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IRONMAN Magazine’s Lonnie Teper speaks out.

In the recent Geraldo at Large segment, Lonnie Teper was interviewed and given about 10 seconds of air time in the piece. Ron Avidan with Getbig.com spoke with Lonnie regarding the show and why in the world was he doing arm curls at the end of the piece.

Ron: What were you thinking on Geraldo, pumping and working out in your apartment?

Lonnie: What happened was that by then, the interview was completed. It was past 1am in the morning. The cameraman looked over at a chair, and thought he saw a jump rope. He asked me if that was a jump rope. I said no, these are bands. He asked me what is that for? I told him you can exercise with them. I use them for stretching my hamstrings, and so on. He said if I can show him how you can do exercises with them. I said sure. So I put the bands underneath my feet and showed him the motions, and told him this is a way of how you can work your biceps. I truly thought I was doing this to help this guy. I thought his intentions was to learn how to do this. I was thinking that he was probably always on the road filming, and he doesn’t have time to work out or go to a gym, so he wants to know if there is a way to work out in the room or something. So I was doing it to help the guy.

Then they started filming it, and I didn’t really understand why he was filming it. I thought they were more focused on the picture of Kelly Ryan up there. I did a few reps, and midway through the thing, I realized he may be using this footage on the show. I did say to him that I am not a bodybuilder, I am a journalist. I didn’t want any footage of me doing biceps curls with bands that is not even relevant to the story that we were doing. Remember, at that point, I just wanted to get this thing done, and I had to teach the next day.

Read the Full Interview here.

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