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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Further Reports from KLASTV

Further Reports from KLASTV

New photos posted on KLASTV - it appears these were taken when Titus and Ryan arrived in Vegas but this hasn’t been confirmed. Craig is sporting a goatee and Kelly gives a half-hearted smile.

Taken from the KLASTV story

craig titus kelly ryan

Titus is charged with murder while Ryan and a friend, Anthony Gross are charged with helping Titus carry out the crime. Contacted by phone this afternoon, Anthony Gross disavows the charges. “I wouldn’t do anything like that to anyone,” Gross said.

Anthony Gross is currently free on bail, prosecutors say he has been cooperative throughout this entire matter. On Wednesday, Titus and Ryan will find out if they will be eligible for bail or if they’ll have to stay behind bars for the entire proceeding.

Attorneys for Craig Titus tell Eyewitness News they believe they will be able to secure bail for their client during the Wednesday court hearing.

We’d be surprised if they receive bail and don’t be too shocked if things take a turn for the worse for Kelly.

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