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The Titus Defense Fund

Yes you read it right, there is a defense fund for Craig Titus and it’s not stemming from the people of “Free Craig Titus” web site. This is an interesting interview found on Getbig.com. Should we trust a convicted felon, selling a book to contribute to the “Titus Defense Fund”? Hmmm. This case gets more interesting every week…

For anyone who has ever known Craig Titus, or ever cared about him, or thought good or bad about him… come-on folks… as fellow body-builders we cannot let him go away forever. Wouldn’t it be nice to continue to see his antics on stage, or see if he ever wins a Mr. Olympia? By purchasing a personally-autographed copy of “The Counterfeit Millionaire” you will not only help save the life and career of a very genuine, down-to-earth, fellow body-builder, kind human being, but you will also help thousands of children enjoy a smoothly-paved road to better health. Go to your computer and log onto http://www.counterfeitmillionaire.com. Oh… and you’ll enjoy the story as well. Thank you and best of wishes.

Read the full article/interview here. (There is also a photo of Titus from prison, striking a pose)

4 Responses to “The Titus Defense Fund”

  1. surprised Says:

    Are you for real, we should all contribute to the defense team of Mr. Titus because body builders need to stick together so we can continue to watch him on and off stage.
    So I have to ask, do you think that Melissa James life was so unimportant that her killers should go free so you can watch him on stage???
    I wonder if your thoughts would remain the same if it were your sister, mother or friend that was brutally murdered??
    You need to check yourself into a mental institution and have your head examined.
    What you should be doing is supporting a fund that would help protect people from this type of crime and support groups to help victims get through these types of crimes but you rather see these two free because they are body builders and you think we all need to stand behind them, the only place I will be standing is between them and bars seperating us!!!
    Please remember that a girl has been murdered and a family has lost someone that they loved dearly so please use the head on your shoulders for some thinking instead of a paperweight!!!

  2. staceylee munday Says:

    i personally knew craig titus…and this does not even surprise me one bit.
    not many years back i dated an ifbb pro that he had a run in with at venice gold’s gym, (whose name i won’t mention) and mr. titus was notorious for starting fights on and off the stage. he was known for his violent nature, and disturbing comments made in the press, for the sake of shocking and scaring folks, esp. those he competed against.
    back in 2002, he had come into a club i worked in as a dancer, with a woman “i think” could very well have been the girl he supposedly murdered, and took me to dance for him and his little friend from florida according to her conversation with me.
    i was invited back to his hotel, where he claimed he would pay me what he owed for the v.i.p. and of course never did.
    while i was there, he made a call to his wifey, kelly ryan, assuring her he was there and loved and missed her, all the while with two women in his room.
    he’s a poor excuse for a man, and gives this sport nuthin’ but a bad name…like it needs his help.
    i hope he pays dearly for this disgusting crime…i am a non believer but i believe it people gettin’ their comeupance…and craig my friend…your day has arrived.

  3. Wayne V. Dennis Says:

    In public I apologized and spoke my condolences to Melissa’s mother and father and family. I never believe in murder under any circumstance, but I still believe in innocent until proven guilty… and yes there is some compelling evidence against the two of them. Damn them forever if they are guilty beyond a doubt. As for my intelligence… 168 I.Q. is not bad. As for my sanity… browse my website at www.counterfeitmillionaire.com and leave me an email if you change your thoughts. Wayne

  4. chainsaw Says:

    -Ms Munday- Look again at what you are saying- Pathetic -
    Maybe you should get an office job rather than doin dope and dancin for married men. Are you really looking at what you are saying? If you are, grab some counciling.

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