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Infamous bodybuilders in popular magazines

Jan 5, 2006, 07:38 PM MST

Article and video at KVBC - Las Vegas.

A local bodybuilding couple accused of murder is getting international attention this week in People and Playboy magazines. In the next issue of Playboy magazine, Craig Titus talks about the sport of bodybuilding and the use of steroids.


The reporter attributed with this story began his research long before Titus was arrested for murder. His project began as a behind the scenes look at the “Mr. Olympia” competitions held annually in Las Vegas; one of the key interviews for his piece just happened to be Craig Titus.

The Playboy article entitled “The Big Show” goes backstage for a look at what the author calls the freaky world of professional bodybuilding.

Titus is quoted extensively throughout the article, talking openly about the rampant use of steroids in the sport. Author Charles Young says he wouldn’t be surprised if steroid rage played a role in the murder of Melissa James.

Young says he’s stunned at how stupidly Titus and Kelly Ryan seem to have behaved both before and after the killing. He says Titus seemed quite intelligent during their conversations for the Playboy article.


Meanwhile, this article in People magazine has hit newsstands. It provides a recap of the case under the headline “Killer Bodies?” Titus and Ryan are scheduled to appear again in a Massachusetts courtroom next Thursday.

Both Titus and Ryan have appeared on dozens of magazine covers in recent years, but their last big victories in bodybuilding competitions happened nearly a decade ago.

Last week a judge denied bail for Titus and Ryan. After next week’s hearing we should have a better idea of when the couple will be returned to Nevada.

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