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FreeCraigtitus.com makes Vegas News

A web site is drawing more attention to the case of two local bodybuilders accused of murder.
The web site is www.freecraigtitus.com and Rob Ziruolu, the web site’s creator, lives in California.

He’s been glued to the coverage of the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan case. While he admits he is a body building fan he says his real goal is exposing the truth. Even though the web site is called “Free Craig Titus”, its creator says the site does not take the position that the bodybuilder is necessarily innocent of the crime. Rob Ziruolo says he’s simply an avid follower of Titus’ career.

Ziruolo says his goal is to compile all the information he can about the case and clear up the dis-information and rumors that have been swirling around. On Tuesday, Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan appeared in a Massachusetts courtroom, pleading not guilty to charges of attempting to avoid prosecution. A decision on when the couple will be returned to Nevada won’t be made at least until a hearing takes place two weeks from Thursday.

Ziruolo says while he’s not looking to make a profit, he wouldn’t mind selling the web site to another bodybuilding fan who wants to keep the Craig Titus story alive.

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Ziruolo offers conflicting stories. Saying he’s not looking to profit but has ads up on the site and also mentions the site is for sale.

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