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Do you smell something?

Geraldo smells “STEROID RAGE”. We disagree. Geraldo, we smell idiot. Because a FORMER bodybuilder and a FORMER fitness competitor were involved you “smell steroid rage”? You’ve proven how irresponsible and idiotic you can be with that comment. Why not state, we’ll be following this case, or our hearts go out to the victim, instead of “I smell steroid rage”? Maybe you can go on the O’Reily Factor with your buddy Bill and talk about how this was a steroid case.

Sgt. Dean O’Kelly of the Las Vegas Police Department commented on the case during the episode.
las vegas police

New photos surface in the piece, here showing Melissa, Kelly and Craig.
melissa james

Frank Curreri, a reporter for The Las Vegas Review Journal, is interviewed again. Is it just us or does Frank only have one shirt? frank curreri

IRONMAN Magazine’s Lonnie Tepper was interviewed. Lonnie seemed to be the only one reminding the public and the media that this was not a bodybuilding case. It is a story about life and is a tragic situation, he stated.
lonnie teper

At the end of the show we get a glimpse of the jack ass of the month, when he states. “I Smell Steroid Rage.”
jack ass

- Check out the Video. Thanks to Bodybuildingdungeon.com for uploading it.

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