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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all…

Freecraigtitus.com is now running “fit singles” ads on its web site. The site’s owner appears to have opted to sell out in a different way. As reported yesterday, the site’s owner had placed the domain up for sale on ebay. The auction lasted less then a day with no bids. **Correction - there was one bid but the seller had ended the auction before the bid went through. Thanks for the the heads up Angel.**

Start time: Dec-29-05 09:10:45 PST
Ended: Dec-29-05 23:54:29 PST

We will attempt to get a statement from the site’s owner on this and get his side of the story on why the site was pulled from ebay and now “fit singles” banner ads are being shown.

2 Responses to “Just when you thought you’ve seen it all…”

  1. Rebecca Lee Says:

    Actually the site did have a bid last night maxing at $222 from “ronezmunny” but the sale was ended by the seller.

  2. 240 Is BiPolar Says:

    He didnt create the site for profit reasons…Or so he said.

    Yeah uh huh…

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