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It had to happen

From the Patriot Ledger…

On Wednesday, a new Web site appeared in cyberspace called freecraigtitus.com.

A professional bodybuilder-turned-murder suspect, Craig Titus currently sits in a Canton lockup, as does his wife, former fitness champ Kelly Ryan.

The celebrity muscle couple left their Las Vegas home after police talked to them about the grisly death of Titus’ former assistant and secret lover, Melissa James.

Federal and local cops tracked the couple down in Stoughton last week. Now the couple is fighting extradition back to Las Vegas, and will likely remain behind bars in Canton for the next several weeks.
The Web site provides about as much information about the case as any musclehead could ever read, including court records, media accounts and exclusive interviews - including one with Matt Cline, a Massachusetts bodybuilding friend who Titus and Ryan were purportedly going to visit before getting busted at the Shaw’s shopping plaza in Stoughton.

Among other things, the site reveals that ‘‘Craig & Kelly’s dog Joey is safe with family.’’ Well, isn’t that nice.
Fans can donate money to the defense. And there’s also a link to an ad for muscle supplements with a pumped-up Titus saying: ‘‘No body of evidence is more powerful or convincing.’’

Not even the evidence against him, we suppose.

Read the entire piece here.

**titusandryan.com note - freecraigtitus.com has not been able to secure exclusive interviews - all interviews have come from Getbig.com.

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