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Titus shown weeping in court

crying titus
Photo by Jeff Sheild.

“Craig Titus may be an intimidating mass of muscle and a past Mr. Olympia place winner, but in court Friday the bodybuilder sobbed at the sight of his wife, Kelly Ryan.”

In the latest report by the Las Vegas Review Journal, it appears Titus and Ryan are attempting to paint a picture of Melissa stealing from them, taking on a new identity and framing her murder. Some of the statements that came out of the nearly 2 hour hearing…

“They had motive to kill Melissa James,” Daskas said. “They believed, rightly or wrongly, that Melissa James had stolen from them — assumed their identities and stolen from them.”

“He pointed out that after James’ body was found, but before the victim’s identification had been officially cnfirmed by police through DNA analysis, Titus talked to James’ mother, Maura James, on the phone. During the conversation, Titus tried to convince Maura James that the body found in the car was not her daughter’s.

“Titus expressed to Maura James … that that was not Melissa James in the trunk of the car,” Daskas said. “It gave Maura James a glimmer of hope.

“He even said he had a friend who’d spoken to Melissa James on the phone … again giving Maura James a glimmer of hope,” Daskas said.

Daskas said Titus also told Maura James he believed “Melissa staged this whole thing so she could assume a new identity.”

“What does that say about Craig Titus’ character√°” Daskas asked.”

Another bit of new information was released…

Daskas said an autopsy revealed James had morphine in her system, a detail that had not been disclosed before Friday’s hearing.

He said the morphine in her system supports the prosecution’s belief that Titus and Ryan drugged James, used a Taser gun on her, killed her, then torched her body in the trunk of Ryan’s car, which was found in the desert on Dec. 14.

“There were levels of morphine in her system consistent with the way we’ve charged the case,” Daskas said.

Read the full article here.

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