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The Titus Defense Fund

Yes you read it right, there is a defense fund for Craig Titus and it’s not stemming from the people of “Free Craig Titus” web site. This is an interesting interview found on Getbig.com. Should we trust a convicted felon, selling a book to contribute to the “Titus Defense Fund”? Hmmm. This case gets more interesting every week…

For anyone who has ever known Craig Titus, or ever cared about him, or thought good or bad about him… come-on folks… as fellow body-builders we cannot let him go away forever. Wouldn’t it be nice to continue to see his antics on stage, or see if he ever wins a Mr. Olympia? By purchasing a personally-autographed copy of “The Counterfeit Millionaire” you will not only help save the life and career of a very genuine, down-to-earth, fellow body-builder, kind human being, but you will also help thousands of children enjoy a smoothly-paved road to better health. Go to your computer and log onto http://www.counterfeitmillionaire.com. Oh… and you’ll enjoy the story as well. Thank you and best of wishes.

Read the full article/interview here. (There is also a photo of Titus from prison, striking a pose)

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