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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » FreeCraigTitus.com owner cashes in.

FreeCraigTitus.com owner cashes in.

The original owner went on record with a Las Vegas news station claiming his heart went out to the victim’s family and wanted Craig Titus to do the right thing. The owner also stated he wasn’t looking to profit. Apparently that all changed once the site made the news. A recent post on Getbig.com ,where the previous owner - aka 240 or bust frequents , commented with this…

There’s been rumors, info, and disinformation out there on the price. Yall know I can’t talk about details of the deal or the current arrangement. The buyer is working hard to keep it current. I’ll be doing another TItus project in a lil while. Something quite different. Won’t be selling this one. So yall protein dealers, contact me early this time, don’t wait until it’s on the news and too late to lock in at a low price.

The individual also had this to say…

Also the party declined my offer NOT to work in the titus field. Very amicable guy. So I will be doing another project as the trial nears. It’s too juicy not to. None of that ‘free titus’ stuff tho… a very different angle.

Evidently, this individual is no longer looking to “Free Craig Titus”. We’re sure the site will be back up and running but in what fashion now that the original owner is on to other things has yet to be seen. We’ll keep you posted on the details. The previous owner as well as current owner have not returned our emails.

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