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Bodybuilder Charged with Murder Appears in Las Vegas Court

Jan 31, 2006, 2:22 PM MST - From KLASTV - Las Vegas

kelly ryan in court

A local champion bodybuilder was in court today. She’s accused of helping her husband, also a bodybuilder, murder a woman. The victim’s body was found in a burned Jaguar.

Kelly Ryan heard that she was charged with accessory to murder and arson and acknowledged to Judge Joe Bonaventure that she has received a copy of the complaint. She appeared in court through closed-circuit television. Her appearance lasted only a few minutes.

Ryan, who was wearing a standard blue jumpsuit, answered politely to the judge while in court. Ryan, an accomplished body builder, is accused of helping her husband, Craig Titus, another accomplished body builder, with the murder of Melissa James.

Police say James was the couple’s personal assistant and that she was having an affair with Titus. Her burned remains were found in a charred car in mid-December. Both Ryan and Titus were picked up in Massachusetts a couple of weeks later. They said they were visiting friends at the time of the murder.

Neither prosecutors nor Ryan’s lawyer wanted to talk after the hearing but Titus’s lawyer did.

“He’s looking to come into court and face the charges. Once all the facts play out I think people will see Craig in a different light,” said Steven Boozang, Craig Titus’s lawyer.

Lawyers say it is too early to tell whether Titus, Ryan, and another man charged with the murder, Anthony Gross, will stand trial together.

Ryan is set to be back in court on Wednesday to have her bail amount set.

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