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At home with Craig Titus

From KVBC - Las Vegas…

Jan 18, 2006, 01:35 PM PST

Two local bodybuilders accused of killing their live-in assistant and burning her body in the desert are headed back to Nevada. Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan were arrested last month near Boston. But police are using an unusual method to bring the couple home.

They left Las Vegas on the road and police say that’s how Titus and Ryan are returning. After agreeing not to fight extradition, police say the couple has departed Massachusetts. But they tell us the trip could take a week or even longer, because the couple is being transported on the ground by a private company that specializes in extradition services and the process is a slow one.

Once they’re in Las Vegas, the bodybuilders will be booked into the Clark County Jail. Titus faces murder and arson charges, and his wife is accused of being an accomplice in the killing of 28 year old Melissa James. Police say they are unable to tell us exactly when the couple will arrive back in Las Vegas.

A lot has been said about who Craig Titus is but now News 3 has a look behind the doors of his Las Vegas home. The video, which is available at the bottom left part of your screen, was shot in 2002 and was provided to us by Mitsuru Okabe, who produced a series of DVD’s on the Mr. Olympia Competition.

In the video Titus talks about his unusual diet. Bodybuilding magazine covers fill the walls of his office. In addition to living in the house with his wife, Titus’ personal assistant Melissa James lived there during the months leading up to her murder.

In addition to the tour of his home, the video shows Titus working out at the Gold’s Gym on West Lake Mead Boulevard. Titus is seen consuming nutritional supplements, but no mention of steroid use is made in the video. At that time, Titus claimed he had completely given up the use of illegal steroids.

Check out the video here.

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