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Conflicting Statements

The Las Vegas Review put a story out today that reveals more statements on the case. Some of the statements that were made to detectives in Boston are rather interesting and disturbing…

“Found her (James) in the (expletive) car dead, stinking up my (expletive) car,” Titus told detectives in a Dec. 24 taped interview in Boston.

“I panicked. That gets in the newspaper, we’re ruined. Dead girl, car, OD’d, Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan. We’re (expletive) ruined,” Titus said.

“Plus, not to mention that my car’s ruined … so I think OK, let’s put her in the trunk and burn it and play stupid. That’s what we did. Period. Finito. End of story.”

When Titus spoke to FBI agents he conflicted himself with…

“Yeah, we were having sex and she OD’d,” the FBI agent quoted Titus as saying. “Let’s go with that. That’s a good story.”

The article goes on to state that Titus and Ryan gave nearly 500 pages of voluntary statements to Las Vegas homicide detectives. One statement that is rather bizarre and rather idiotic of Titus…

“He’s real cool, drug dealer, you know, ‘Pay me, I’ll kill ya’ type, (expletive) idiot,” Titus told police.

Suggesting that James was using methamphetamine and that a drug dealer named Eddie could be responsible for her death. Titus then appears to show his tough guy act by saying…

“I’ll tell ya something right now,” Titus said. “If I find this (expletive) guy before you guys do, I’m gonna (expletive) him up. I’ll call you when I do.”

Then some of the most compelling piece of guilt is written…

“So, ah, it’s real simple, guys,” Titus told detectives. “We took her out of the car and put her in the fetal positionand put her in the trunk of my car and we burned it.

Titus then goes on to conflict himself yet again. One minute Kelly and they are starting their own organization the next he says this…

“She (Ryan) is the number one fitness athlete in the world,” Titus said. “Highly respected in the sport, and if you think of fitness, Kelly Ryan. Period. … And here we walk in our garage and our friend’s OD’d in our (expletive) car. So if that gets out to the public, we’re ruined.”

Well, I guess one could say you’re ruined to say the least. What about the family and life of your “friend”? Their lives are also ruined in a way far greater then just their reputation.

Titus proceeds to tell investigators what many have thought all along, wondering how could they be that stupid?

“If I really wanted to … burn her and it was a murder, I would of dug a hole out in the desert and dumped her in the hole, and burned my car myself,” Titus said. “You know what I mean?

The meathead Titus comes out during the investigation by asking police if they found his steroids…

“Did you guys find my steroids?” Titus asks the detectives.

“Yeah,” a detective responds.

“You did find it?” Titus said. “(Expletive,) man. That’s pretty good investigation.”

After talking with FBI agents and stating…

“Titus responded words to the effect, ‘Yeah, we were having sex and she OD’d. Let’s go with that. That’s a good story.’ “

He perhaps comes to his senses and says…

“After making this statement, Titus paused for a moment and then stated ‘No more questions.’ “

The blockquotes in this piece were taken from a story written by Glenn Puit of the Las Vegass Review Journal. To read the entire article which is by far the most revealing to date. Please click here.

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