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Bodybuilders to return to Nevada

By Sean Murphy/ Staff Writer - Canton Journal - Friday, January 13, 2006

Another story laced with inaccuracy. Kelly Ryan was never a competitive bodybuilder, she was a competitive FITNESS competitor. Secondly, It was never stated that Melissa James was “strangled to death” - the cause of death was reported as asphyxiation.

Why is it so hard to do a little reasearch for these stories?

Part of the story…

A pair of celebrity bodybuilders arrested last month in the Bay State are free to be taken back to Nevada to face murder charges connected to a woman’s body found in a burned-out car in Las Vegas.
Craig Titus, a former Mr. Olympia contestant, and his wife, Kelly Ryan, herself a competitive bodybuilder, have changed their minds after a rendition hearing on Tuesday, Dec. 27 in Stoughton District Court.
In that hearing, both said they did not want to be brought back to Nevada, but Ryan later signed a form waiving rendition, and Titus officially waived rendition yesterday, according to Norfolk County District Attorney spokesman David Traub.
All that remains, Traub said, is for Nevada officials to arrange the transfer, which is expected to happen sometime between now and Feb. 8.

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One Response to “Bodybuilders to return to Nevada”

  1. jaymz Says:

    As for the inaccuracies in the story, I don’t think it really matters weather or not Ryan is a competitive bodybuilder or not. Fitness competitor? Big deal. She is still involved in bodybuilding and fitness ventures. And for the cause of death, asphyxiation means to smother. I think a “competitive bodybuilder” who weighs at least 225 lbs places an object such as a towel or hand over womans face she just “might” die of asphyxiation. I am not saying Titus and Ryan are responsible, but to pick out silly discrepencies like that is truly not necessary. As for the “smells like roid rage”, the average person has one idea of us bodybuilders. Roids and that’s it. Fair or unfair. That’s the way it is. Was it really Ryans car that was burned out? Seeing them on camera buying multiple cans of light fluid cannot be good for their defense!

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