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Irresponsible reporting by Lisa Daniels - MSNBC

In a recent interview with Frank Curreri, from the “Las Vegas Review”, Lisa Daniels asks one of the most asinine questions of any reporter to date…

DANIELS: Yes. What’s the connection with Melissa Jones? A lot of theories out there that there was a love triangle. That she was stealing from them. That she might have witnessed the couple taking steroids. Do we have any evidence to support any of those theories?

Curreri answered the question very professionally and did not make any mention to steriods. Come on Daniels - stop trying to sensationalize this story and make it about steroids. Steroids had NOTHING to do with this and you know it. Shame on you.

Read story and watch the video here.

One Response to “Irresponsible reporting by Lisa Daniels - MSNBC”

  1. John Rearden Says:

    This woman should not be a reporter, and everyone knows it. Terrible reporter and not that easy on the eyes either -

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