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“I wasn’t going back to jail for no f-ing body.”

Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan will be back in court on March 20, 2006. The Beacon newspaper is reporting. The couple will appear in court where the judge will consider their motion to suppress statements made to police in Massachusetts on Dec. 24.

Their lawyers requested bail in the amount off $250,000 arguing that they are not a flight risk or danger to the community. Based off from the statements that surfaced yesterday we don’t know that we’d agree that they aren’t a danger to the community. If the statement are suppressed then perhaps the judge would request bail, though highly unlikely.

Other strong evidence against Titus and Ryan…
It (An Air Taser) was discharged six times within two minutes on the afternoon of Dec. 13, a time when Craig and Kelly confirmed Melissa was had been in their home, according to police. Police also recovered in the defendants’ home remnants from the gun that are left behind after it is fired, according to the motion to deny bail.

“Titus was captured on video in the Wal-Mart parking lot assisting defendant Ryan in loading the lighter fluid into the car that contained Melissa’s dead body. Defendants admitted they drove the car — with Melissa’s body in the trunk — to a remote desert area and ignited it,” according to court documents.

In a later interview Dec. 23, after they were found in Massachusetts, Ms. Ryan told police she and her husband were planning to first head to California to pick up her dog before eventually traveling to Mexico, according to the state’s motion.

The same document says Mr. Titus told detectives he left town “because he knew he was going to be charged with murder,” and “I wasn’t going back to jail for no f-ing body.”

It is reported that the couple stopped for an oil change at the same time a trooper was having the oil changed on his marked patrol car.

Later, Mr. Titus returned to the shop and “gave me money for a lint roller he took and forgot to pay for,” the manager said. “I thanked him for his honesty and was extremely surprised they were the same individuals that were arrested as a result of a warrant from Las Vegas.”

Wow, what a stand up guy to come back and pay for a lint roller.

Click here for the full story as reported by Linda Seida, Staff Writer, for The Beacon.

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