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Admissions of Guilt?

One of our loyal readers brought a key detail to our attention that hasn’t been talked about much. In one of the reports we linked to earlier in the week a HUGE detail was tucked away in the article…

“They were arrested Dec. 23 at a nail salon in Stoughton, Mass., and gave statements to authorities that Daskas said included admissions that they doused James’ body with a flammable liquid, drove it to the desert and set it afire.

Bonaventure did not rule Friday on a request from defense lawyers to suppress those statements.”

An admission of setting the victim’s body on fire to investigators? This is a very compelling piece of evidence, we doubt the district attorney is making their admission up. The only thing that would not allow these statements into court would be if they weren’t read their rights before the admission was provided. This should be interesting to see if they are successful in getting the admissions thrown out of court.

Thanks to the reader who pointed this detail out.

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  1. Adrian Says:

    The technicality there is that they didn’t admit to actually killing James- only to dousing the body with flammable liquid and burning it. I don’t know what the law is in their jurisdiction regarding the handling of corpses but I’d think that their attorney could turn that into an admission of desecrating a corpse rather than an admission of guilt in a murder.

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