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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » “Don’t say nothing.”

“Don’t say nothing.”

From a KLASTV report

They remained shackled to other Clark County jail inmates as they sat two rows apart. At one point in court, it appeared Titus turned to his wife and mouthed the words “don’t say nothing.”

Their lawyers have maintained Titus and Ryan are innocent of the charges. “On behalf of our client, he is 100 percent not guilty,” Boston-based lawyer Steven Boozang said as he and Las Vegas lawyer Richard Schonfeld met reporters outside the courtroom.

Gross, 23, was arrested Dec. 21 and has pleaded not guilty to accessory to murder and third-degree arson. He remains under house arrest after posting $13,000 bail.

His lawyer, Louis Palazzo, noted Wednesday that Gross remained in Las Vegas and cooperated with police when he was interviewed after James’ body was found. “I’m certainly not going to let him be a scapegoat in connection with this case and we’ll meet these charges head on.”

Gross told authorities he bought a can of gasoline and followed in his pickup while Titus allegedly drove the Jaguar to a remote spot outside Las Vegas, took the gas and set the car afire. Gross told police he drove Titus back to Las Vegas, but they did not discuss what happened.

“He’s a young man who probably looked up to Mr. Titus who you know had gained celebrity status,” Palazzo said.

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