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Victim’s uncle comments on the Rita Crosby report

An uncle of Melissa James comments on Getbig.com regarding this report…

“Maura never told Frank that Melissa and Kelly were fighting. She never told Frank that Melissa had moved out of the house. When maura made the statement that “they were fighting all the time” she meant craig and Kelly, and Melissa had told Maura that Kelly had been flipping out.And as far as Melissa leaving the house,craig had reserved a room for Melissa for one night, because he thought it would be better if Melissa was not at the house due to fighting that craig and Kelly were doing.It was only later that we found out that the room had been reserved for two nights,and for whatever reason Craig reserved the room for two nights .only he knows since Melissa was flying home on Tuesday night. Unfortunately we did not correct this from the beginning.It was just a case on miscommunication. once again Iwould like to thank all those who have shown support for my family during this terrible tragedy.”

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