVD continues to make comments and statements that sides for other criminals when good people want to see bad people punished but yet here is WVD making comments that CT and KR should be freed or at least he wants to help them to get free when the evidence is over whelming.
    To date you “Even” are the only person that has sided for WVD and said give this guy a chance, do you know that he would like nothing else than to see CT and KR free so he could watch them on stage again and WVD has completely forgotten that CT and KR stand accused of a horrific crime and the evidence is over whelming!!
    And you say that we should listen to and give WVD a second chance??
    This is that opportunity that you mentioned that you wouldn’t allow your loved ones to hang out nor associate with bad people then this is your time to recognize that WVD doesn’t have good intentions or at least he has expressed bad intentions.
    Please go back and read the posts WVD has written and then please tell me that we should listen to him and give him a second chance.
    If WVD wrote on this post something along the lines of “Yes, I did time and learned alot from that time and only wish CT would have learned as much as I did then maybe there might still be a MD alive and well today” now if he would have said something along those lines I think he would have a large fan base that would listen to what he has to say and to include myself I might say “Here is reformed man that has earned a second chance” but until he starts sideing for the good and not the evil then I will never believe that he has earned a second chance!!
    thats just me though!!

  8. EVEN Says:

    Are you saying that you could stop your sister, mother or friend from hanging out with someone that they wanted to see??? No.. I am saying I could stop them from being violent drug users, criminals , etc. Do some research on her past I think you might be surpised. Also , look at varying message boards you will read were her friends did not approve of her lifrestyle. However, they justified her actions becuase they claim she had to survive. You will read things like ……. When she was at her worst, I know I let her down. I was upset with some of the things she was doing so I didn’t return her calls. …. She was a survivor and that’s what she did. She took care of herself!…..I just hope that if anyone ever reads anything negative about her, that they remember people will do stupid things to survive.

    The sad truth is , if friends and family would have stepped in, instead of being disgusted and not returning phone calls. She would still be here.

  9. Wayne Victor Dennis Says:

    Whoever the “Piece of S**t” is making comments about ex-felons needs to read my website and see how I give back to society by pledging millions of dollars in new recreational equipment to underprivileged schools and school children. And I am kind and helpful to everyone I come in contact with. What has the “P.O.S” done lately besides maybe cheat on taxes or speed through a school zone? And why don’t they direct their energies towards convicting the 100 priests who have just been accused of molesting children at their church? Watch the news instead of Jerry Springer and you’ll see how the real world is. And do something good for society. Go pick up trash alongside the road or volunteer to feed the homeless or help mentor and motivate the unemployed. You’ll feel good about yourself, and you can raise your standards in life to something above that of an ex-felon.

  10. Think about this Says:

    Wayne if your done padding yourself on the back let me know!!
    You have proven time and time again on these post that your mentality is not that of a person that respects the law regardless of how much money you give to the community.
    Giving money to the community does that make you exempt from breaking the law or defending criminals??
    I think not so before you go padding yourself on the back again, don’t.
    I don’t know you and wouldn’t want to associate with an ex-felon that makes comments that you do.
    I think there is alot of people that have read your comments from the begining and will agree that your thought process is not that of a law abiding citizen.
    Wayne you go ahead and continue to use these sites to promote your ridiculous books and whatever else it is that do to make money off the fact that you spent time in prison and the rest of us will work on living life on the right side of the bars.
    The way you think Wayne I give just a little more time and you will be doing time again and when you do look Craig up and carry his gym bag for him in prison since you love the guy like you do, you know what they say “Birds of a feather flock together”
    But your not like that anymore as you want all of us to beleive but yet you are so quick to defend murders.
    I think you should break the law again when you run out of things to write about so when you get out of prison again you can write another book!!
    Again just because you are giving back to society doesn’t mean that you aren’t breaking the law.
    I hope that you are padding yourself on the back as you write your letters to Craig in jail and let that murderer know that there is someone that supports him.
    Just so you know I don’t support criminals so I will not visit your website nor will I participate in the profits that criminal make from the exploitation of their crime like writting books about their crimes.

  11. Wayne V. Dennis Says:

    From Wayne V. Dennis… “after reading ‘Fire In The Desert,’ a documentary book written about Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan & Melissa James, I have come to a conclusion that the evidence against Craig and Kelly, along with the confessions made by the two, that they are GUILTY and are lucky I am not on their jury at their upcoming trial. I sold no books to use fifty-percent in his defense, and it’s a good thing too. I strongly believe that they will be convicted in this horrific crime. It has always been horrific to me, yet I couldn’t believe this one-nice-guy could do such a thing. However, when I knew him in prison he was clean without steroids destroying his body and mind. Then once released from prison and abusing his body and mind with such drugs again, there is reason to believe above and beyond the evidence alone. NO ONE should be murdered. Death should come naturally or in defense of oneself against another. Craig and Kelly could have just told Melissa to leave and everyone go one with their lives. But they chose the TOTALLY UNSPEAKABLE punishment and they deserve the same punishment in return. That is Natures Law… eye for an eye. Sorry Craig and Kelly… no sympathy from me if you are 100% TRULY GUILTY… which the evidence and your confessions seems like you TRULY ARE GUILTY.”

    For those who wrote bad comments about me, I’ll likely never meet you so who really gives a shit what your low-I.Q. pea-brain thinks, but I really am a GREAT HUMAN who risks my own life to save others in several disaster occasions and do courteous things for strangers and much much more. I am also likely so much more honest than the average person and their families and their friends… so they can go F**K themselves too. Read my book and see the GOOD things I do and have done for others and then judge. Until then, really look at yourself, your family and your friends and ask what YOU’VE done for others or animals or the planet lately… probably nothing as usual. Then look at what I do on a daily basis and know who is the GOOD one !!! Comments??? Write to me at waynevdennis@msn.com. I can take them good or bad… and I will give you an honest and blunt answer in return… good or bad.

  12. Lynn Says:


    Insulting people and threatening people who do not agree with you is not being courteous to strangers, and does not make you a GREAT HUMAN. It doesn’t matter how much money you give away, you still treat people badly if they dare to disagree with you, or sometimes for no reason at all. You are not better than other people, just because you made alot of money due to criminal activities. Try being humble, respectful, and compasionate.

  13. Lynn Says:


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