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MSNBC LIVE & Direct Transcipt with Rita Cosby

From the Dec. 23rd show…

And there is an APB that is over tonight for two famous body builders. Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan face murder charges in the death of a 28-year-old woman who lived with them in Las Vegas. The husband and wife were nabbed in Canton, Massachusetts, almost 3,000 miles from their home.

LIVE & DIRECT tonight is “Las Vegas Review Journal” crime reporter Frank Curreri and also is Bob Cicherillo—I had to pronounce that, sorry, Bob. He’s a friend of both the suspects and is an athlete representative for the International Federation of Body Builders.

COSBY: You know, Bob, what do you make of all this? I don’t know if you know the friend that they were heading to towards Massachusetts, but what do you make of this whole case?

BOB CICHERILLO, FRIEND OF CRAIG TITUS AND KELLY RYAN: Well, obviously, the body building community is stunned over these actions. We’ve all known Craig and Kelly a long time. Over this past year or so, they’ve kind of gotten away from the sport and have really been kind of disassociated with body building. So, obviously, this still came as quite a surprise, as this is nothing you’d ever expect.

Read full transcript here.

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